Prediction for 2012 Election

OK, I did a screen shot of the prediction I made December 6, 2011 – which was a year and a half ago when Newt Gingrich was leading in the polls by 40% and was the supposed shoe in. I’m re-posting it due to its prescient nature.

Here is the other thing I have meant to post since Ryan was named as VP was this same voice told me Ryan was the nail in Romney’s coffin. His fate has been sealed.

Interesting how ridiculous and unsubstantial the RNC convention was especially in comparison to the DNC one now unfolding which I had privately predicted, but didn’t bother to post. And let’s not forget hurricane Isaac which if the tables were turned would have been labeled God’s wrath by the Evangelicals Republican leaders. You know those types the ones who claimed AIDS was God’s wrath against gay people. Turns out AIDS doesn’t just happen to gay people and if God does have a wrath it surely will catch up to the idiots who said crap like that.

I will gather and post all the mean-spirited Republican comments that have been made on this site because it only shows what these “Christian” people are made of – the word is HATE. As far as I know hate isn’t a Christian value except in Republican circles and among crazed religious zealots who stone others to death or blow themselves up in the name of their God.

If someone does engage in hatefulness no matter what form – most especially if  that hate is utilized to hurt or destroy others – than without a doubt, ABSOLUTELY they are going against the WILL OF GOD. And they are perverting religion (no matter what kind) to fit a political agenda in order to suppress other human beings who BTW God also made. You may wish God to be on your side, but God is only on the side of the pure of heart and those who move His/Her children forward toward love, community, humility and peace. Fear, anger, hatred, suppression are all hallmarks of the opposite of a holy or God inspired or religious/spiritual person.

If you choose the darkness than expect it to overwhelm you, expect to be sucked down further and further until you can’t tell anymore that you are even drowning in it – until your very soul is strangled and you cease to exist. I don’t believe in hell, but I do believe evil is soul-destroying. And I mean that very literally.

Or the opposite is true, the more love and empathy you engage in, the more you grow your spirit – the more you learn – the closer you become to God. It’s your choice – about the only choice you really have. This is the meaning of free will.

So here’s a screen grab so you can see the date it was posted:


Prediction for 2012 Election

12 thoughts on “Prediction for 2012 Election

  1. PK says:

    I agree with you about your prediction of the results for the 2012 presidential election. I additionally get the feeling that the current Republican VP nomination is the highest position that Paul Ryan will ever achieve in his lifetime. So I don’t see him ever becoming Vice President of the US or anything higher than that. He also comes across to me as callow politically, in spite of his accomplishments in Congress and his charismatic public persona – I get the impression that he sees only what he wants to see.


  2. Kris T says:

    So, it seems you only post comments from those who agree with you or don’t call you out for the condescending way you refer to some, Denise, what if someone had wrote a blog regarding your practice, and referred to you as a “toad, evil and insane”, and then stated that you “stink.” (The same words you used to refer to Republicans in your post.)
    What then if someone called you a “greasy charlatan astrologer who sold her soul to the devil for the use of a blog post…..” You made a similar comment about car salespeople. Kind of insulting, not that It seems that you have any regard or respect for those who sell
    cars for a living.
    And when you went to protest my foul language, I accused you of not being Christian or moral and filled with hate.
    Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, don;t you think?
    It’s ok for you to speak in a vulgar manner about those you don’t obviously agree with. It seems somehow, you find it to be morally justified. That, Denise, is a very sad comment about you.
    I found your blog and was curious about what an astrologer had to say about the up-coming election I was surprised and offended by the mean, insulting language and name calling you seemed to do so easily.
    Not helpful, not professional and not a good way to get a message out.
    I don’t know how well known or successful you are in your trade, I would suspect you would be more so if you conducted yourself in a more positive and professional manner. You insult conservatives, you insult half the population. By any standard, this is not a smart business decision.
    I’ll sign off by saying, as you did, “Many Blessings” It would be nice if I thought you truly meant it though I know that for conservatives and car salesmen/women, you do not.

