California has a Super Majority of Dems in Both our State House and Assembly

Californians have elected a 2/3 majority in the Senate and a super majority in the state assembly. And as we’ve all heard, “as California goes so does the nation.” I think this, as much or more than the presidential election show that people are waking up to the fact that the Republicans are double talking southern strategists who protect the interest of the 1 percent and the 1 percent only. It is heartening. I believe this is what spirit was referring to in the summer when it gave me such high numbers for the assembly and senate in CA and maybe referring to the mid-term election. CA will be a petri dish for the nation. It has always been “conventional wisdom” to split the house and senate in order to, I guess, keep balance? But this strategy I think we are already seeing has been a stupid one with the new radical right wing Republican party. It may have worked when rational thought was still in vogue but alas now days it’s passe’ among Republicans as there are no longer any moderate ones.

I do want to go into some darker things about visions I have had about the backlash. As all my readers can see there are some seriously psychotic, nasty, delusional people who populate the far right. They seized control of the Republican party and in essence have dismantled it ,because lets face it, most people are not psychotic, nasty, delusional people who want to see others starve while the upper crust pick the bones of the dead from the rotting corpses after the self induced Rapture. 

Most people are reasonable – and it used to be that the Republican party (many years ago in a long lost time) were reasonable, normal people. They even did some amazing things like Lincoln who freed the slaves. They used to be a moderate party who just had different ideas on how to get things done but alas they have been highjacked by the birthers, tea-baggers, plutocrats and religious zealots who have EVERYTHING in COMMON with the Muslims zealots they are so “afraid” of, yet they believe exactly the same things – that women should be chattel, have no rights to their own bodies, and government should be a theocracy.

Yet somehow they don’t see the irony, or similarity between their desire to merge State with Church as those zealots in the Middle-East who started a similar movement back in the 70s and turned countries like Iran from moderate western leaning countries into theocracies that we now are horrified by. I ask these people why they believe merging Christianity with State business would be any better – that experiement was tried during the middle-ages and was an abysmal failure similar to what we have seen in the middle-east. Or the merger of the  made up, bizarre Nazi religion that was merged with their government.

THEOCRACY really DOESN’T WORK. Seriously, just look at the history.

Problem is most people who support a theocracy think that theocracy will be a theocracy that looks like their religion – but what if it isn’t? What if you were a Christian and had to convert to Buddhism – would that be OK?

Yeah, no, we all know the answer…

This is why the founding fathers seperated church and state. And those who say they were “Christian” should do a little digging into what those of us who read call “history” as it turns out most of them were occultists.

Yes, they believed in God (used as a general term for a higher being) but they weren’t all Christians – Ben Frankly I’m pretty sure was an atheist.

Controlling religious belief is what the COMMUNISTS did to their people. They would NOT ALLOW ANY RELIGION. They REQUIRED a belief in ATHEISM because of the statement by Marx that “Religion was the Opiate of the masses.” What the extreme right are proposing is in essence no different than what the Chinese do to their people (but on the other side of the same coin) by disallowing personal freedom to choose how many children to have. This is the same thing the right-wing Christians want to do – they just want to take the choice away on the opposite side. Ironically, both the far right’s ideas truly mirror the very things they are terrified of.

Government – at least in a DEMOCRACY – has no right to invade people’s bedrooms, privacy or lifestyle. I have a ministerial credential and have married Gay couples many times because I believe that being GAY IS COMPLETELY NATURAL and people shouldn’t be punished or disallowed rights that other people have because they fall in love differently than the majority. Just as being Wiccan, Buddhist, Mormon, a Spiritualist or whatever religious or non-religious persuasion one has – should not be discriminated against – nor should it be the business of the public or the government.

It states plainly in our BILL OF RIGHTS. We have the right to:  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

So unless those rights impinge on the welfare of others than case closed. THE END. NO more discussion should be had – it is not the business of those who are straight to decide the fate of gay people anymore than it is the right of men to decide what women do with their bodies or for women to decide that male pattern baldness should be punishable by law. It’s all ABSOLUTELY ABSURD. There is NO MORAL arguement to be made – sorry folks on the right. Give me one actual MORAL arguement not the lame “God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve,” crap. Actually God did make Adam and Steve because 10 percent of all animals on this planet are homosexual. My beloved cat Geb was gay and lucky for him he wasn’t born human or he would have been made to feel like crap about himself for the way GOD made him.

