Faery, Sidhe, Inter-dimensional, unexplained beings and ETs…

Anyone who has had contact with any being they would consider not of this world whether it be inter-dimensional or extra-terrestrial or something else, please post your story.

I would like my first pod-cast to be about this subject matter. And that means talking to people who have had strange experiences. So let me know I’ll sort through the stories and contact some of you via e-mail and hopefully we can talk on the phone and I can interview you about what you experienced.

All the best,


Faery, Sidhe, Inter-dimensional, unexplained beings and ETs…

LA Times Article about Voting Problems in LA COUNTY



As voters headed to the polls across Southern California, some residents reported sporadic problems.

At Trinity Street School in South Los Angeles, poll workers had ballots, but no voting machines. Some voters waited in vain for more than an hour to see if the machines would arrive before leaving in frustration.

“We can’t vote,” said Gerardo Galeano, 39. “If this was a local election, I probably wouldn’t be as upset, but with the stakes for today’s election, the presidential race and all the propositions, it makes me scratch my head: How could this happen?”

PHOTOS: California voters head to polls

Daniel Villa, a USC student, said he accompanied his mother to the polling station to cast her first ballot as a U.S. citizen, only to find she could not vote.

“This further marginalizes my community,” Villa said, noting that he had made a formal complaint.

In Ladera Heights, at Saint Mary’s Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, three precincts all had a small percentage of residents who said they were incorrectly listed as choosing to vote by mail. Those voters had to fill out provisional ballots.

There were also reports that some voters were being asked for identification, which is not required in California.

James Childs, 67, said he was asked to produce a drivers license or other photo identification when he went to vote at the Hoover Recreation Center near USC.

“I’m outraged,” he said. “I happen to have a photo ID, so I could vote, and did, but other people in this neighborhood may lack IDs.”

He said he didn’t see anyone being turned away, but was told by poll workers that he would be turned away unless he produced an ID. He said he made a formal complaint.

“I’m concerned this is going to be going on all day,” he said. “I’ve been voting here for 33 years and have never been asked for a photo ID.”

Voter rights advocates from the Election Protection Coalition, which has a phone bank to monitor voting problems, said some of their highest call volume was coming from California on Tuesday morning.

Barbara Arnwine of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, which spearheads the coalition, said callers were complaining about “a smattering of different things,” including demands from poll workers for identification.

There also were reports of “unpleasant interactions” with voting monitors from True the Vote, the tea party-affiliated organization. The coalition said it had received 1,571 calls from California before 9 a.m.

Did you vote today? Tweet your election day photos to @lanow. Use the hashtag #LAVote. Tell us why/how you voted!

LA Times Article about Voting Problems in LA COUNTY

Truth To Power

When we stand together and use our voices they can not be silenced no matter how many voting machines they rig, or voters they scam off the rolls. I was never nervous about this election until I went to our polling place and found out how crazy things were going down there. Then I worried (human fear not intuition fear) that somehow fate would be thwarted in some evil Faustian deal with the devil made by Romney.

This election was settled by Spirit in the first days of December of 2011 as I posted back then and everything Spirit told me (I don’t know what else to call it) came to pass exactly. Now I know why my Aunt was laughing her head off and saying that I would be right. She knew I would be freaking out like everyone else. She tried to calm me but I am human and a Romney/Ryan presidency would be a disaster for the world – seriously.

Anyway I am SOOO Happy that the right man is in the job and that the Universe is  moving forward as it should – that no amount of money or powerful idiots could change what was meant to be. It is because of us – the people who saw through all of the lies and deception. I have never been prouder of the US not because Obama won but because people GOT IT!

Thanks to all who have participated and to all who have been reading my frantic freak-out blogging.

Peace, abundance and blessings to all,


And thanks to my deceased Aunt Doris and Grandmother Minnie for appearing yesterday in an effort to reassure me (and my readers) once and for all despite knowing it wouldn’t work.

Truth To Power