Update: elections, migraines, politics, private readings

     OK, I know I said I would do readings again, but I have to go with the dreams and patterns that are happening. The very thing that has given me the gift of seeing the future was born out of a very difficult childhood and as a result I have neurological issues that are being triggered by taking on the stress of others. Someday in a book or on this blog I’ll go into it but for now I have to say I’ve had dreams about this being a bad idea for me.
     I have been doing extensive praying for the world. More than that I have been projecting psychic energy into the the collective unconscious to try and help all humanity, nature and keep us on the path toward saving this earth rather than destroying it.
     This is my work. This is what I am called to do, the blog is just one incarnation. Other versions of this will come out through my writing. I am someone who likes to remain hidden for reasons going back to my childhood. I have taken on much in my life – too much for me to bear at times.
     Right now I feel the pain of this world so intensely that I can’t take all the individual pain on right now. I wish I could,  but I am already starting to suffer from terrible neurological issues. Those of you who have read my blog for a while know I suffer from a rare debilitating kind of migraine – and as it turns out it’s not just one type but two.
     The more pain people unload on me the more violent and painful the migraines which I’ve been having again since saying I would do private readings. It’s also why I  felt I had to charge so much to make up for the down time. But it’s not for me right now. I have to be well and stay the course. I was getting healthy when I focused on my writing and this blog.
     I am thankful to so many of you who have been supportive. And I wish I could lift up those of you who are going through such terrible times. I do know however that things are going to get better and are slowly but surely.
     What we’ve all been through was huge and it is taking a Herculean effort by those good people who serve us in Washington to turn this around. Sadly, not everyone who goes into public service is good.
     I am not surprised by the venom with which the Republicans have shown in their comments toward me. I worked as the manager at a polling site in 2000 during the Gore-Bush election. I knew the outcome would be Bush in the Whitehouse and Gore would win the popular vote. I knew looking at their astrology. And I just knew it. I also knew there would be a tremendous amount of cheating on the side of Republicans.  Even in my district which was very Blue/Democratic they came in every hour during the morning to make sure and check to see what Republicans had voted – which is legal but the Dems didn’t do this, and then when the afternoon came and they didn’t come back in I noticed they had dropped off a bunch of Republican pamphlets instructing people on which candidates to vote for and which measures they felt were good. This is illegal. It is called electioneering. No one is supposed to put up signs or pass out pamphlets within 100 feet of a polling place. But they literally dropped them next to the legitimate literature people picked up before going into the booth. I was livid. Nothing was done. I called the police – they did nothing – the news was eclipsed by much bigger versions of this in Florida and alas we have history, 9/11, and two wars still going and the worst economic disaster since the 1929. Yet they pretend to freak out over what happened in Libya as if it was all the fault of the Obama administration when they got several memos stating that airplanes were going to be used to take down the Twin Towers. Really the nerve of these guys is disgusting. They wouldn’t take responsibility for that even though it was clearly their mistake – Condoleezza Rice said with no visible remorse that yeah, she’d seen the memo, but what were they going to do about it? How about get George Bush to come back from his 6 week vacation on his ranch and make plans to find the terrorists? That would have been a start.
     The election debacle or Republican coup – make no mistake it was no accident. When I went to the county with the pamphlets, they told me it had happened at EVERY POLLING PLACE in CALIFORNIA! Yes, and nothing was said or done about it. These are the people Obama and the Democrats are fighting against – people so greedy and desperate for power (think Smeogol in the Lord of the Rings) that nothing else matters but getting their way – by any means necessary.
     They are Machiavellian. Sorry to say, it’s not just an ideological difference – those who choose to go into leadership in this party are a very different sort of politician – not all of them, but most of them. I pray that this changes and we get back the good Republicans of old who were as dedicated to American values as Democrats are (pre-Nixon), but for the most part the Republicans are dedicated to tearing this country in two classes – wealthy and abject poverty so they can freely exploit those they wish like they did in the good old days when women didn’t have the vote and slavery was legal. Make no mistake we had a coup in 2000 and while I don’t believe they care enough about Romney to orchestrate such a broad scheme, they do fight dirty. And then they complain about it when they get hit back. It’s really disgusting.
     I’m not sure why the Republicans wanted Howdy Doody meets Forrest Gump as their leader except maybe he represented what appeared to be the perfect puppet. But a leader is NOT a puppet. The president makes the calls at the end of the day no matter what and I knew we were headed for terrible danger. I even wrote a book about it starting in 1999 when I finished the first draft. I saw the polarization of America coming. The set of rules for those in power and the rest of us and many other things that have come to pass and will if things go down that road.
     But there are good people in government – despite what cynics think and what Republicans believe. Even some good Republicans who haven’t gotten the memo out of willful ignorance of reality or perhaps just intense disregard for what the party has become.
     I know Obama is a good man. I know Hillary Clinton is putting herself through hell because she wants to help people. I can feel the people who are in politics not to grab power for themselves, but to lift people up and make this country a better place – true Americans who believe in the core of this country and the ideals that make it great.
     We have a choice. We have always had one. We have chosen the dark path on more than one occasion and corrected our mistake. Obama is a correction and he will continue to make this country better and the world better. He isn’t perfect and I don’t agree with everything he’s done but he has to give to get and we have to start somewhere.
     What I can tell everyone is: Obama is in politics because like me he wants to serve people. He believes in the goodness of humanity. And like me sometimes that’s not always easy to do when we are treated badly – when racism, sexism, or just mean-spirited, selfish people take aim at you.
     I would never lie and say that I don’t have an agenda. I do. I want to make this world a better place for all beings. I want so much for us to clean up our mess, to be kind and respectful of all life, to walk our talk. If you believe in God in any form then you should want what I do – to preserve creation. If you don’t you are not a man or woman of God – you are part of the dark side – the chaos – destruction. Count yourself down with the truth of that and I have no problems.
     What I can’t stand are hypocrites – those who claim to want what’s best and use hatred, racism, anger, misogyny and whatever twisted emotion we all struggle with against those who lack the introspection to be clear about what is happening. Think what you will of me, but I don’t get paid to write this blog. I do it because I hope and pray for a better world. And there are many other people out there like me who have put themselves in the sites of very bad people – people who would kill them – like Michael Moore who has constant death threats, just because he showed the world the man behind the curtain wasn’t always working for them.
     I wish all humanity could find that part of them that connects them to the Great Spirit/God/All Living Beings because if they did – there wold be no psychopaths, sociopaths or plutocrats. All would feel the pain of the other and empathy – the key to compassion and love would reign supreme as God intended it.
     Use your own intuition – do you see anything behind Romney other than used car salesman who just wants the job because his dad didn’t get it? The man has not one ideological bone in his body. As he has made clear he is a BUSINESSMAN. It was businessmen who crashed this economy 4 years ago. It was businessmen that shipped our jobs to China. It was businessmen who created the financial disaster we are in. As Romney said himself – it isn’t government who creates jobs – it’s business. So how can he create jobs if he doesn’t believe it’s the job of government to do so?
     Unfortunately for Romney history has proven him wrong. The Great Depression was defeated by government – by investing in hiring people, creating safety nets for the elderly, sick and widows – social security. Government did fix it and we had the MOST STABLE THRIVING ECONOMY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD until the deregulation that happened in the 1980s via Reagan. Shortly after what he did the banks collapsed then, too. Or is that too far back for people to remember? All those S &L’s went under and one of the Bush boys went to jail for it among many others.
     If you don’t believe me just look at history. You don’t have to be psychic, or liberal or anything, just read some facts, use your brain, put some things together, be smart and you’ll see that “Trickle Down Economics” means “Rich people getting Richer,” while you and your family struggle to keep afloat.
     Blessings to you who walks in the light despite the darkness,
PS. I still stand by what spirit told me last December 2011 that Obama will win but it will be a squeaker. I’ve asked again and it has remained the same.
Update: elections, migraines, politics, private readings

