Why Mitt Romney Won’t Show His Tax Returns…

As I talked about in the last post the two most common things one sees in the charts of psychopaths and/or sociopaths is the Grand Fire or Air Trine. I was curious why Mitt Romney has refused to show his tax returns. His own father was very open with that aspect of his life. And because of this people took him to be a credible and a decent man despite what otherwise might have looked odd – his birth in Mexico due to his father’s fleeing the US due to multiple marriages. I have no problem with people having multiple co-existing marriages. If twenty women want to marry the same guy for whatever reason – go for it. If twenty men want to marry one woman – who cares? I think however it is very ironic that the Mormons spent so much money across the country defeating gay marriage when they themselves were called a sex cult at their inception. But perhaps this has to do with the fact that they believe when you die and go to heaven your purpose is to have sex constantly and make spirit babies who then come down and inhabit earthly bodies. Really? Because I thought in every other religion God created the spirit. And If you’re a super excellent mormon you get to rule your own solar system, too. No joke. I’m dead serious here – it’s like an earlier more sexual version of Scientology with a lot more Masionic stuff thrown into it like the magic underwear we’ve all heard about. Not to be too snarky about the Mormons, if you look at any organized religion it’s pretty nutty and it’s beginings are often suspect. However when the Mormons say they are Christian this is sort of like saying that Christians are Jews or that Jews are Muslims because they don’t just believe in the bible they have an extra addendum like the Muslims and the Christians – it’s called the book of Mormon which 2 very sweet young men trying to save my soul gave me recently. I read some of it and it tries to mimic the voice of the bible, but doesn’t really have the feel down.

Anyway, enough of my rant against organized religion. I’m against it if you push it down my throat. I have no problem with it if it’s kept to oneself and people don’t come knocking on my door trying to tell me what I should be or how my relationship with God should go. I don’t do that. Maybe I should? Maybe all of us who are under the general label of “Agnostic” should go around and question people about their faiths until they are so confused they give up and realize that there’s no way any one religion has all the answers to the multi-dimentional, infinite multi-verse created by an energy so far beyond our understanding that all we can do is pray for connection to it (which I do believe is hardwired into most people’s brains.) That being said I will now put up Mitt Romney’s chart and this time you will notice a very conspicuous Grant Trine in Air.



In this chart I included Ceres. She had been the ruler of Virgo for many years but then was downgraded (sort of like Pluto) and has been recently upgraded again to a minor planet – whatever that means. Of course she represents grain, daily bread, how we make our living – she was a very important Goddess to the ancient people and I think has become important again as we see the global climate changing and something like 70+ percent of the “Bread Basket” in serious drought – drought that could become a 1930s sort of problem.

Back to Senior Romney – when looking at his chart to figure out why in the world he wouldn’t release his tax returns I found a huge surprise. Yes, he was born into tremendous wealth and privilege and married a woman of the same class. But those years he won’t release will will show losses in his business. Yes, that’s right folks. All that money stashed away in foreign bank accounts and overseas and he somehow LOST money.

So he was a crappy Governor who did nothing for the economy of Massachusetts and his big claim to why he deserves to be president is a house of cards – if exposed would show a series of bad decisions, major corporate losses and God knows how many jobs shipped overseas. Yes, he did all that and still claimed he personally lost money on his tax returns – now whether that was real or some way to dodge paying his fair share? We won’t know. But it looks like he has seriously misrepresented his achievements for that company. Something I truly did not expect to see.

You maybe asking yourself, “where the hell did she come up with this?” I’ll tell you – from his chart. Now let’s explain the technicality – shall we. Here’s a man with NO EARTH in his chart WHATSOEVER! Woah! Meaning he is a kite flying in the wind without a string to hold him to the earth. He has a Grant Air Trine making his thought process nearly impenetrable to new ideas. He may pretend to change his mind or say the right things (this is typical of a lot of air in one’s chart) he may even have trouble making decisions but once he does his mind – his brain is like a dog with a bone – and no matter what – it can’t be changed. And if you think he feels and seems really slick – like he’s hiding smoething – like some sort of creepy used car salesman or that creepy politician in Steven King’s seminal novel Dead Zone – that’s because he is. All that water in his chart means he lives a secret life, it may not be anything evil or bad but he hides things even from those closest to him – even if it’s just buying shoes when he is suppose to be going golfing. It’s in his nature to be secretive, clandestine and this is why most people feel uncomfortable with him – even Republicans – any one with the slightest degree of intuition (and that pretty much covers 99.99% of humanity) will feel this tug of “something seems wrong,” or “I don’t really trust him.”

