New Prediction, riots,

I’ll be a guest tonight on Coast to Coast…

But I wanted to get in here a few things I may or may not get to talk about. I had a dream about a month ago I meant to post but didn’t because I became distracted. In it I was an African-American woman walking around my neighborhood in Philadelphia – how I knew it was Philly? I have no idea, I just did. Everything seemed fine when a riot broke out. I was running for cover with my child in tow toward a store. Once inside things seemed fine and didn’t seem to affect me or the store I was in which was run by a local woman who was very affable and spiritual.

Occasionally I have dreams where I am other people and I get names and very specific information and have actually googled those names when I get them and freakishly enough – I find information on the narrative in the dream and the names connected to it in the places I’ve dreamt them to be. I often have no idea why, sometimes they are connected to crimes, other times they are benign.

In this particular dream about Philadelphia I had no idea why I would be dreaming about this or what the names of the people were as the main theme was getting out of dodge.

The other thing I got today from my guide or the part of me that knows things, which I had revealed (in the original post back on December 6 of 2011 about Romney losing the election) as a side note I had mentioned Republicans were going to lose seats.

Well today it was revealed to me in much more detail. I won’t go into the numbers I got about the House and Senate but lets just say that it’s a majority on both sides. I am reticent to post the numbers because I don’t want people to feel they can sit back and relax, so I’m not going to post it publicly. I will create a private post that I will release on the night of the election.

On a personal note I want to say I went to high school on the North Shore of Chicago – one of the wealthiest areas of the world. My father died when I was ten and my mother struggled to make a living and collected social security to help raise myself and my brother. I worked at a Chinese restaurant at the take out counter to buy clothes for school. I worked my way through college and got scholarships. We were not rich in fact we were lower-middle class. We had been much better off when my father was alive. My mother used the sale of the home my father and she had built in Winnetka to buy a condo in Wilmette. I lived in the poorest town that was serviced by my high school. I went to school with kids of CEOs and the ubber rich. I can not tell you how many arguments I had with kids who reflected the side of the Republican party we are seeing – that poor people were just lazy, useless slackers and in fact I lost several “friends” once they realized I didn’t live in a mansions like they did. These kids once they found out my social strata actually just never talked to me again.

The dark side of the wealthy mentality is being exposed. Not all wealthy people are like this of course, there are many charitable and noble people who are wealthy but this odd worship of status and materialism is absolutely the most common ideology espoused by the wealthy 1 percent born into wealth and given too many advantages and hand outs to even be able to fathom what hunger, fear of losing of ones home or property, having to pay for their own college education or having to work 80 grueling hours a week just to make ends meet – I mean real work, not taking money dad gave you and using it to invest in the hard work and toil of other people who you just profit off of. This world I grew up mixed with kids like myself (who were the minority) lower, middle-class, upper middle-class and wealthy kids.

It became clear the more a family struggled appeared commensurate with a person’s ability to empathize with other people’s pain whether that be financial, personal, or  emotional.

This mindset simply doesn’t exist for anyone born outside the (constantly shifting which I guess is why they try so hard to stack the cards on their side) plutocratic class. It is something that most people were unaware of until now and something that no matter how much I informed people of my own experiences people just didn’t want to believe me. I suppose it’s because we imagine ourselves as we are in those positions and can’t possibly project the bubble that encapsulates those who make it their business to have absolutely no contact with the unwashed masses.

I always thought it was odd because many of these kids were no more likely (in my estimation) to be successful in their endeavors than I was, but then again, I wasn’t working with a safety net.

There is real and true disdain for those who made the grave mistake of being born to parents who weren’t rich among those miserly plutocrats.

I saw first hand how kids who did poorly in school got into Ivy League  Universities based on how much money their parents gave to these institution. Again exposing the unfair playing field these sort of people want to play on. I saw first hand that money was the true religion of these types – that like some people of faith who want their children to stay within their own faith to marry – these kids were to date and befriend only those within their wealth induced delusion of a modern aristocracy. I had privy to this due to the enormity of my high school and the fact that I was in gifted classes and the assumption was that because I was academically and artistically gifted this meant I was also wealthy. Of course as soon as these assumptions by those who befriended me were shown to be false I was ignored like the rest of the unwashed masses of undeserving losers that 99% of the population falls into.

