It’s interesting that Romney states “government doesn’t create jobs” whenever Obama points out the jobs his policies created. But yet he’s going to create jobs? Huh? Oh, he means jobs exploitative jobs in undeveloped countries. Right – keep the plutocracy alive. Forget about the dream of a world of middle-class, full bellied, humane place – naw, it’s best when rich people get richer and surpress power people.

Romney lies so much it’s impossible to even follow his logic or fight him. He’s a slippery dude – that’s what you get when 90% of your planets are mutable. He’s a human chameleon. You can’t pin him down because there’s no there to pin down. Man this is just unbelievable.

Ironically, he talks about how his policies are going to “create jobs,” but yet that’s not supposed to be the government’s jobs. Historically however lots of jobs were created by the government which is what us brought us out of the Great Depression – yes, it was the policies of FDR. He created lots and lots of new jobs.

Remember the “Great Recession” was created by Hoover – oh, I mean Bush. I saw that coming as well. Seriously, when Romney’s lips are moving – he’s lying. I also want to address something that is said about Romney, how he’s such a great “family man,” if this were true he wouldn’t be running for president when his wife has MS. If he did win she’d end up in a wheelchair or worse die from the stress. I know I have neurological issues that are not nearly as severe and stress is VERY BAD for people with neurological problems. Romney’s smug selfish aims to do nothing for the “47%” – meaning half the population, shows he really doesn’t care. I can only say that this guy has no ideological center. His state was 48th out of 50th in job creation when he was govener. He got Obama Care – I mean Romney care passed with the help of Democrats, that’s about all he got done. I hope people actually do research reality. And not the BS spewing from this disgusting used car salesman. He’s truly a terrible man. I didn’t want to get too political but next thing I’m going to do is really show you who the man behind the curtain is with his chart in a few minutes.

Best and VOTE!





5 thoughts on “Interesting

  1. I agree with everything you’ve pointed out here …. and THEN some. For example, while Romney is ‘slippin’ n slidin’ all over the map as the President wisely pointed out repeatedly during their debate — It went far BEYOND that, due to the fact that when challenged about his CONSTANT change of position on all these important issues …. Willard “Mitt” would then FLAT OUT LIE by DENYING that he EVER SAID all the things that he has frequently SAID ON THE RECORD in the recent past! THIS goes to PERSONAL CHARACTER!! And THAT SAID …. Let’s ALSO not lose sight of the fact that even right up through this final debate — the guy has been consistently rude and disrespectful and aggressive and dictatorial towards the debate moderators and the President …. blatantly IGNORING the rules and the guidelines of the debates, always interrupting, and demanding HOW the debate was going to proceed — ALWAYS to HIS specifications. IF, Heaven FORBID, this INCOMPETENT and innately evil man, Mitt Romney, somehow wins this election …. PRAY GOD HELP US ALL!!

  2. GJ says:

    All very good points. Mittens should know about not creating jobs, his job was to send as many overseas as possible every time Bain Capital took over a company. I don’t understand why Obama doesn’t hit him over the head with this fact each and ever time Romney brings up the subject! What’s he afraid of, losing the vulture capitalists vote? Seriously…

  3. Buddhadreamer says:

    Well, there is no new FDR on the horizon, riding to the rescue. Obama is a very flawed man, who has problems, as well. If he is reelected, the wars will continue, and slowly suck America down, into the pit. If romney wins, the whole process will go a lot faster. Both are captains of the tiotanic. But Romney wants to speed things up, by smashing extra holes in the bottom of the ship.

  4. The GLOBAL MESS we’re experiencing that Bush and his cronies and the Republican legislators have together created is THE PROBLEM …. and ANY HUMAN BEING is [quote] “flawed” …. which is a very broad term. Define YOUR idea of “flawed”. Be SPECIFIC. Captains of the Titanic?? YOU apparently are not very knowlegable about history …. because even the “Captain” of the Titanic was NOT the cause of that tragedy. LOTS of different factors and people factored into that. The reason why “Romney will speed things up” ….. is because HE is both INCOMPETENT and EVIL. Now …. How’s THAT for the very definition in this particular case of being a [quote] “very flawed man”?? Obama, on the OTHER hand, is NEITHER!

  5. grace43 says:

    I also have MS and I think everything you said about Ann’s health is absolutely true. Blindness is also a possibility. I know I could not handle this sort of stress. What I find sad is her total lack of empathy with her fellow sufferers who fall between the lines of Medicaid and insurance thus receiving no care for their disease whatsoever. Under her husband’s plan these folks would continue to degrade until they are entirely disabled and at last able to receive health care.

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