Readings update…

Hey everyone,

I will be passing along a woman’s information who has a lot of natural talent and I’ve been working with to refine and teach her some techniques. She will have an inexpensive rate to start out with. I’ll keep you posted on that.

I will also be setting up periods of time to do readings again. I know my rates are high and often the people who need help don’t have that kind of money. So for every reading I do at full rate I will accept one person for a lesser sliding scale. If the person is broke I will ask them to do a favor for someone else as payment to me.

Unfortunately, I’ve been reluctant to do readings because I had a job developing and writing a script for a major studio. And I also have a toddler who is in preschool who constantly gets sick. I don’t know what it is about kids but when they are sick they climb all over you and my kid likes to literally spit on me – almost as if she knows misery loves company. I’ve managed to get everything she’s brought home these past couple years!

So I’ve been balancing a lot these past few years (as well as a career in the fine arts – a whole other story). I recently did a performance piece at my gallery Gallery 825 in Los Angeles where I dressed in a style inspired by the Heyoka and did readings for people for free. It was a coup in my opinion after having gone to a very academic/critical school for art to fly in the face of that to bring spirituality back into the world of art.

I’m thinking that next week I will set up a specific e-mail for readings and sort through them and set up appointments over the next few weeks.

Sorry to all who have been trying to get in contact with me for readings. I just really didn’t have time due to all that and much more I haven’t mentioned which have made it difficult to guarantee I’d be able to meet my obligations with clients. I felt that was worse than setting up appointments and then cancelling them. Also I’m working on other projects but I will have some time if things continue the way things have been going over the next few months.

Best wishes to all,


Readings update…

5 thoughts on “Readings update…

  1. Best of luck with everything! Also …. as election day draws ever nearer …. are your intuitive impressions about this election’s outcome getting even stronger — or about the same? Thanks!

    1. Thomas says:


      This year Election Day is November 6, and three days later is November 9, or Schicksalstag “Day of Destiny,” as related to Germany and WWI and WWII.

      I’m sure what happens in this election will have an effect on how WWIII plays out, especially if a man of German heritage becomes President.

      Romney = 90/72
      Hitler = 72/90

      Note: Forward/Reverse Numerology.

      My only feeling is Romney will bring about war much faster than Obama, but the outcome will be the same.

  2. john poley says:

    hi my exgirlfriend is bipolar, not diagnosed but after many consultations and readiings as well as interacting with other bipolar women in the practice of law, i figured it out.i am very concerned about the disintegration of our society and its failure to provide help for these rising numbers of bipolar disorder as well as the number of others with mental illness, and i am told it is 35 per cent or more, of the prison population. without more, what do we do>>

  3. Denise,
    Hi this your friend from New York Joe and i am part of the NYC disaster team.
    The last storm we had last year you informed me it would be critical and it was.Can you tell me if the oncoming storm about to hit the East coast is just as bad or worse?
    Thank You


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