15 thoughts on “Update: elections, migraines, politics, private readings

  1. Dianne McCulloch says:

    Denise, thank you for the update and for all you do. I’ve followed your blog for the past 5 years and think what you offer is wonderful; may Spirit bless you and keep you safe. I haven’t voted yet, earliest date in my state is Nov. 2. I will be casting my vote for Barack Obama. Blessings….

  2. Blessings to you, Denise. Yes we stand to make the world a better place. And for truth and humanity, our connection to the Divine. I also hope that you find rest and some protection from the neg energies.

  3. JH says:

    Wow. Your passion and commitment to sharing “the light”. Love it. Reading that Obama will definitely win is re-assuring. The United States, the human race and the planet need leaders like President Obama. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and your gift.

  4. ThanksForSharing says:

    Unfortunately, the same people contributing to the republicans are also contributing to the democrats. IMO, they are both the same party with different faces. I kinda like how this guy says it… http://spiritualtherapy.wordpress.com/2012/10/27/storms-of-change-and-astrology-forecast-october-28-november-3/ … [Let go of both the left and the right.]

    It has been apparent that both parties are not serving the people and our system is outdated. We are in more wars now and have dropped more bombs on civilians in the last four years than we did the previous eight. We just are less aware of it as a society living here. Much of the reason returning veterans are having such difficult times.

    If you are not yet familiar with mainstream journalist Ben Swann, he is a great person to tap into when in need of some political refreshment… https://www.youtube.com/user/BenSwannRealityCheck

    Though we may disagree on some things I do want to say that I appreciate you sharing your perspective. I think it is important to hear all perspectives and try to understand where things are coming from. Though you may take some heat, just know, that you sharing is greatly appreciated. Thanks! : )

    Here’s wishing you better health ASAP!

