Prediction for 2012 Election

OK, I did a screen shot of the prediction I made December 6, 2011 – which was a year and a half ago when Newt Gingrich was leading in the polls by 40% and was the supposed shoe in. I’m re-posting it due to its prescient nature. 

Here is the other thing I have meant to post since Ryan was named as VP was this same voice told me Ryan was the nail in Romney’s coffin. His fate had been sealed. Interesting how ridiculous and unsubstantial the RNC convention was especially in comparison to the DNC one unfolding which I had privately predicted but didn’t bother to post. 

I do want to post all the mean spirited Republican comments that have been made on this site because it only shows what these “Christian” people are made of – the word is HATE. As far as I know hate isn’t a Christian value except in Republican circles and among crazed religious zealots who stone others to death or blow themselves up in the name of their God. 

If someone does engage in hatefulness no matter what form – most especially if it that hate is utilized to hurt or destroy others – than without a doubt, ABSOLUTELY they are going against the WILL OF GOD. And they are perverting religion (no matter what kind) to fit a political agenda in order to suppress other human beings who BTW God also made. You may wish God to be on your side, but God is only on the side of the pure of heart and those who move His/Her children forward toward love, community, humility and peace. Fear, anger, hatred, suppression are all hallmarks of the opposite of a holy or God inspired or religious/spiritual person. If you choose the darkness than expect it to overwhelm you, expect to be sucked down further and further until you can’t tell anymore that you are even drowning in it – until your very soul is strangled and you cease to exist. I don’t believe in hell, but I do believe evil is soul destroying. And I mean that very literally.

So here’s a screen grab so you can see the date it was posted:


Prediction for 2012 Election

9 thoughts on “Prediction for 2012 Election

  1. Lisa says:

    I hope, think and feel you are correct. People,that is, the small minority of swing voters on which this election seems to stand, need to be very clear that these last four years were tremendous progress considering where we started. So much fear may buy the other candidate extra voters, but I am keeping the faith that Americans will consider history if only back to Bush (the real disaster).Note his absence in Republican circles. Another round of insightful predictions, Denise!

  2. Obama has done a good job – especially considering what he had to work with. I have read a lot of comments on the news sites that are very hateful towards Barak and Michelle and they can all be summed down to this: “We hate black people.” Sad, this is going on in the 21st century. I don’t think most of these people would vote for Obama even if they had made a billion dollars under his leadership because they have that much hate towards people of color – any color.

    I sure hope you are right. My husband has the same vibes as you, so he’s not at all worried. But I read a lot more comments and political news than he does and I get worried.

    In an up note, my dh reads all the comments on the veterans sites and he says veterans prefer Obama 5 to 1 over Romeny. Obama has totally revamped the whole VA and made it much more veteran friendly and the claims process no longer takes years. But that can all be erased if Romeny gets in office. His big plan is to rehire Nickolson who Bush fired for loosing $2 billion with no other explaination. Talk about flinging money around stupidly! If even “W” could figure out Nickolson was corrupt, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out this guy really is corrupt.

    Also, I saw a statistic which said blacks prefer Obama at 94%. 0% of blacks prefer Romeny.

  3. PK says:

    I agree with you about your prediction of the results for the 2012 presidential election. I additionally get the feeling that the current Republican VP nomination is the highest position that Paul Ryan will ever achieve in his lifetime. So I don’t see him ever becoming Vice President of the US or anything higher than that. He also comes across to me as callow politically, in spite of his accomplishments in Congress and his charismatic public persona – I get the impression that he sees only what he wants to see.


  4. Thomas says:

    Ego clouds vision, especially psychic vision. The more investment you have in outcomes, the more clouded your vision becomes.

  5. Sue Wang says:

    Thank you Denise for speaking up. I am all for those who speak the Truth and act on love and compassion to be elected. It is clear to me that who is motivated by self-gain and who is trying to solve serious problems for others.

  6. Belle Maui says:

    The time of change is a difficult and long one, and we are in the middle of a major shift – all should be careful to see with all senses open, regardless of personal feelings, which can color what is perceived and can be misconstrued as truth – encouraging to all to do your own homework, delve into issues that concern you and work with whatever there is to devise interesting and ingenious ways to thrive and prosper, no matter what is going on in the world around you. Paraphrasing and also a little embellishing: “Give a person a fish, and they eat 1 meal. TEACH a person to fish and they will be able to not only eat, but then to TEACH what they have learned to others so they may feed themselves, and also TEACH, as well.” There are many ways to “fish” my friends, and everyone from the most wealthy to the poorest in the world can be taught to be productive in their space, and be grateful for their productivity, and thrive and be a builder to their society in any time, space or race. This I know as truth.