You can’t have it both ways – God = all powerful and loving and God = makes mistakes and creates horrible suffering and evil. (And don’t try making the Devil argument he’s a later invention.) He’s an amalgamation of many other demonic figures, old Gods/Goddess and even the word Hell comes from the Ancient Goddess of the Hell Fires up in Scandinavia where souls crossed over into the next world. Maybe that was like heaven to them – it is REALLY REALLY COLD there. 

All I ask from the far right wingers is they stop watching their daily zombie diet of FOX News and just do some actual research using BOOKS and CREDIBLE sources. It’s not a coincidence that the more educated one is in the bible the more one sees inconsistencies and questions their religious beliefs. In fact many great theological scholars end up Agnostics and all the priests I knew back when I was quickly converted to Catholicism after my father’s death were openly so. 

However the urge to be ONE WITH GOD is absolutely and totally human and noble. I absolutely get the need to merge with this mysterious and beautiful force that is so beyond our understanding that we have hundreds of different interpretations of the same religion in each organized religion and in older religions like Hinduism there are thousands not to mention how abstract and esoteric the ideas get. 

I totally applaud the desire to be close to God/Creator/Goddess/Great Spirit/Life Force/Universe/Multivesre whatever you want to call it. I get it. I have it in excess. This is exactly why no one way works and why we should never NEVER judge or associate right/wrong or hatred with this SACRED FORCE.  We have to allow each soul to find his/her way to the Great One. 

As Rodney King said, “Can’t we all just get along.” I mean really. God has a plan for everyone and the truth is if you are judgmental and nasty for sure you don’t know it. In fact you are lost yourself. God doesn’t work through fear because fear is the opposite of love not hate. I say this because love brings compassion and understanding and fear brings intolerance, hatred and disconnection and the source of all love is GOD/SPIRIT/UNIVERSE/CREATOR/MULTIVERSE/PLACE YOUR WORD FOR IT HERE. 

I am heartened today by the fact that the stars (which reflect the Great Spirit’s plans for us) have been abided.

I however am not naive to the very strong and powerful forces of greed, selfishness and shortsightedness which fuel the motives of those who must feed their need to feel important by lording over other human beings – aka plutocrats (think of Trump as the inadvertent spokesman for their subconscious thoughts as he appears to be a walking Id.) These dark forces will rear their ugly heads again and we have a long way to go to correct the many years they’ve had to game the system. 

One must always be vigiliant against these forces everywhere. Lets not forget Germany was a Democracy before Hitler was elected.

And for those who said it couldn’t happen here (those I argued with as far back as HS) take heed – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Many blessings and peace be with all of you,


California has a Super Majority of Dems in Both our State House and Assembly

13 thoughts on “California has a Super Majority of Dems in Both our State House and Assembly

  1. Thank you Denise for being courageous and truthful with your words and insights. I look forward to reading much more from you and am glad someone is taking a stand against the fear and delusion that is plaguing our system.

  2. I know that there is a sitll darkness and negativity in the world, but I do believe that there is a rising spiritual consciuosness that is taking hold. It’s happening because we are in a major cyclic transtition which is a rare culmination of many cycles and dimensional timelines. In fact I would go so far as to say that we are entering a grand experiment where we are given the choice of whether to evolve past a 3D world (where there is peace,balance and understanding of polarity) or not. This world we live in is of duality and many human beings don’t handle the heaviness that well. They fall into fear and become selfish, controlling, greedy, judgmental and all that goes with that fear. The truth will come out and I believe that we will see a radically better world in our lifetime, not because of changes in the political system, but because of a fundamental higher energetic shift in our conscious awareness. But until then, especially in the next 5-10 years, get ready to rock and roll. Stay centered and remember that this reality is shifting rapidly for the better. It’s just that those who do not want change are rebelling. Namaste’. Thank you Denise for your serivce.

