The Pollster Interview

I talked to the inspector at our local polling place and according to him what happened to my husband and I has been happening all over LA and it is a CRIME. It involves FORGING a signature in order to get an “absentee ballot.” Luckily. I had mine and I surrendered it so I could vote as if the whole thing hadn’t happened. However I wouldn’t have been able to if it hadn’t happened to my husband first and then I talked to someone at the state.

Most people don’t know the laws and don’t realize how nefarious this is. When I talked to Poll workers at my local polling place they all confirmed that the absentee phenomena had been happening “all day” and was rampant. They were calling the county to complain, but as I informed them I made this mistake in 2000 when I called the county as the head of the local polling place to report illegal electioneering pamphlets left on a table next to legit voter information. I guess this is why spirit said, “it’s going to be close – even though it shouldn’t be.” Here’s the “shouldn’t be” part. The Republicans have pulled out all the evil dirty tricks all over this country to try to win.

Well all I can say is this time – YOU’RE GOING DOWN! We have this thing called the internet. One percenters you can’t control everyone through your zombie making machine known as FOX NEWS. This is over. And YOUR SHENANIGANS are OVER!

Everyone who has experienced voter intimidation, voter fraud, voter suppression I URGE YOU TO RISE UP! We don’t want to live in a THEOCRATIC PLUTOCRACY! And unless you do your part to stop this constant onslaught of BS from the FASCIST party we’ll be in serious trouble.

I have long felt we are headed for a civil war here our only way of avoiding this fate is to rise up PEACEFULLY and PROSECUTE those who are TRYING TO TAKE OUR RIGHTS AWAY!

The USSR used to exist. It was a communist state. It’s now a democracy. Germany is now a Democracy and not a Nazi state. Well, if we aren’t careful we could go from being a Democracy to a Fascist state. I am not being hyperbolic. It is something I have withheld (because I didn’t want to freak people out) since I was 12 years old. Since the rebirth of the Republican party via Ronald Reagan.

This coup has been a long and well thought out cancer within our government and I absolutely believe we could lose our Democracy or have to fight for it.


MAKE YOUR VOICE COUNT! We are AMERICANS! Fair play is what we stand for not stealing elections!

They will not win.

And let’s not be wimps about making them pay for what they are doing and have done. When this is all over go to your representatives, take to the streets, DEMAND INVESTIGATIONS and PROSECUTIONS for those who are trying to take OUR RIGHTS AWAY. If not for yourself do it for your CHILDREN and your GRANDCHILDREN. It’s time we made our sacrifice. We have to ENGAGE!



The Pollster Interview

3 thoughts on “The Pollster Interview

  1. Sue Wang says:

    I do feel this viscerally -the Light vs the Dark. We shall confirm soon, and yes, we need to become advocates for ourselves and our children. Thank you.

  2. Marie says:

    I copied the below comment by Aaron C Hanson that claims the drawing of Mitt Romney. This is hardly coming from a place of love and light. Aaron in my opinion is just another GOP activist who claims to be very psychic. what I find disturbing, is what Aaron believes we are led into darkness now. you can find him on facebook, I copied what he wrote there.

    By Aaron C.Hanson
    As it is always possible, an optimal future can be collectively overridden. In the case our once great nation, a blind majority has in fact voted itself into a state of permanent decline. As for those of a remaining light, we will always shine the brightest in the darkest of worlds.

    Our burden of this and other concerns removed, we are to celebrate life according to our own free will.

    When first remote viewing who should be next as the elected President of the United States in 2012, I determined that it must be the former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney and in doing so, I felt that a rational majority would then vote for light and what is mostly true. I could then imagine that this majority would selflessly think of our children’s future and elect a man of efficiency rather than one of convenience. Clearly, this was a naive notion.
    Occasionally I get my data wrong and in this case, it was very wrong unless one thinks of it as a dire warning cloaked within an optimal trajectory. The warning concerns what is certain to happen should the incumbent prevail.
    As great historical powers of our world rise only to fall unexpectedly, so then today we find no exception. The question remains of this downward spiral in which we might continue to avoid its reality.
    For now, there exists the promise of hopium for the masses from a hollow beast of a man representing a soulless majority.

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