The Last Word on the Election

I had a ghostly visit ironically on All Souls Day – November 1st. I don’t usually have these sort of visits. And they had sort of died down – no pun intended there. I can tune into spirits when asked, but it was never my thing. And it wasn’t until about 6 months before I got pregnant that I started seeing ghosts just pop in without any reaching out on my part or being in a haunted house, etc.

It started at the Grove (of all places) a busy outdoor mall in Hollywood that my deceased father appeared next to me. I was sitting down waiting for my husband who was shopping inside (talk about role reversal) and just relaxing. All of a sudden I felt someone pull up the chair next to me. When I turned to see who it was – there was no one there, but I felt my father’s presence and he materialized. We had a nice conversation and he continued to follow me around for several years. He died when I was ten and I’d never been contacted by him before so it was really a major surprise to say the least. I asked why he was there (turns out he was there to deliver my kid from the other side and warn me that I might die but that’s another story).

So back to my main story; the ghosts were around for the year before my kid and a couple of years after. It had been a while since I had an unexpected visit. But to my surprise I was listening to NPR and all the back and forth about how tight the election was – how it might take weeks to get a count, etc. And I just was thinking to myself I didn’t believe it at all.

I got out of my car and saw my aunt. Actually an old conservative Republican in life but now a much happier, more relaxed spirit. She was laughing and told me that indeed I was going to turn out to be right. And the part of the statement I had heard that “Obama is going to win the election but it’s going to be a real nail bitter even though it shouldn’t be,” the part about “it shouldn’t be,” always confounded me a bit. Did they mean that Romney was such a lesser man, or it wasn’t in Romney’s fate or that shenanigans were going to make the race tighter than it actually was? I really couldn’t tell and since that statement I had been trying to decode it. I finally came to the understanding that it was all of the above and to this my Aunt affirmed as did her mother (my grandmother) whom I had never met in life. They were both giddy and excited about all of it and some other things that they were vague about that seemed to be related to me and my family, but anyway – just VOTE and remember you count. And WE the PEOPLE will win this time.

Our next goal will making sure it stays that way. I guarantee you Obama’s win will push the zealots on the right to even greater extremes and after exploiting all the racism – next will come the intense misogyny and attacks on women’s rights. However the women of this nation will not go quietly into the night. I am starting to believe that the discovery of Eris will be about this very thing – feminist revolutions due to the attempts of those in power who will continue to try to control and take women’s rights away. Problem will be for them – we won’t go quietly into the night and if anything this very issue could be the impetus for the next wave of revolutions – guerilla style. I will save all the visions I’ve been having about this subject for after the election.

ERIS is here and she isn’t going away.

For now we will enjoy our victory – those who want a level playing field and democracy for all.

But always remember how fragile our democracy has become and how easily corrupted. It has only been because of the work of some decent people in government that we don’t live in a theocratic plutocracy (BTW Romney would pretty much cement that path having been a BISHOP in his church and a solid Plutocrat.) It will be vitally important now more than ever that PEOPLE really be INFORMED and know history, educate themselves and stay active in politics or we will be conceding our nation to the corrupt and all that has been positive about our legacy will be seen through the dirty glasses of a very dark history.

Best to all and to all a great voting day!


The Last Word on the Election

8 thoughts on “The Last Word on the Election

  1. Yow says:

    Hello Denise. I’m 20 and I’ll be a first time vote. I’m very excited to vote later today. I’ve enjoyed you blog these past few months. have a great one.

  2. english6469 says:

    Denise, thank you! This is just what I needed to see on this nerve wracking election day!! You have calmed my nerves. I know in my heart and soul that we NEED our president to remain in office, but ‘fear’ had overshadowed my faith because there are so many underhanded repuplicans willing to stop at nothing to win.

    I watched Obama’s final campaign speech in Des Moine, Iowa (where it all began for him) and I saw a tear fall down his cheek. He speaks from his soul, and no one can tell me otherwise. We need him now more than ever, and his win would be an enormous victory for this nation.

  3. grace43 says:

    Thanks for your continuing encouragement, Denise. Since I live in a red state, I was concerned there might be problems with voting, so I voted early. There were no lines. I was immediately able to vote with no hassles. It seems the corrupt are not interested in supressing the vote in small population red states.

    I am very concerned about women’s issues also. Even one of our local Republican candidates joked about how he considered wife beating funny. In addition, even though the person had videos of someone stealing the democratic signs out of his yard, the police refused to investigate. I am among the redder than red here, but I continue to vote democratic anyway. One day, it may make a difference.

  4. Janet says:

    I hope with everything within me your predictions are right about Obama or else we are doomed and back to slavery thanks for your encouragement am nervous

  5. I would love it if you would elaborate on the visions you’re having about a possible revolution. Could you be more detailed about what you see happening and maybe tell us some things we can do to stop these things from happening. I’m starting to feel like we should move up into the mountains and become survivalists or something! It’s all so scary!

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