  7. Troy says:

    I am confused at what I read here. Veterans 5 to 1 are you crazy..I have been in the Marine Coprs for 20 years and last year I had to talk to my Marines about coming to work the next day when we did not know if we were going to get paid, I mean are we really considering not paying our troops in Iraq and Afgan, but Obama was ensuring the the welfare checks were going out. I mean look at the numbers unemplyment is up gas is higher, more Americans on food stamps our credit rating downgraded for the first time in history, bailouts to companies who go bankrupt and CEO’S
    get their payout and leave. That is our tax money. It is commen sense if you raise the taxes on the wealthy they will just layoff enough people to make up for the money they now pay in taxes…result unemployment is just going to go up. Veterans do not want a president who lets our embassy get attacked and stands by a watches. I know I live with these veterans and Obama will not get the military vote… by far the worst Commander and Chief in the history of America. He was able to get Osama becuase of the tactic’s used in the Busch adminstration. I could go on and on about Obama failures.

  8. grace43 says:

    Obviously, you are not going to the veterans sites or the VA where the majority do support Obama. Why in the sam hill should veterans support Romney when he plans to hack and slash VA funding, as well as veterans disability benefits and start wars?

    I can tell you love Romney, but he could care less about you. If you had spent time at the VA, you would see the Vietnam vets finally getting care for Agent Orange and other maladies they contracted in Vietnam that doctors have known for years cause serious health problems. These guys waited 40 years for redress and support for their illnesses and injuries. None of the presidents between Johnson and Obama lifted a finger to help them. It was Eric Shensaki who finally forced the issue and at last these veterans are getting the care they deserved back in the 60s.

    The Filipino veterans who fought for the US in WWII who were promised compensation before they agree to serve for the US in the war had not received any of the monies promised until Obama took office. Those poor veterans waited 60 years for the compensation the US promised them – many dying before they saw a dime.

    The nuclear vets saw nothing before Obama even though they were exposed to radition during nuclear testing and many had cancer and devistating illness. At last, they are getting some redress and treatment for their multiple health problems. Since their “combat” was not in the “right” field of duty, they received nothing – not even comendation for their service.

    Not to mention the Gulf War veterans who had to endure for years being called mentally ill when in reality, they were uffering from devestating neurological diseases. Most of these veterans have received no compensation and are dying at rapid rate. There are around 300,000 of us left out of over a million. Many of us are still waiting in line for assistance that is so easily gotten by newer veterans. Their only hope of receiving any kind of assistance is Obama’s re-election, because Romney has made it quite clear, the VA is on his chopping block.

    Post Sept. 11th vets have received a lot of special treatment and programs that are not available to all veterans. Their claims are pushed through ahead of men and women who have been waiting literally years for resolution on their claims.

    Right now, you are new to non active status. Your health is probably still okay and besides, you have TriCare. But not all veterans do retire and many cannot due to illness and injury. Many disabled veterans must rely on the VA for their healthcare. It was not a great system under Clinton or Bush, but when Shensaki took office, he cleaned house. He’s gotten rid of a lot of the dead weight and made the whole system much more efficent and the care is much better. It is not better everywhere, but improving the VA costs money which Congress is often not willing to spend. The pilot programs in my area where only in a test phase, but they proved very successful. The wait time for claim processing is only a few months for all veterans in my area (usually it takes about 2 years for a claim to go up before the first board unless you are a post Sept. 11th veteran and then the whole claims process including appeals takes six months).

    Right now, you are new to veteran status and they may still need you for recall, but believe me, when Republicans don’t need you any more, they throw you to the dogs like yesterday’s garbage. They could care less what you did or the sacrifices you made or the personal cost to you or how bad your mental and physical health are.

    I know my rant will not make a lick of difference to you today, but ten or fifteen years from now after there is most likely another war and newer more popular veterans and they cut your benefits to give to the new guys and no one cares if you live or die or the quality of your life, you will remember what I have said.

  9. Truly Disgusted says:


    Wow you want to take about hate and Republican circles? I know lots of decent good hearted people INCLUDING MYSELF who voted for Romney because they have very real concerns about the economy and opportunities for future generations. Quit stereotyping. If you want to see hateful behavior just look in the mirror. Hatefullness is not a virtue no matter what the charts say to you or those silly voices you think you hear say.


    Truly Disgusted

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