Romney Deconstructed

Romney on debate night

Romney’s Chart

This is not with Romney’s birth time. But it gives us a great basic idea of the person he is. So Romney has his Sun, Mars, Mercury, Ceres all in Pisces. Pisces is a wonderful sign for psychics, spiritual leaders, and on the negative side con-artists and criminals. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and rules the 12th house.

Neptune is a trickster. It’s great for poets, writers, painters, oil men, spiritual people and psychics again but as Ernest Hemingway famously said all writers are liars. In this I believe he meant that to get to a greater truth writers have to twist facts and events to show the greater human drama behind the story. However these qualities are not great in a politician, a business leader or for someone in power.

Now lets look at all the Scorpio in his chart, the Moon, Jupiter and Chiron. Yes, and what does Scorpio rule –  the 8th house of power, death and rebirth also Pluto again death, destruction and it’s connected to the development of the A-bomb and WWII. It was discovered just before these horrific events occurred.

So water does all this water mean in his chart? Have you ever known someone with lots and lots of water in their chart? And not just water but mostly mutable planets. This is why he goes with the flow, changes on a dime and has no ideological compass. Everything he does is for emotional reasons including running for government. He like the last fellow Republican president and water sign George W. Bush, he feels first, and thinks second.

To be fair he does have a few planets in air Venus in Aquarius, Neptune in Libra and Uranus in Gemini which gives him that uptight, robotic vibe. He has two planets in Leo both outer planets, Saturn and  Pluto both in Leo. Romney has NO planets in Earth, which is probably why he has NO grounding in reality and why he can shift his ideological position faster than the Santa Ana’s whipping through a canyon.

Really, much like George W. Bush, his real motivation isn’t helping the American people or “creating new jobs” which he also said government can’t do according to him, so I’m not sure how he plans to do that and how he can promise that but that’s another issue… Romney’s reasons are emotional. He wants what his father had. He wants to be his dad – bottom line. He had nothing to offer but his own need to be important and live up to his father’s legacy.

It’s a sad state our country is in when a rich, dumb guy whose dad was a failed politician can get enough momentum based on the color of his skin and what hangs between his legs. And if your confused about whether I’m talking about George W or Romney, I’m talking about both.

We have a long way to go in this country. We’ve seen the underbelly of racism come out and we’re seeing misogyny in action with the Romney/Ryan ticket. A man whose grandpa had 5 wives and picked Ryan a man who wants to take away women’s rights, the ability for people to plan their family through contraception, change the definition of rape and put his sick wife through one of the most stressful situation any human being could be put through – running for President. She collapsed off stage after super Tuesday and was first diagnosed after Romney ran the Olympics. But I guess none of that mattered to him in making his decision. Any doctor would tell you that if you have MS the last thing you should be under is intense stress. If anyone noticed on that secret tape where he said he didn’t care about the 47%, he mentioned he wasn’t “using Ann” much. I’m pretty sure that’s why. One has to wonder how she can deal with all of it if she collapsed after super Tuesday. For her sake I hope he doesn’t win. She’ll for sure end up in a wheelchair or worse. It’s a terrible debilitating disease and if the roles were reversed and SHE were running for president and healthy and HE had MS, people would call her a selfish B.

Please make sure to vote,


Romney Deconstructed

9 thoughts on “Romney Deconstructed

  1. Marie says:

    wasn’t sure where to post this comment, so I think this thread is sufficient. After reviewing Romney’s birth chart, and also Aaron C Hanson’s drawing dated January 2011. somewhere on Aaron’s blog he stated “publicly” on Obama’s swearing in day 2008 that he would be a one term President. sound familiar?

    I could not find any such statement on the internet and was not able to find any reference on the sketch of Romney dated January 2011. It was not until just this past Monday, Aaron posted his drawing on this blog and his facebook page. Why did he not post the drawing when he completed back in January 2011, and why he never posted his statement that Obama would be a one term president in January 08?

    just sayin’

    Read Aaron’s Facebook profile and decide for yourself.

  2. JA says:

    You are an idiot. You make up stories and you should be ashamed of yourself. Please do your research well before writing any foolish opinions.

    1. Marie says:

      JA~ I did my research and well. It’s okay to disagree I am not out for popularity. It was something I noticed with Aaron’s drawing that there is no record on the internet of his first comment on Obama being a one term president, and no record of the drawing dated January 2011. Just to be aware that not everyone is truly psychic and are too biased or lacking objectivity to read accurately. you do not agree, that is okay, and I’ve learned long time ago, not all will agree with my insights. I’m very good at what I do, and I feel confident with my insights. calling me an idiot just makes you one.

        1. Marie says:

          LovinginNest, no at this time I do not. something I’ve contemplated on, but alas, no. you can find me here from time to time. Blessings, Marie

          1. If you ever decide to start one, maybe you could come back here and let me know. 🙂 I have enjoyed Denise’s blog so much, and would love to read another from someone who has gifts like Denise.

  3. Jayne Hayes says:

    Thank you for un-veiling Romney. I share your deep concern. I have voted. Now all I can do is talk talk talk and pray and meditate that Barack Obama win a second term.

  4. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    I’m delighted to have discovered your blog. I’m British but I too am dreading a Romney victory. And his sidekick Ryan (whom I call ‘the pinhead with the widow’s peak’) is even worse. We’ve had a right-wing government in Britain for the last two years and, believe me, it’s no fun. They talk the ususal crap about ‘shrinking the state’ and first pick on the disabled and unemployed before turning their unwelcome attention on the elderly and vulnerable. You are absolutely correct when you say that the Conservatives ultimately want a society composed of the super-rich on one hand and serfs to service them on the other. I just hope that the American people wake up and vote Obama before it’s too late.

    Best wishes from Simon R. Gladdish

  5. Marie says:

    PM Cameron is not a good leader. He’s very selfish, and definitely I feel for the Brits. I don’t think he’ll be re-elected. UK needs a leader that will help turn the country around not drive it into the ditch. I think it already has.. He actually gives me the creepy willies.

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