Strength and Weakness

I think it’s interesting Romney always talks about showing strength. Ironically, everything about his chart shows he’s duplicitous and weak. Whatever one thinks about Obama, weakness is not in his chart. He is the living embodiment of extraordinarily strong. Climbing from a broken family, half-black and living in no one place for any length of time – a fractured family. To come from all that and climb to the top job of the world through his Leo sincerity and strength of character. This is the typical Republican strategy – projection, using someone’s strongest quality against them when it’s actually the Republican candidate who embodies this quality think George Bush who faked his way out of serving in Vietnam “Swift Boating,” John Kerry.

It’s just sad.

Peace be with you and make sure to vote. You have no idea the darkness that will follow if we go back down the George W/Romney route. But unfortunately I do. And it keeps me up at night.


Strength and Weakness

14 thoughts on “Strength and Weakness

  1. Lori says:

    Denise, have your thoughts changed at all regarding the outcome of the election? I’m so worried that the Republicans will steal it, with voter suppression and the Romney family buying voting machines. Oh, and I already voted for Obama.

  2. grace43 says:

    It keeps me up, too, Denise. I’ll be voting tomorrow. FDR and JFK are my favorite presidents. I hope one day we will see their like again. It’s hard to believe people can’t follow the simple logic of 12,000 fired vs 4.5 million hired.

  3. Robin says:

    yep, it scares me or rather terrifies me to think that Romney could win. He is slick for sure. I certainly hope Obama will win. I do believe it will come down to the wire on election day, and it will be determined by women/female voters. God help us all…

  4. Make ME another one who has been experiencing many restless nights with worry over voter suppression, election fraud, and the MANY “closet racists” out there who are coming out in DROVES this time in a focused effort to drive a very intelligent, emotionally-balanced, and fair-minded man from office JUST BECAUSE HE IS “BLACK”. Only, believe me, behind closed doors ….. “Black” is NOT the word they actually use to describe the President! It is all SO DISGUSTINGLY EVIL! The high tension of this serious election which is going to be so pivotal in our lives …. just makes me SHUDDER! I have literally had to increase my daily dosage of my blood pressure meds!!

  5. Buddhadreamer says:

    Hullo Denise,
    I too share your dread. The two main alternative futures are converging in this one, and will be only very narrowly separated. But that thin gap of separation is all that stands between America and disaster. The situation will become very dangerous, if Romney gets in. At the moment, its almost too close to call, but looks ominous. A very small event could now push things either way. I now believe that the Republicans are now planning such a small event, and it will be critical. A scandle, crisis, or something, they have been holding in reserve. We shall see. I think, by the thinnest of margins, it’s still Obama, but this could change in the last seven days. That close. If Romney wins, that,s it. War with China, somewhere in the first half of his Presidency.
    I do not think fate is going to be kind to America. More later.

  6. The BIGGEST IRONY of all this is that the leaders of the Mormon church have long been “obsessed” with the idea of a [quote] “distiguished-looking man who speaks glibly and persuades the masses that he is honorable and is the most capable of good leadership during a bad time that America and the world is experiencing great turmoil. THE MAN WHO FITS THIS DISCRIPTION WILL BE, IN FACT, THE ULTIMATE EVIL DECEIVER: THE ANTI-CHRIST.”

    So WHO wudda THOUGHT that the “ANTI-CHRIST” whom the LDS [Mormon] Church has been SO OBSESSED about for SO LONG …… IS, IN FACT, ONE OF THEIR VERY OWN?!

  7. GJ says:

    Not only the strength/weakness thing, but accusing opponents of things they’re actually guilty of doing. Also, legislation designed to do the opposite of what they call it, “Clean skies initiative.” It’s all very 1984.

  8. grace43 says:

    I agree with you both, Buddhadreamer and Phoebe. War with China is the last thing we need and Romney is evil. I am very concerned we are sitting where Germany was when they elected Hitler. I am sure a lot of people thought Hilter was a nice guy then, too.

  9. Robin says:

    why is my comment still awaiting moderation. looks like others who posted long after I did were accepted. what did I say wrong?

  10. Thomas says:

    The bigger picture for humanity is complex.

    Edgar Cayce said the new hope for humanity is Russia. Could he be right?

    With the corporate push for GMOs, and other such monstrosities, I don’t know what to think about what our nation has become.

    Mitt Romney looks a lot like the man I had a premonition about many years ago, hansom, incompetent, and manufactured for the job. The man in charge during the main battle of WWIII.

    I had this feeling that Obama was a setup for some Great White Hope that couldn’t get elected without him, someone that might push us towards theocracy (Middle Eastern Monotheism/God/Jesus).

    Anyway about it, good luck to us all, and happy landings.

  11. Robin says:

    it’s been three days since I posted a comment in regards to Mitt Romney’s strength and weakness. It’s still awaiting moderation, and I do not understand why it’s still waiting for a moderator. anyone home? Please remove all of my posts on this thread and all other threads. Namaste, Robin

  12. barry says:

    The republican party machine cheated Ron Paul out of winning the primary in Iowa. The winner of that primary almost always goes on to win the nomination and that couldn’t be allowed. Tonight I heard Bev Harris of on Alex Jones. It was shocking what she says is going on in the USA. There will be fraud this election. America has been taken over by foreign bankers. She is in the middle of this podcast if you want to hear her. Click on podcast at the right of the screen.

  13. Marie says:

    wasn’t sure where to post this comment, so I think this thread is sufficient. After reviewing Romney’s birth chart, and also Aaron C Hanson’s drawing dated January 2011. somewhere on Aaron’s blog he stated “publicly” on Obama’s swearing in day 2008 that he would be a one term President. sound familiar?

    I could not find any such statement on the internet and was not able to find any reference on the sketch of Romney dated January 2011. It was not until just this past Monday, Aaron posted his drawing on this blog and his facebook page. Why did he not post the drawing when he completed back in January 2011, and why he never posted his statement that Obama would be a one term president in January 08?

    just sayin’

    Read Aaron’s Facebook profile and decide for yourself.

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