Mitt Romeny’s Chart reposted with some extras

I didn’t post Mitt’s chart earlier because I did it on a different computer but here it is of course without his time of birth.

As you can see in his chart there is a plethora of water in his chart which as I researched past presidents was a no go. There has been very few Pisces presidents – the most notable being George Washington. However Washington had only one planet in water – his Sun in Pisces. In almost all cases of presidents we see very strong air/fire dynamics and this was also true of Washington despite his sun sign. I also actually ran the charts of both candidates a few days ago and was surprised to see just how impossible it would be for Romney to win against Obama. Pluto which rules the job of President is making terrible aspects to Romney during this period until the election which is why all this is coming to the surface – the real Romney. Obama on the other hand has a lot of support, trines and positive aspects. There are many reasons I won’t go into here but a few days ago after looking at their charts I was more than reassured my spirit guide was oh, so right about Obama winning. I’m going to repost what I wrote here back in May of this year about Romney’s chart which I completely stand by and you will see just how right on it has shown itself to be. I took a screen shot again so everyone could see the date. You can also use the search button on this site to find all I’ve written about Romney and Ryan.

And let me echo if you want to keep social security, medicare, medicade, unemployment benefits, disability then YOU HAVE TO VOTE. I’d like to say in closing that pretty much everything Romney has been espousing about the lazy, feckless masses applies primarily to Romney – call it projection. All of us need help at some point in our lives and most of us don’t have millionaire fathers to give us that help. In Romney’s case even his millionaire father had help from welfare and like so many others it was not a permanent state of being, just a hand up when in dire straights.

I personally would rather live in a world where people don’t suffer needlessly. I would rather every penny of my tax dollar go toward helping the poor, disabled, the veterans who come back from war broken, getting healthcare and mental healthcare to every person who needs it then giving rich people more money to buy mansions with. I can’t even imagine why the wealthy one percent could or would want to live in a world where they were in constant danger walking down the street because the masses were starving. How anyone could not feel the pain of a poor schizophrenic lacking mental healthcare wandering the streets barely surviving. Do we really want to live in this world of have-nots and a one percent of have-alls? Where we go back to what amounts to the Feudal Europe? Our forefathers sacrificed everything including their lives to leave and revolt against.

Romney and his kind of new aristocracy created by the wealthy protecting their interests and passing down their legacy through political dynasties (unfortunately unforseen by our forefathers who I believe would have written an amendment disallowing generations of people from the same family running for public office) – this is in direct conflict with the values of this country. We had Bush, now we have Romney who is a less charismatic, more uptight, narcissistic, privileged and entitled version of Bush. At least Bush was likable. I’m sure if I met that guy I would at least like him. Romney, hmmm, yeah, gives me Dead Zone moments just looking at him. Romney appears to have even less connection to the drama of life as a we humans, or rather us majority of miscreants know it. You know all us losers who aren’t millionaires.

Many blessings,


Mitt Romeny’s Chart reposted with some extras