Correction for James Holmes Chart:

A bunch of you wrote in and said that information coming out was actually that he was born 12/13/1987. I got my information from TMZ which had his birthdate as 12/10/1987 – to be honest it didn’t even look like a real human being’s chart. It’s hard to explain but I talked to my husband about it and it was so one-dimensional it seemed strange. I did wonder if it was accurate. So thanks to those of you who have given me what I hope to be his actual information. Here is his chart (solar only as no time has been given):


This chart makes more sense. He has an intensely tight Pluto Mars conjunction in Scorpio – giving him tremendous sexual and destructive drive and it’s only real aspect is to Neptune (loss, death.) Here’s a guy who perceived his female role model (often mom) as being very critical of him and his father (represented by the Sun.)

It would also make sense why he was so shy – this square with Moon being in Virgo would stifle his ability to emotionally engage with others although his Sun being in Sagittarius would have relished the attention. He clearly studied hard to get this attention and to find a way out of his shell.

In this chart his Mercury is not eclipsed by the Sun, but Uranus is, which means he was unpredictable and smarter than the previous chart would have indicated. Yet Uranus is still conjunct Saturn which dampens the genius of Uranus and would suggest more that his career should have been in new technology and science which it seemed it was, however when he got out of school and was in the middle of an economic downturn instead of realizing that many people were in similar situations, he turned his rage toward himself and then projected it outward toward society as a whole.

There are elements here which suggest paranoia and extreme self-absorption without the ability to see things from outside of his own perspective. So many of his planets are on one side, he has no real oppositions and only one significant square which leads me to believe life didn’t teach him compassion through experience. He was probably left to his own devices most of the time, perhaps a bit neglected but again his chart is strangely one-dimensional – less so than the previous chart but much more so than a normal chart.

With 5 planets in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Aries, Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio and Venus conjunct Ceres in Capricorn – he was a man who was incapable of seeing through anyone else’s eyes and had tremendous violent potential unless he had been guided or his soul had found a release for this intense energy. The Venus conjunction with Ceres in Capricorn shows he was very ambitious and also saw women as objects to be bought which is perhaps why he was registered on a call girl service or whatever it was that TMZ found.

His life was no doubt intensely frustrating as he would have wanted nothing more than to be noticed, admired, and had a freakishly intense sexual drive that turned into a lust for blood.

His stellium does show he had a brilliant side in academics and could have gone on to get his masters and doctorates degrees. If he had than we very well have turned out very differently – perhaps a mad scientist who pushed the envelope of science past our collective comfort zone.

With Jupiter in Aries his luck would have been entirely self-made. He could have had great success if he had the fortitude. But instead he let the dark side of his personality take over and fell into an abyss of anger, hatred and blame.

I wish someone in his life would have intervened, tried to reach out to this guy. He could have gone down a very different road if someone would have made an effort. However with Jupiter in Aries it was his fate to make his own way in the world – instead he made excuses and blamed everyone else for his failings.

From looking at pictures of him I’m not surprised by the first date I got and that chart. Perhaps it was a reflection of the man he is now. I don’t believe in chance. This was the chart of the guy he could have been. The chart he became was the two-dimensional monster that read like a comic book. The first chart I analyzed.

My best friend comes from a lineage of Chinese astrologers. Her mother taught me the basics of the system before she died. A story kept popping into my mind yesterday, about a man who had brought a chart to her uncle (also an astrologer) and the uncle had said, “This is not a human’s chart – it is an animal!” He was right. It was a goat’s chart.

When I looked at the chart given by TMZ I thought – this is the chart of a demonic. This isn’t human. It doesn’t have the complexity of a human being. When I told this to my husband he said, “But isn’t there someone born every second of every day in the world?” And I agreed, sure that was true, but perhaps not every second of every moment in every place in the world – perhaps that’s the difference. I can’t explain it, but there was a reason I called JH a subhuman based on that chart – that chart showed it. And again I don’t believe in coincidence so whatever James Holmes had started out to be in this world was abandoned and at some point his spirit left the building and what was left was the demonic chart of a mass murderer – the first chart I ran.



Correction for James Holmes Chart:

7 thoughts on “Correction for James Holmes Chart:

  1. am says:

    in desperate pain and delusional, even demented, he likely is but not demonic. he is in tremendous pain and deserving of compassion, not false attributions like demonic.

    1. zoma777 says:

      And I do believe demonic spirits can possess people – although it is not common. I know far too many people who have worked with “schizophrenics” in mental institutions who have experienced very strange supernatural phenomena. The movie “The Exorcist” was actually based on a real case written by a psychiatrist – the real case was actually a young boy not a girl. I have one friend who got a second-degree burn on his shoulder from being touched by an angry “schizophrenic” who claimed to be a demon. Another friend who (in another country) was doing his internship at a psych hospital and saw a patient floating over her bed despite having been put in restraints earlier – it was also said to be at least 10-20 degrees colder around this patients room than any other part of the hospital. There are more things we can’t explain than we can. And while no one wants to believe there is evil out there – including me. While I don’t believe in a “devil” I do believe there are demons. Demons exist in every culture just as angels do. I’ve seen both. I should clarify that I don’t mean it in the “Christian” sense of a demon. I mean it in the ancient type of an evil spirit that does everything it can to cause chaos and destruction. People whose minds are broken are susceptible to demonic possession. I do believe a person can get rid of a demon – there are many ways, all valid – through traditional religions or spiritual practices. However I DO NOT believe all schizophrenics are demonically possessed. In fact demonic possession is very rare.

  2. N. says:

    You are correct in hypothesizing that the 12/10 DOB was possibly who he wanted to either be or project toward females. On his Adult Friend Finder profile AND his profile, he posted his DOB as 12/10/87….

    Many people change their internet birth dates to avoid being back tracked and avoid identity theft. While others do so to remain anonymous and hide their activities, which may be judged negatively, from friends and family.

    1. zoma777 says:

      Very true, I do think that the use of that birthdate could be a window into who he had become – which was sort of my point but maybe I didn’t make it very clearly. Also people with that birthdate who channeled that energy outward could have been an amazing performer or public speaker. But it’s interesting that when I looked at it my first thought was it had the feel of an elemental – which I’d never experienced before.

  3. marmotte says:

    Hallo again,

    Mercury, Saturn and Uranus are all combusted/blinded here, chef of these planets and Sun is Jupiter and Jupiter is gouverned by Mars and Pluton – the most powerful planets in his chart cause in their own sign. Sun and Jupiter are in own triplicity; Mercury is in detriment and own terms; Saturn is in own terms, own face and in mutual reception with Neptun (illusions); Uranus like Saturn is in mutual reception with Neptun, in peregrine. Transit of Pluton in the time of massacre is in conjunction with Neptun in Capricorn (structures, basements) – death/dramatic transformation for illusions in structures. Neptun is in sextile with Mars/Pluton in natal chart so this sextile has been ractivated by Pluton’s transit. As we know Pluton is now a part of semi-grand cross in cardinal signs: Mars-Uranus-Pluton – this huge tension serch to discharge somewhere… Solar Arcs Directions-Uranus is in conjunction with natal Venus. It can give some interesting ideas…

    If Moon (emotions, mother, ect) is really in Virgo square to Sun (conscious mind, father, ect), stellium in Sagittary it didn’t help him.

    Good day for everyone and stay in PEACE !

  4. marmotte says:

    which is important in this natal chart is that besides square Moon-Sun there is also square Moon-Saturn : like I observed it seems to be particulary difficult aspect in every day life…

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