I get a lot of requests for private readings. Off and on when I am not over taxed I will do so. I do want to say generally my sense of the economy and where it will be in the next few years is better than I’ve felt in 10 years so, I’m happy about that. Many of you who are experiencing financial problems and job loss will find work and things will start to fall back into a full swing economy. This has been a huge relief to me. I have suffered a lot of anxiety since about 1998 about the coming economic downturn. In 1999 I predicted the 2000 election would be won by both candidates, and that Gore would win the popular vote but not sit in the White House and that Bush would win the Electoral college – this was purely based on their astrology which was incredible in that it looked like both would win – but Bush by just a hair more positive planetary energy than Gore. As I said on Coast to Coast I remembered this was possible due to being an American History geek. I also foresaw a lot of tragedy and despair associated with W’s presidency not directly do to him, but due to the people he filled his cabinet with.

I also felt that the there would be a Depression either way after the stock market crash of 2008 – whether Obama or McCain won. But I felt that the Depression would be greatly lessened with Obama and that McCain himself may have thrown the election in the end when he realized his mistake of picking Palin. I believe McCain is a good man who is very patriotic and I really felt he realized that he’d made a horrible mistake too late and was freaking out about it. Of course we’ll never know (or not until he’s on his death bed or his kids talk when he’s gone) what was really going on with him. But he was acting very erratically which to me seemed (at least unconsciously) purposeful due to his intense love of country and all that our nation stands for. All this is documented on the blog. I said these things back in in 2008.

I also knew there was no way Kerry was going to win. My husband told me he had seen Kerry speak on TV and thought he would be president one day. The moment I saw him I knew he never would.

Here’s another prediction for Ryan. His national political career is over at least for a very long time. It seems my prediction of a bigger Obama lead then I first expected is coming true.  It’s my belief that Ryan was the nail in his coffin – why I’m not sure. Perhaps it was what motivated the person who secretly taped and released Romney speaking at the country club. All I know is that I knew nothing about Paul Ryan, but once I heard he had been picked by Romney I heard that it was “the nail in the coffin” and the nomination would lead to a be bigger win for Obama then I first expected.

I’ll let people know when I have time to do readings again. I will post it here. For now I am channeling  my precognitive abilities into my writing which will hopefully reach more people and cost little to nothing for the vast majority to access. When I do take up doing readings every now and again I will always have a certain amount of time dedicated to help those who can’t afford my rates.

I am working with a woman who will be about a quarter my rate and she is very gifted. She is very plugged in especially on a personal one on one level with people. She’s able to pin point their issues and help them figure out what they need to do next. I’ll let everyone know when she is ready and will figure out how for everyone to get a hold of her. I have trained a handful of psychics. I only train the most gifted of the gifted. This woman is extraordinarily clairvoyant – I am very impressed with her.

Many blessings,


BTW for any skeptics or people who feel I’m a “Democratic Operative” to look at my record on all issues – including what would happen with the bill that bailed out the banking industry. I predicted the first time around it would not pass but a more anemic and worse version would. Really you can go through the blog and it reads as if I wrote these posts after the fact but keep in mind hindsight is 20/20 however I did not have that vantage point when posting. This was all yet to be. It’s odd, and if I weren’t the one who it happened to I would find it hard to believe. This is why I leave everything up just so my record can speak for itself.