Now here’s where the money is. It is represented by Venus and is part of his Grand Trine showing the majority of his money was gifted to him, like my Grand Water Trine I was born with the “gift” of psychic ability, creativity, compassion. He was born with the gift of a big inheritance and a sharp mind. He’s no dummy. He for sure has an above average IQ (unlike some candidates we’ve seen from the Republican party in the past) however in his case the emphasis of his Grand Air Trine isn’t in Mercury or the mind, it’s actually in Venus which trines Uranus and then Neptune. He would come into sudden wealth many times in his life due to other people’s sudden misfortune – hmm, sounds a lot like what he did for a living.

However with Saturn and Pluto opposing his money maker Venus, it’s not money he worked for, it’s money he got through death, through destruction and through loss. He managed to make a career of this but it’s not a constructive sort of money making ability. His Saturn (career) conjuncts (Pluto) death/sex/the occult. He makes money by destroying not by creating.

According to Wikipedia he was Bain Capital’s founder in 1984 when “greed was good,” it was somewhere between 1999-2002 that the site claims he exited although it’s not clear like so many mysteries surrounding the man who want’s to be president. So when did he really leave? Let’s figure it out with astrology…. According to the news Mitt Romney was still recieving money from Bain Capital a “bizarre” practice unheard of until about 2010-2011 which is the only tax return he will show. So let’s find out if he ever really left or if the media suspicion is right; that he’s just trying to hide money in offshore accounts (I think that’s just a given so I’m not going to bother looking into that – it’s pretty well established he has money everywhere in the world in Swiss banks and the Cayman Islands – everywhere the world has a tax shelter to offer.)

His chart shows that he would have had Pluto starting to make a square to his Mars in 1999 and from there things would only continue to progress as Pluto would have squared his Mercury in 2002. Someone very powerful within the corporate structure didn’t like him and made it known. But my guess is since he was the founding member of the company he was paid to go away and perhaps received a dividend or stipend or some negotiated financial compensation that ended in one final lump sum windfall scheduled for sometime between Jan-Feb of 2011 but perhaps asked that it be put in a fund overseas or was put in his wife’s name (the aspect is between the Moon and Uranus.) I would venture a guess that he wasn’t seen as the best and brightest and the company went on to do much better once he was out of the decision making chair starting back in 1999 when I believe he started to come up against powerful forces within the company who felt his strategies were wrong and he wasn’t turning enough of a profit and like I said in some cases even losing money for the company.

So folks this is the big reveal. Mitt Romney isn’t even a great business man and unless he shows his tax returns to us – all we have to go on is the astrology.

Many blessings to all those who are trying their best during this difficult time,


Why Mitt Romney Won’t Show His Tax Returns…

15 thoughts on “Why Mitt Romney Won’t Show His Tax Returns…

  1. Thomas says:

    I was just going through all the predictions, prophecies, visions, and dreams in my mind, and Romney might be the third antichrist Nostradamus was talking about.

    I’m trying to work out timelines, and so I’m writing down some things here.

    In July of 1999 Hu Jintao was given authority to persecute Falun Gong, and he is now the leader of China, or the, “Man of Great Power,” and it’s through his power that he brings back another powerful king. Many of the translations of Nostradamus’ writings are incorrect, so it’s hard to say what area the “king” comes from, possibly northern Africa.

    According to Edgar Cayce China becomes powerful, and also the new center for Christianity. Also he said three months after either a Caribbean or Italian volcano erupts, California has a massive earthquake.

