Faery, Sidhe, Inter-dimensional, unexplained beings and ETs…

Anyone who has had contact with any being they would consider not of this world whether it be inter-dimensional or extra-terrestrial or something else, please post your story.

I would like my first pod-cast to be about this subject matter. And that means talking to people who have had strange experiences. So let me know I’ll sort through the stories and contact some of you via e-mail and hopefully we can talk on the phone and I can interview you about what you experienced.

All the best,


Faery, Sidhe, Inter-dimensional, unexplained beings and ETs…

6 thoughts on “Faery, Sidhe, Inter-dimensional, unexplained beings and ETs…

  1. Thomas says:

    During a Mayan ceremony I noticed some sort of spirit/being taking energy from the offerings at the center of the circle of people. I guesstimate there were about 80 people there. The spirit was on top of the large pyramid at Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. What he was up to bothered me, so I connected my energy up to someone standing across from me in the circle, and I broke the circular energy. The spirit saw me do this and his attention was drawn my way. At this point the spirit took off from the top of the pyramid in what looked like a beam. I followed him with my awareness to another planet, where he was telling them about me, then he came back.

    I told my friend Donna, who had brought me to the ceremony, about what I had seen. Later she told me about another person who had seen this spirit, and she also told me about other’s that used the pyramid for other ceremonies, I believe a witch group.

    This all intrigued me, and I wondered how he traveled like that.

    Sometime later I was contemplating something Edgar Cayce talked about, something about books of knowledge, and Atlantis. I was living in Paamul, a Mayan word meaning ancient ruins, and it dawned on me there was a carved crystal buried someplace in Paamul, and that some people are able to retrieve the knowledge stored in these carved crystals. So I tapped into the knowledge and started looking around. I didn’t understand much of what I saw, but I recognized a device for sending things from a pyramid. I saw people standing around this device using their intent to send physical things to another planet. The device looked like it was made of crystal.

    I’ve talked to a couple of other people that have also psychically seen or remembered this device, and what they described was similar to what I saw, except more details, like there was two rooms, one below where the device was, and one above on the top of the pyramid.

  2. Well …. around 1996, I had a startingly unusual experience. Long story short …. I was walking to the little “mailbox hut” located near the front entrance inside the closed security gate of the condo property where I lived. As I approached it, walking casually towards me was who appeared to be a rather shabbily-dressed homeless man. I can still see him in my mind’s eye as he continuously looked me straight in the eyes with a little smirk on his face. As he closely passed me on my right side …. he never for a moment looked away from me. He just continued to stare directly into my face, causing me to feel not only inquisitive about who he was, how he had accessed our property, what he was doing there, etc.. — but I also felt suddenly “alarmed” the very second he had passed by me and out of my view. Realizing that this stranger could possibly strike me or grab me from behind …. I immediately turned my head sharply back behind my right to ensure that he wasn’t going to do such ….. and HE WAS NOT THERE! My heart felt like it was literally going to jump right out of my chest as I whipped around to my left expecting him to be THERE ….. and he was absolutely NOWHERE to be seen! I just COULDN’T believe it!! So I walked and walked and WALKED around the small property LOOKING for this guy whom I had PLAINLY SEEN IN BROAD DAYLIGHT only a SECOND before! However …. he was NO WHERE to be found!! I’ll just NEVER FORGET this odd experience as long as I live!

    1. Thomas says:

      I showed up in a roommate’s bedroom as an astral projection to warn her about her new gas heater. When she sat up in her bed to confront me about being in her bedroom, I disappeared.

      She confronted me in the morning about appearing in her bedroom, and I told her about the premonition I had about her being killed by her gas heater. At that point she accused me that I wasn’t going to tell her, but that’s a long story involving past lives.

      Any chance the man you saw might be someone you’ve known?

      There’s a chance his distraction prevented something else.

  3. Any “contact” I have had (and it may not be, who knows) has come mostly in the form of dreams, older white-haired men and women, usually northern european looking, who give me instructions or who have long talks with me. I rarely remember the instructions very clearly. I have posted many of these these on your dream journal log over the past few years if they are relevant to your research.

  4. Graybear says:

    My first encounter was when I was 12 years old visiting a church member’s house (a boy about my age) out in the flat fields of Ohio. I walked into a shabby old clapboard barn that had fallen into disuse, while the boy and his black dog held back, which I thought was strange. As soon as I passed through the doorway I felt chilled. A few feet in I saw movement in the sMy first encounter was when I was 12 years old visiting a church member’s house (a boy about my age) out in the flat fields of Ohio. I walked into a shabby old clapboard barn that had fallen into disuse, while the boy and his black dog held back, which I thought was strange. As soon as I passed through the doorway I felt chilled. A few feet in I saw movement in the shadows to the right at the back of the barn, and I felt drawn to it. A few more feet and I could see a small “dust devil” whirling around in the corner, but it was a calm and cool (but brightly sunny) day. There was no reason for that little tornado to be there. So I just stood there and said in my mind “You can go now.” And it did. It just poofed into nothing. The cold immediately went away too. I went over to where it had been and looked down into the hardpacked dirt and there was a small ring with a black onyx stone set in it. I picked it up and walked back to the boy and handed him the ring. He put it in his pocket, we went inside for lunch, and pretty soon I went home. A few days later my mom asked about the barn. When I told her what happened she didn’t say anything and just looked at me. Later when my dad got home he asked me about it, too. Seems the boy gave the ring to his mom and told her I’d made the cold go away inside the barn but he didn’t know how. His mom then called my mom. Turns out, the ring belonged to the boy’s grandmother. It was an old family story about how the grandmother, as a little girl, was heartbroken when she lost the ring while playing in the barn’s hayloft. It had been a gift from her own father, given to her right before he died suddenly in the fields. She had written about it in her journal, along with numerous hand-drawn pencil drawings of her beloved lost ring. After that, I cleared a lot of other places around my Midwestern hometown. During the later clearings I knew what I was doing – the first one I had no idea. I saw and felt many oddities during that time (moving shadows and objects, human figures, white ghosts, cold/heat, strong wind indoors, and so on). The last deliberate clearing I did was almost 15 years ago in Kansas City for a friend of mine who’d bought a house where an elderly lady died (the lady lived in that house for 50 years and was determined not to leave). Actually, I didn’t exactly “clear” the house – she’s still there. We just had a talk and came to an understanding. She’s still the guardian of her own home, but she’s sharing it with others now. After the Kansas City house, I never saw, heard, or felt such things again. At first I thought I’d simply lost the ability at the age of 40 or so – it was there when I needed it and then it was gone. It took me awhile to figure out that now I’m “pushing” energy wherever I go without a thought about it. A sensitive eventually told me I’m clearing space everywhere I go “on automatic.” I kinda miss it, but it’s also kinda cool to know I’m still helping out nonetheless.

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