The rhetoric from the wealthy has been manipulative and made to seem on one hand as if they have compassion for those less fortunate and on the other hand we have the Koch brothers of this world vigorously working behind the scenes to further their own personal acquisition of wealth – for what purpose? Having a dozen quarter of a billion dollar mansions isn’t enough while people starve?

And our 4th estate – the media, which was sanctioned by our Forefathers to keep the state transparent and was supposed to be duty bound to the truth  only to be deregulated by Republicans – giving Murdock (owner of FOX News) the opportunity to play Leni Riefenstahl for the Republican party. And why? For the love of money. I wonder sometimes if these people realize they will one day be dust in the ground like all of us unwashed masses – that no amount of money can change that reality.

If in fact they truly were religious or spiritual people, they would use their money to lift other people out of poverty instead of spitting on them. At least Murdock actually employes people even if it is with the ultimate agenda to sell his own financial agenda to those who would least benefit from it by using standard propaganda techniques. He gets that unfortunately for him, the 1 percent who DON’T actually have an aristocracy, don’t have the power in the most powerful nation in the world. It is WE THE PEOPLE who were endowed with it by OUR CREATOR and OUR FOREFATHERS. These plutocrats have sought to turn the tables and bring us back to the ways of Feudal Europe – you know the one our FOREFATHERS fought against. These are not AMERICAN VALUES – these are PLUTOCRATIC VALUES and something we must as a people always be on guard against.

Many blessings,


New Prediction, riots,

10 thoughts on “New Prediction, riots,

  1. Joy Williams says:

    Hi, Denise! I enjoyed your interview tonight. April 13, 1962, btw. Quick question, I don’t need a really in depth reading, just a little question about our new dog that we are picking up on Saturday, he’s a 3-4 year old black lab and we have a 20 year old cat, and are also getting two 5 month old kittens, probably in the next week. Will this work out? I would think that animals would be easy to read, but I might be wrong.

    here’s his picture:

    I can’t give you a date of birth because he’s a rescue.

    I like your predictions about the elections, any possibility of a Clinton/Warren ticket in 2016?

    Bright Blessings, Denise! I loved your interview tonight, you sound like the REAL DEAL. 🙂

  2. Joy Williams says:

    Wow, Denise, just read your post here…. I absolutely LOVE you. You are a real sister. Bless you and your life path…You are absolutely right on in your insights.

    We may know each other from the other side. I’m a weaver and spinner in California, Santa Cruz. A creative type. Aries with Virgo rising. Born in Phoenix on April 13, 1962.

    I have to find you on FB, because I don’t really care if you read me right, I just like your personality and want to be friends. 🙂

    Bright Blessings of the Goddess on you,

  3. R L Morgan says:

    Interesting, as greed motivates, needs deminish and only the spiritual keeps both extremes in balance. Only God’s Will can exceed while all others fail, not by or through destruction, but uplifting external to the physical. Guides and advisors in all forms, are ego driven to impress, so they weigh the truth to our acceptabiltiy and understanding. The flasehoods exceed to discolor precepts not fully understood, while visionaries suffer by being unacceptable to the frail poor. The poor are rich, the rich are indeed very poor when weighted on God’s spiritual scale. Those with ears hear, those with eyes see and still do not understand, as the actual Truth is with the Spiritual. The Great teacher is only the Holy Spirit that expresses and shares only the pure Truth. Peace is only found in knowing and accepting grace opened to the gift of Truth. The path is narrow, so we know when we are on it, all others remain lost.

  4. R L Morgan says:

    Prediction is the third Act of Witness to the Stars by, E W Bullinger book published about 1889. (free copies out of copyright are online). The prelude is the first two Acts, as of 11 Sept 2012 we have moved into the Tribulation of a shorten 7 years. As for the Rapture so many are reaching to attain, read and know the 23rd Psalms, blessed to exit the valley of death. Some will be changed as occurred on Mt Tabor.

    The sphnix is for head and tail orentation for the porticol of Dendra in Egypt zodiac circle start and end. It is not the image touted by the astrologers to assemble readings. Reflects the Stars purpose and God’s plan for His people. Excuse the spelling and old fingers on the keys.

    The entrance to the Hall of Recods pathways is over 100 feet from the Sphnix – the cone shaped Hall is some 500 feet below the front foundation of the largest pyamid which are not tombs of the dead but the living, purefication devises, from animal to improved physical human.

  5. Tarin says:

    Dear Denise,

    I listened to you last night on Coast-to-Coast and really liked your relaxed energy. Thank you for coming on the show!

