11 thoughts on “Coast to Coast with George Noory

  1. Thomas says:

    That sounds like fun. I’m trying to think of what I have that picks up AM radio. I broke my leg bones right below the knee on the 3rd, and have surgery on the 20th, and all they have in hospitals is televisions, and I think my MP3 only picks up FM, and there’s no way I would take my MacBook with me, when half the time I will be knocked out in a shared room.

    I wish I still had one of those shortwave radios I took with me to Mexico.

    Anywho, have a wonderful time on the show.

  2. Terry Smith says:

    Your claim that the Dems will win a majority in Congress is laughable. The Republicans will retain the House and will realistically gain several seats in the Senate, if not a majority. The polls show Obama and Romney tied nationwide, but the polling methodology is weighted more heavily left and minimally independent. Romney has a 15% or more lead among independents vs. Obama. Everything I mentioned about the polls is factual and can be verified through honest, accurate fact-checking. Your predictions for such significant Democrat victories might be based upon your hopes and desires, but not reality. For the sake of your own credibility, if you are a guest on a show like Coast – where much of the audience is economically and politically well-informed – don’t hide your opinions, hopes and desires behind some personal ‘ability’ such as being ‘psychic’.

  3. Diane Johnson says:

    I listen on my iPhone or blackberry with MyHeartRadio live (1190KEX). But, if you want to listen to the show after the fact then you need to become a Coast Insider.

  4. Denise, You were wonderful on C2C!!! I would love to have a reading w/you, & I’m uncertain if this is the best means of communicating that to you (also tried the gmail acct. on a prior page). Life has been confusing/turbulent/unbearable for the past few years. As so many others, I am hoping to be on the cusp of “turning a corner”. Do you think you could contact me? I know that you’re probably overwhelmed after your interview w/G. Noory, but I thought I’d ask. You’re a breath of fresh air. Blessings to you & wee baby:)))

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