  3. zoma777 says:

    I’d like to reply to Kris T. It’s very easy to be a mean spirited critic. It’s very hard to be as accurate as I have proven to be. I would suspect that if you had a career and a life you would spend it doing something that contributed to this world instead of wasting your time being pissed off by people who express views that don’t mirror your own. Perhaps you could invert all the negativity you have expressed on this blog and think of it in psychological terms – projection. I hope for your sake the fog clears around your mind and you find peace rather than live in hatred and intolerance. No human being is perfect including myself. I get upset as well and being that I do this for NO MONEY, but for the greater good, I hardly think one could accuse me of “selling my soul.” I do wish all people of this earth blessings in their life, that they may grow and have food to eat, healthcare, love, and a fulfilling life. I know not everyone has this wish for others. This is why I wish people many blessings. I wish these things even to you who I fear will only destroy your own life with your intense hatred and dark energy. I hope God shows you the lessons of compassion and that you learn them and can apply them for the betterment of all who are around you. Good luck with your life – you will need lot’s of it.

    1. Kris T says:

      Why is it that you call conservatives “toad, evil, and insane”? Why make the comment about Mitt Romney selling his soul the Devil? Not a very nice thing to say.

      You say you are doing this for the greater good. Is it furthering the greater good to make malicious comments about people?

      And what about these greasy used car salespeople you speak of. Why are you promoting this negative stereotype? Do you really believe used car salespeople to be greasy; do you think that it a responsible, ethical way to talk about anyone in that profession?

      As a professional, don’t you have a moral obligation not to participate in this hateful speech?

      1. Thomas says:

        zoma777 is not giving out her opinions about politicians for the greater good, as you imply, she is giving out readings, plus protective energy.

    2. Kris T says:

      Denise, why all the vitriol aimed at conservatives? And why would make this a personal attack against me? My post was to simply to
      point out, using your own words, the mean and hurtful things you say about conservatives. Maybe you don’t even realize what you do. Conservatives are people, too. We hope for the greater good. We just see a different path to get there.

  4. Patrick Sullivan says:

    Hi Denise 🙂
    I listened to you last night on Coast to Coast AM and was impressed with your sincerity and obvious good heart. That lead me to your blog this morning. Thank You for your clear-eyed, deeply insightful assessment of Romney. You have articulated very well what many of us sense and feel about the man (he’s a BIG #2 in my view). I agree (in my bones) with your prediction about the Presidential election. I was very happy to hear you say that Republicans in the Congress will lose seats and that the Demos will regain control of both houses. We need that. Yesterday I had a thought (premonition) that Hillary Clinton would run in 2016. I hope she does and when you saw that too, and said she would win the election, I was thrilled! Right On! ‘Bout damn time! Go Hillary! Best to You, Dear Lady 🙂

    1. Kris T says:

      I agree it will be a tight race, not because of voter ID restrictions, the polls are just tight right now due to a strong partisan divide in the country. Mercury will also play a decisive role. Mercury will be retrograde on Nov 6 (beginning in Scorpio, Sidereal Zodiac, Sagittarius, Tropical Zodiac) This means expect chaos and surprise! Mercury was in retrograde during the 2000 election season, as well, although at a different phase than retrograde Mercury this Nov. , Bottom line is to expect the unexpected!

  5. Chef says:

    You are funny. Hypocritical as all get out, but funny. You are ‘open to the universe and love all’ blah, blah, blah and say the rudest and most condescending things about people you disagree with. You go gurl. I’ve created 3 companies, created over 50 jobs. Handing a man a pay check does more for his spirit and dignity than empty words and a lunchable any day for the week.

    1. Patrick Sullivan says:

      How much money are you making off the backs of your 50 employees? Enough to put you in the 1%? I would remind you and all other business owners that every dollar in your pocket came from someone else… the society at large you apparently feel superior to. Lemme guess… Republican?

      Patrick Sullivan, Registered Independent

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