OK, It Turned Out To Be True…

I was getting freaked out when I saw first hand the level of shenanigans the Republicans engaged in – here in CA, where there was absolutely no way they would win. But there were the propositions which are BIG money for BIG CORPORATIONS.

Spirit was right again down to the smallest of details.

This should be a wake-up call. Spirit said, “It will be a nail biter – very close even though it shouldn’t be.” I take this as a warning that Obama would have and should have won by a much bigger margin.

It’s ironic that Romney won’t now concede Ohio – guess he figured between his son owning the voting machines and all the money he pumped into that state he had it in the bag – GEORGE W style. Interesting Gore was called a whining baby for questioning the results when it turned out they really were questionable yet I see no one saying this of Romney.

And I’d just like to say: I’d love to see that senior citizen Plutocratic revolution senior citizen brigade with Mr. Trump heading down Broadway with his baton. Him and his bad fake blond wig could be used to reflect light for the wealthy elderly who think he’s their stock broker.

If anything we REALLY need to examine our voting situation and have NATIONAL REFORM that makes sure every state does things fairly and impartially. NO PRIVATE COMPANIES should be allowed to be used for this sacred American ritual/institution. Anyone related to the candidates should and must BE FORCED to RECUISE themselves from the election process. We’ve seen how damaging this is when people don’t.

I plan on taking what happened here in CA all the way to a criminal investigation. If we continue with this trend of VOTER FRAUD AND INTIMIDATION we won’t have a Democracy anymore. There is nothing more disgusting than lying, cheating, and stealing except for murder. So far the Republicans have proven they’ll do almost anything to try and protect their tiny little personal interests.

It’s a very sad amoral way to be.

Thanks for voting and participating and for those who could not – readers in foreign countries and immigrants, thank you for your interest in our process.

Again astrology and spirit turn out to trump pollsters and propaganda.

All the best,


And please all those who did experience voter fraud or intimidation please do something about it – report it, follow up on it. This won’t be the last election and if we keep letting it happen it will happen again!

OK, It Turned Out To Be True…

7 thoughts on “OK, It Turned Out To Be True…

  1. grace43 says:

    I am so happy, I am near tears. For the 47%, this was the most important election in many years. I am so grateful we have a president who represents 100% of Americans not the 1%. It was scarily close and there was wide spread voting suppression in Democratic districts, however, we would not be out shouted and out spent.

    In my own area, things look grim. A man who advocated wife beating won the state senatorial race in my district. I am very disappointed. I can’t believe women voted for this guy.

  2. Robert says:

    Before I happened to listen to that episode of Coast to Coast, I will admit that I never heard of you. You called it as it was. My question for you is- when Hilary wins in 2016, is she going to be a one termer or a two termer?

  3. PK says:

    Congratulations on an Obama-Biden victory! I am ECSTATIC! It is truly heartening to see two decent, genuine, down-to-earth men win this election.

  4. Patti Burchell says:

    I am glad of the results for President. What bothers me is they announce the winner before the West Coast barely has their voting doors closed, And there was no mention of our results. Like, do we matter or not?

    1. zoma777 says:

      Yeah, it kind of sucks that we don’t seem to count. However here in CA we have a super majority of Dems in both the state house and state senate. And some very important and great measures got through despite billionaires trying to fake people out – so kudos to us. We will get some serious stuff done. As the old expression, “as California goes, so goes the nation.”

  5. Thomas says:

    My closest friend told me yesterday that she had a premonition voice say to her, “He’s the last President,” meaning Obama.

    I did a quick search this morning, and apparently there’s a few premonitions about an African-American man being the last U.S. President.

    There’s even a book written in 1926 by a Brazilian about an African-American President (science fiction), that some claim is a view of the future.

    I had a premonition many years ago about the President that would be in office during WWIII. I saw he would be a handsome man groomed to be President, someone that most Americans have little confidence in, but he surprises everyone by how well he handles the nuclear war.

    44 and 444 are numbers that have always caught my eye.

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