  5. Marie says:

    Hi Denise, I can certainly understand your need to withdraw at times due to stress of others. I am psychic too, and did readings for several years, and decided it was just too much for me, and now I am a pet nanny and artist. not making much money but I am happier though. I too feel Obama will win, but a very very tight race. the mere thought of Romney in the White House freaks me out. no way! Bless you Denise, wishing you well. BTW~ Iam going to pray everyday now to help heal our planet and bring peace. blessings, Marie

  6. Lori says:

    Thanks for the update, Denise. Take care of yourself. I want you to know that your blog helped reassure me during the 2008 election and has also helped during this one. You also gave me a reading once that was very helpful to me, so thank you for that. I’m sending positive energy your way.

  7. Thank you for all that you do, Denise. Since I live in a Republican controlled state, I made sure to vote early just in case. There has been so much wide spread cheating on election day by Republicans, it seemed like the most sensible thing to do – vote when almost no one was there so I couldn’t be pushed out. I understand about 59% of early voters are Democrats for the exact same reason.

    I can’t believe all this pro rape crap I’ve been hearing. How can any woman with self esteem vote for someone who would treat her harshly if she were raped? Obviously, rape is not nearly as bad from the gray, old, white man with a $2 haircut perspective.

  8. Jewell S. says:

    I once had debilitating migraines. It’s common knowledge in Europe that extreme migraines are often associated with mineral deficiencies, especially Magnesium. I now take New Chapter’s Mineral Complex daily, extra Magnesium before bed by Solaray and sometimes Trace Minerals from a salt bed in Utah found also at large health food stores. Now no more migraines. If this and healthy juicing doesn’t work then keeping a food diary to reveal what food allergies you have will. Get rid of Gluten and dairy for example and see how you feel. You’re going to get better. I promise. And when you do I want a reading!

  9. Jeanne says:

    Good luck, Denise! I hope you feel better, and send good thoughts your way. I understand your choice. I’ve about given up on finding a reliable psychic, however. Any time I’ve hired one at various services, even after reading reviews and trying to choose carefully, nothing they’ve said has actually come true. Ergo, it plays as “lie for pay.” I detest deception, so I went looking for someone I thought I could trust not to lie (via blogs and previous analyses not subject to dubious reviews on pay-psychic sites).

    I do understand if you’re not up to doing readings right now, but if you have recommendations of other reliable people, please do post their contact info. It would be much appreciated! Thank you, meanwhile, for keeping up your blog. I check it regularly. 🙂 Hopefully the migraines will lessen after the election! Blessings.

  10. Thomas says:

    I found diet played a big part in the migraines I was getting. I eliminated orange colored cheeses, and foods with vinegar, plus I limit dairy.

    I’m sure stress also plays a role, and I stopped focusing on all the negative articles on the internet.

    Since I broke my knee two months ago I haven’t had a single migraine, and the times I had migraines before, I traced them to eating store bought potato salad, which was loaded with crap.

    My diet is very basic now, almost completely free of processed foods.

    I hope you feel much better soon (hugs).

  11. Dear Denise,

    I hope the migraines ease off. You have a lot of us sending good thoughts your way. I know it is hard and the craziness just seems to keep increasing, but I pray that it will ease off eventually — there has to be a tipping point, right? One would think.

  12. William Lundmark says:

    Hi Denise,

    Been checking your website since your appearance on C2C. I’m following your predictions to see if they pan out and validate your claims to psychic abilities. That said, I was glad to hear a kindred spirit on the airwaves, and hope you do Noory’s show again soon. It may be because you told me what I wanted to hear, that Obama would win the election, AND that the Democrats would hold the Senate and take the House, as bold a prediction as I’ve heard anyone make. Thanks for providing the update and confirmation of your previous election prediction. I’ve been worried given the extreme efforts at voter suppression this year and the usual, expected right-wing efforts to steal elections at all levels, not just the presidency, and now there’s the further complication of Hurricane Sandy. I hope you’re right. Sad to read about your health problems, which are perfectly understandable given the nature of your abilities, and I wish I could offer some suggestions there. Reading your latest blogs reminded me of Robert Silverberg’s novel, Dying Inside, about what it would really be like to be a telepath. Anyway, looking forward to seeing your updates on the future. I share your hope.


  13. Marie says:

    Denise~I just re-read this blog. I do want to make a correction on DE-regulating of wall street. It was not Reagan, but Bill Clinton deregulated Wall Street. sorry, I know that hurts to know it was a democrat that agreed to unleashed wall street, but it is what it is. I pray everyday for our great country…. and especially for President Obama.

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