  3. grace43 says:

    Hopefully, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s prediction that there will not be a dramatic increase in white supremacy groups and white violence. In my area, I am already seeing the rage and hate backlash. Besides a lot of road rage, my husband witnessed a white woman attempt to attack a black woman assistant manager at Walmart this morning, because the white woman could not afford her groceries. The assistant manager said that had happened to her several times since the election.

    I am just seeing a lot of rage everywhere in my area which is why we are opting to stay home for the next few days. Hopefully, this initial anger will calm down soon.

    Since the SPLC believes domestic terrorism is on the increase, I would like to know what you think, Denise and Thomas?

  4. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    ‘T. Boone Pickens, a Texas oil billionaire who hosted many fund-raisers for Mr Romney said this week after Mr Romney lost and stock markets began tumbling: ‘You want to cut your throat. That’s the way I feel today.’

    Rich Republican sympathisers have wasted billions of dollars on this fruitless campaign. The good news (for the rest of us) is that they’ll be an awful lot poorer next time round. In fact some of them will be so poor, they might even consider voting Democrat. No wonder Donald Trump is spitting blood.

    Best wishes from Simon


    1. grace43 says:

      Adultery is punishable by the Uniform Code of Military Justice which If he is still in the military, he is subject to. However, I’ve almost never heard of anyone being prosecuted for it, so there must be more to it than this. Considering the CIA handles important national secrets, we may never know. I think it is unlikely his fidelity problem is the only reason he’s resigning.

  6. @ Grace – Yes, I forgot about the Military Justice laws, but also so many of these people in power (Dems & Repubs) have been acting with impunity. Also, have any of you noticed the number of sex scandals breaking both here and in the U.K. with Saturn now in Scorpio?

    1. Scorpio is ruled by sex, so I guess that’s not surprising. Apparently, the General is retired and he would have to be in serious trouble for them to apply the UCMJ to him. As far as I can tell, he didn’t betray his country, however, his wife is another story. I’m a bit jaded and tired of these Republican pantygates. I haven’t seen anything that merits a court martial for him out of this. The mistress, however, may be an entirely different story. What sordid women these Generals know!

      At any rate, I have been very amused by Romney’s sour grapes since the election. He has validated over and over why I voted for Obama. I am so glad the President is in office instead of this hater. 🙂

  7. Thomas says:

    “In 1926, a Brazilian writer, named Monteiro Lobato, well-known in Brazil today, wrote a book called The Black President, subtitled The American Roman in 2228, which he unsuccessfully tried to publish in the US. The book was published in Brazil, though. It’s about a future election in the US. Basically this is the story summed up. A character in the book named Jane looks into a machine we could translate as “futuroscope” where she can see the future. What did Jane see? Jane saw a black man as US President in a distant year composed with 2s and an 8, when medicine would be highly advanced, able to create doubles of human beings as clones; and people would have their hair straightened.. According to the book, a black man would be running for election against a white woman, and both were Democrats. The white Republican man would be trying for re-election. The final winner is the “Black President.” At that time, the US population would be 314 million people, while today it is approximately 304 million, and will probably reach 314 million in about 3 or 3.5 years when Obama would still be in office, if elected.”

    A psychic friend of mine got a hit the day after the election that Obama will be our last President.

    I wish I could find it now, but I read another prophecy connected to “the last President” and the total economic collapse of California.

  8. The California collapse, unfortunately is pre ordained due to fiscal lasciviousness and crazy high taxes. Expect more misery and pure stupidity out of the socialist govt. there. But there is nowhere to run and find freedom. You need a bureaucrat’s permission to paint someone’s fingernails or make home repairs in most places in this once free country. Sadly going down rapidly now.

  9. Hello! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

  10. What an awesome story!!!!!! You should get in touch with Lilla Crawford and her mom at some point. Lilla is the new Annie and was Debbie in Billy on Broadway. Another Billy connection! Really sweet girl and her mom is very fun and cool. The more I live, the less I believe in coniendcices. There are far too many of them for it to be by accident! Especially in HUGE cities like New York!

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