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Don’t expect a lot of concern or interest from ABC. They were less than interested in voter fraud – I wonder why? That’s the last time I ever watch their news station. I am from now on boycotting them until I die. They didn’t care that here in CA provisional ballots are only counted if an election is within something like 1 percent. So basically it looks like a lot of Democrats here in CA are going to have their votes thrown away. 

I guess this is EXACTLY what spirit meant when it said, “IT’S GOING TO BE CLOSE EVEN THOUGH IT SHOULDN’T BE.”

There you go – good old Republican cheating. It’s become a way of life. I guess if you can’t win because you make up 1 percent of the population and the rest of those who support you are too confused to understand they’re voting against their own interests – well, then, you lie, cheat and STEAL elections.


And this time I urge everyone to take their cameras out interview poll workers and people in line. Let’s do the work of the 4th estate and be the investigators we are supposed to have in journalists. They are now often tied to the same corporate leashes as our politicians.

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5 thoughts on “LA COUNTY NEWS DESK #s

  1. grace43 says:

    ABC is partnered with Yahoo. From the comments I have seen there and on Yahoo news, I have long considered them right wing central. I stopped going to their sites about a month ago when I saw pro Obama posts were being removed. I’m sad to say it and I can’t believe I am, but I’ve seen better coverage on this topic on FOX and I can’t stand FOX because they are normally so biased.

  2. Marie says:

    I share your concerns on voter fraud and voter suppression. it should not be this way, but it is. since 1999 several billionaires/CEOs in New York have lobbied politicians and the majority of them are GOP senators and congress. the real fraud is and begins in your own state now which is why you keep hearing Romney making suggestions to turn everything over to the states.

    contact your local government officials and ask them if they are a member of ALEC which is a group of corporate lobbyists pandering after politicians to help craft and draft new legislation and bills get passed such as 10 states now ban abortions, and as many as six states now have voter ID laws. how did this happen? continue…

    ALEC was set up as a non profit charity group to galvanized community lawmakers and corporations to find ways to better there community by allowing corporations to pass laws that only favor the corporations. please read and take action.

    start by reading researching, and investigate. time to bring the power back to the American people and not corporations. this is why you see what is happening with the republicans, especially social conservatives.

    honestly, do you want major corporations such as AT & T or Verizon to control your community? I think not!

  3. grace43 says:

    My own state passed tough voter id laws only to have to soften them considerably when challenged in court. Although, my stepmother (a democrat) had to show her id to almost every poll worker, she was able to vote. I think I had less trouble because I have a military id. My stupid state spent millions investigating illegal immigrants voting and found under ten people actually doing it. Seems like a stupid and huge waste of taxpayer money to me. Of course, Koch industries is based in my state and outlay a lot of cash to buy elections.

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