    According to the Hopi, if their friends don’t win this big war (WWII), the next war will be much worse because of the “Gourd of Ashes,” (nuclear warfare). Their friends being the country with the sign of the sun (Japan), and the country with the sign of the swastika (Germany). Interestingly, Falun Gong uses the swastika as one of their symbols.

    With my own premonitions, California gets wiped out by earthquakes before Phoenix Arizona is destroyed. Most of the Phoenix premonitions point to Middle Eastern countries as being responsible, but I picked up on China.

    Mabus gets killed, and then there’s vengeance. Mabus is the current leader of the Marines and Navy. Also a navy gets wiped out during a night battle, I believe Nostradamus said a navy from the west.

    John of Patmos talked about the “Great Red Dragon” with seven heads, and Red China has seven heads of state.

    Edgar Cayce said that Russia would become the new hope for humanity’s freedom.

    I had a premonition many years ago that during the main nuclear battle of WWIII we would have a very hansom President, someone that nobody has any confidence in, but he would surprise everyone by how well he handles the nuclear war.

    In Joe Brandt’s 1937 dreams about California being wiped out by earthquakes, he mentioned seeing a picture of the President, a man that’s bigger, heavier, and has larger ears than Franklin D. Roosevelt. I doubt it’s Obama, because he’s a very skinny black man. Roosevelt had small ears, but not much different than Romney’s.

    I found the Joe Brandt dreams after having a premonition about “Watch the birds.” When I posted this online I found other people that also had the same premonition about this precursor to a California earthquake.

    According to NASA around 4,700 asteroids are heading our way in the beginning of 2013. Remote Viewers, some trained by the U.S. military, have talked about asteroid impacts in 2013. I’ve also had dreams about asteroid impacts, and so have some of my friends (Ventura, California).

    With Mabus, 9/11, preemptive wars, and so on, the western countries are really looking like the bad guys. I know a lot of people keep claiming that Obama is an antichrist, but I haven’t found anything in his energy or numerology to back this up. I haven’t looked at Romney’s energy, and I’m not sure I want to, but his numerology doesn’t look good at all, especially being he’s the only match I have for Hitler.

    Speaking of the California earthquakes, I had some more things come to me in premonitions the other day. “Boarder closures,” and “Illinois Valley.” I looked up Illinois Valley, and it’s a place just south of Cave Junction, Oregon. Possibly Oregon might close their boarder to a California exodus.

    I do know of someone that said she had a premonition that a major earthquake in Japan would be the start of major changes, and of course there’s the JDC dream about major changes happening after the stock market drops 389 points, which happened on November 9, 2011.

    When I was collecting up all the premonitions/dreams/visions of Phoenix Arizona being nuked, a premonition came to me about nuclear bombs being planted in tall buildings around the U.S. This of course corresponds to your dream, Denise, about 389. There’s about six major cities in the U.S. that keep getting mentioned in dreams and premonitions concerning nuclear explosions, one of them being Chicago.

    1. Thomas says:

      Speaking of Joe Brandt, and a possible timeline of events, I just found this video. Joe Brandt talked about a sulfur smell in the air before a massive California earthquake.

      I just noticed the number synchronicity, 2,723 views. There’s that 723 again.

      This might correspond to a possible California earthquake in August. This video’s views are growing fast.

  2. grace43 says:

    Thomas, have you heard anything about when the drought will break in the Midwest and Plains states? The weather service is predicting it won’t end until sometime in November. I am hoping this is wrong. Also, since Congress rejected giving any sort of disaster relief to the area, it’s going to be a very hard, sad year for farmers. Food prices are going to go through the roof if this doesn’t end soon. The corn is already destroyed. Soybeans will soon follow if nothing changes.

    1. Thomas says:

      I don’t know what it means yet, but I have been putting in a lot of work in water storage and extra well equipment. I’m thinking I might even buy another pump, and I already have one extra now. I tried to get a read on it, and I saw myself with a woman (I didn’t recognize) working with me next to the well house, working on what looked like a pump.

      I was just telling someone on another forum about waking up hearing songs, like before the Japanese earthquake I kept waking up hearing “We Built This City” (on rock and roll), and I knew it had to do with earthquakes, also starting about a year before Fukushima I kept eating Japanese seaweed to increase my iodine levels, and I bought a Geiger counter because I knew I would want to know radiation levels in the future.

