Coast to Coast with George Noory

I’ll be a guest on Coast to Coast with George Noory 9-20-2012 from midnight PST to 1 AM. So if you can please take a listen!



11 responses to “Coast to Coast with George Noory

  1. That sounds like fun. I’m trying to think of what I have that picks up AM radio. I broke my leg bones right below the knee on the 3rd, and have surgery on the 20th, and all they have in hospitals is televisions, and I think my MP3 only picks up FM, and there’s no way I would take my MacBook with me, when half the time I will be knocked out in a shared room.

    I wish I still had one of those shortwave radios I took with me to Mexico.

    Anywho, have a wonderful time on the show.

  2. for those of us out of the country, do we have to become coast to coast subscribers??

  3. It looks like he has podcast archives on his webpage for those of us who can’t listen to the show that evening.

  4. OK, thanks, GracešŸ™‚

  5. I checked and you have to logon to access any shows — bummeršŸ˜¦

  6. Hear it on youtube _

  7. Thank you, Jam83!! Awesome show, DenisešŸ™‚

  8. Your claim that the Dems will win a majority in Congress is laughable. The Republicans will retain the House and will realistically gain several seats in the Senate, if not a majority. The polls show Obama and Romney tied nationwide, but the polling methodology is weighted more heavily left and minimally independent. Romney has a 15% or more lead among independents vs. Obama. Everything I mentioned about the polls is factual and can be verified through honest, accurate fact-checking. Your predictions for such significant Democrat victories might be based upon your hopes and desires, but not reality. For the sake of your own credibility, if you are a guest on a show like Coast – where much of the audience is economically and politically well-informed – don’t hide your opinions, hopes and desires behind some personal ‘ability’ such as being ‘psychic’.

  9. I listen on my iPhone or blackberry with MyHeartRadio live (1190KEX). But, if you want to listen to the show after the fact then you need to become a Coast Insider.

  10. Excellent show! Now, I have some personal questions about my niece to ask your privately.

  11. Denise, You were wonderful on C2C!!! I would love to have a reading w/you, & I’m uncertain if this is the best means of communicating that to you (also tried the gmail acct. on a prior page). Life has been confusing/turbulent/unbearable for the past few years. As so many others, I am hoping to be on the cusp of “turning a corner”. Do you think you could contact me? I know that you’re probably overwhelmed after your interview w/G. Noory, but I thought I’d ask. You’re a breath of fresh air. Blessings to you & wee baby:)))

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