Global Warming

I just thinking about the right-wing argument to global warming: “We’ll adapt.”  But they don’t believe in evolution. So how do they figure we’re going to adapt? It’s a fundamentally fallacious argument. And I didn’t even notice it until now because I never questioned evolution – yet they do. So they can’t make that argument. It is off the table for them to use as an answer by their own logic.

It’s kind of their same crazy argument: “Government bad,” while they’re running for positions in the government. If they hate government so much and they think its so ineffective why do they want to be a part of it?

Just some thoughts and some points to make with your right wing family members and friends…

Best wishes,


Global Warming

7 thoughts on “Global Warming

  1. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    It’s exactly the same in Britain. Conservatives talk about ‘shrinking government’ that they still desperately want to be part of. We even have Conservative politicians who believe that Britain should leave the European Union, sitting in the European Parliament and a few have been done for fiddling their expenses. Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue. I have a question for you. If Spirit gave you the result of the US presidential election a year ago (and I have no reason whatever to disbelieve you) what exactly does that say about Free Will?

    Best wishes from Simon

  2. To prevent the greenhouse from getting too hot and killing
    the plants, windows or vents can be opened to release the excess heat, thus maintaining perfect growing temperatures inside.

    The book then goes into discussions of “living systems” such as the role of forests (and deforestation),
    soil, and population as related to climate change and energy usage.
    t walk into the grocery store without being asked if I.

  3. You are way off the mark. The climate (political) scientists changed the numbers at the U. of E. Anglia as they spent the UN’s millions. When asked to turn over the raw data so that real scientists could scientifically look at the information, they said that they lost the data or it had been so hideously manipulated that they could not turn it over to any other institution. You might also note that the temperature on Mars has gone up more than on Earth over the last two decades. I guess, we need ethanol, cap and trade and the EPA lawyers to shut down drilling on the red planet as well.

  4. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    One of my recent aphorisms (‘Aphorisms After Oscar’) runs:
    ‘Conservatism usually means truffles for the rich and toadstools for the poor.’

    Best wishes from Simon

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