      The song I woke up with today was, “They Just Can’t Stop It,” and yesterday I kept thinking about possibly reducing the damage from earthquakes by communicating with the earth’s soul (or the soul of mountains and such). I had this really strange synchronicity with connecting up to the land, and communicating a slow slippage, and then got confirmation from people talking about their spiritual guides telling them that a major earthquake had been averted, and also much later seeing a Youtube video about this scientist discovering a slow slippage occurring in Oregon, like a really slow constant earthquake.

      When I told one of my Native American friends about connecting up to the land to help prevent destructive earthquakes, she got really angry at me, and said, “Don’t do such things! Earthquakes are necessary to cleanse people off the land!” I thought that was a strange response, especially being she lives beneath a dam, that she, and the rest of us know is going to break. She does have her evacuation all planed out though.

      I have some friends in the Midwest, and I will ask them about the drought, and what they see for the future.

      1. Thomas says:

        Well, the song I woke up with today was, “Tomorrow,” or “There’ll be sun.” It’s a bit of an oxymoron though, because it’s a song of hope.

        Here’s the answer I got from a friend:

        “I used to be able to ask myself about the weather and I would know.

        I would know how many big snowstorms would happen in a winter but not the exact dates.

        But these days it’s a blurr – I think because of weather manipulation by man.

        But, in my opinion- the drought will continue for this summer. I think I feel a wet spring next year though. This coming winter, I think less than average snow. We will see.”


        Last night before I woke up I was dreaming I was trying to contact a friend by phone, but every time I tried to press the numbers, which were very long, I kept screwing up because it was a really strange phone. It was like an international pay phone, and it was in a booth, and the keys were really flimsy and strange. I remember the phone number even had a double digit number in it, which was 19, and I always screwed up punching the numbers in before I got to the 19, which was on the far right side of the keyboard, which was over a foot wide, with all the numbers in a line. Seems to me there was also a woman in the dream trying to help me with the numbers.

  3. grace43 says:

    Thanks, Thomas. All the trees in my yard are dying which is sad because they are old trees and we love them. The weather people have given up. They have no idea when the drought will break. I have two elderly uncles in farming and it doesn’t look good for them. We’re getting a double whammy here. The winter was exceptionally mild which caused the bug population to go through the roof and now this drought. I’m amazed my garden went as well as it did.

    Well, a wet spring is good news.

  4. Thomas says:

    I wish I could give you some better news.

    I follow this women that constantly researches for her books, and she’s always posting great links. She posted this today:

    Western North America Faces 21st Century ‘Mega-drought’

    I actually woke up with something nice today. I was dreaming about relationships and the problems with lustful relationships in my youth, then I broke away and started flying, which was accompanied by an original love song. I tried to remember the song as I was waking up so I could record it, but dreams are just too fleeting.

  5. grace43 says:

    We did get a little rain last week. Along with gray watering, I think it will be enough to save my trees, but in six weeks even all the creek water will be gone. And some people don’t believe in global warming!

    As I was reading your article, it hit me there may be a bad hurricane hitting the US this year. I was wondering what would break this drought and that’s what came to me.

  6. Although, it’s pleasant, it’s way too hot for this time of year here, too. Here I am wanting to put up fall and Halloween decorations and it still feels like summer.

    Stay safe, Thomas. I hope it rains soon.

    1. Thomas says:

      Thank you Grace43.

      I broke the bones in my left leg, just below the knee, and will be out of commission for a long time. My first surgery was just to install long bolts coming out of the bones in my upper and lower leg, and the surgery to install plates and screws in my bones will be 18 days after the falling accident. The surgeon has to wait for the swelling in my knee to go down before he can do the repair surgery.

      It seems I’m going to have a lot of healing time in the coming months.

  7. mary says:

    When I look at Romney’s eyes it looks like you can see light at the back of his head. I always got the ‘willies’ when I looked at him. Now I know why after reading Denise’s reading on him. Not that I would ever vote for him but I was curious about the strangness. Thank you, Mary

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