    I am disturbed with your writings about politics on your site, however, as it is not really in keeping with your loving presentation last night or what I felt was your expressed mission as a caring psychic.

    While I don’t quibble with your opinions as you are entitled to those surely, especially when they are on your own site! I do find the presentation slanted and mean spirited. There are many perspectives from Democrats and Republicans that are quite positive. To slant the writings against one side is frankly not very enlightened or kind. I would venture that the majority of people Dems or Republicans want a debt free and a kind nation where people get along. That idea was not posted in your writings. People who care about money are not evil. Yes there are many a greedy people. And yes, there are many people who don’t want to work and take advantage of handouts. Yet, mostly people are unaware and working off their programing and unobserved human nature.

    The supposed nasty comments by Republicans are in retaliation to your slanted comments about them. Many would react the same if their ‘team’ was being criticized. Unfortunately, pitting each other with right or wrong is a harmful way of splitting ourselves. By slanting perspectives, you perpetuate the battle.

    I ask, please, in the spirit of a caring psychic, “with a gift to help” as you stated, that you express your ideas in a more gentle, less critical way against either side. Both sides have flaws, both sides are greedy, and both sides are lost. A large percentage of Americans are tired of the two party system and two party thinking. Please, please stop perpetuating this splitting within the sharing of ideas – it’s quite painful. We want to be whole, not split.

    Thank you! ~ Tarin

  6. Creative says:


    I heard you on Coast to Coast AM last night, and as one woman to another, it appeared to me that George Noory was berating you. I didn’t like how rudely and curtly he treated you, and how he seemed to mock your predictions about the upcoming presidential election, and your prediction about Hilary Clinton running and winning and 2016. I didn’t like how he rudely put you in your place for trying to have a dialogue with a caller. George so rudely said that there isn’t time for that — NOT ON THIS SHOW! He belittled your assumption that you could actually carry on a conversation with a caller who asked for your psychic help and advice.

    I was extremely impressed with your psychic abilities, your friendliness, your genuineness and openness.

    You know, I purposely listened to how George reacted to a male psychic he had on after your one hour last night, and George’s attitude was completely different! He was nice and patient… EVERYTHING HE WASN’T WITH YOU.

    At the end of your hour with George, he quickly said “thanks” and then said he’ll hold you to your political predictions, and you’ll either emerge as correct or looking like a goat.

    I can’t stand George Noory in general, his treatment of you last night is one of the reasons why.

    Good luck with with everything. I’m in your corner!

  7. I lost respect for the poor talking rich a long time ago. In fact, I learned the words “poor talking” from a rich person. Before, I only knew actual poor people who almost never “poor talk”. I know the rich are only out for themselves. What is hard for me to understand is how they can spend so much money on college and learn so little? Over and over in history, the wealthy have run rough shod over the lower classes only to be overrun themselves and killed in large number of agonizing ways. Don’t they read about the French, Russian or Chinese revolutions? The French hated their elite so much, they dug up the wealthy dead and threw them in the rivers.

    I have often wondered what are they thinking? They appear to honestly believe they can do whatever they like to the other classes and there will be no response at all. If they had any brains at all you’d think they’d want to make some concessions to everyone else, just to protect their sorry behinds. But no, they think the poor and middle class is the well that never runs dry.

    I have no understanding those who stand up for “rich rights” which will hurt them badly. I ask myself, “Are these people completely stupid? Do they actually believe the benevolent rich man cares about them? The same rich people who brought us slavery, child labor, widespread labor abuses and enviromental disasters.” I understand even less how people can believe these things when reality tv shows us these rich brats entire lives of wild partying and making pornos. I have yet to figure out (other than being uber rich) what makes Snooki, Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashin special. Pigs can get drunk and even worms have sex. So really, what is their special talent?

    Sorry ultra rich, you put your best kids out there and your best is Snooki. I am not impressed.

  8. Thomas says:

    LOL, I had to read this post again because of the “riots.” I tend to get hot under the collar because of the insanely greedy also.

    I also picked up on riots concerning the police. I was looking to see if I posted it on this blog.

    My mother’s mother died when she was 10 years old. She grew up on Mt. Desert Island near Bar Harbor (Maine), where all the mega wealthy had their vacation homes. One of my Great Uncles was the chauffeur to Rockeffer.

    I spent a lot of time in Maine and New Hampshire back around the turn of the century, staying with and visiting relatives during the summers (1999 to 2006). It’s a beautiful area.

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