2 thoughts on “The Coast to Coast Interview for free

  1. Laura O'Donnell says:

    I heard your interview, and that guy interrupts way too much in my opinion. I was wondering if you thought that the Republican attempts to rig the electoral votes will be effective or will people really rise up. They are already bragging about how they gerrymandered in 2010, which made it much harder for Democrats to oust them out of the House. I’m really disgusted by them and try very hard to inform people, but it doesn’t feel like I make much of an impact. Also, I was wondering if after Bush Sr. dies (and when do you see that?) will we be able to finally find out that the CIA along with Bush, Nixon (LBJ having knowledge of it) were involved in it. Bush Sr. continues to bring up JFK’s assassination and I just get the feeling like this is something he’s proud of being a part of. Did he and/or his son “W” have anything to do with causing the accident of JFK Jr. as well. There seems to be an amount of evidence that doesn’t add up and the media was not being honest about it either. It just seems mighty convenient for Republicans who could never win if he were to have ran. I appreciate all of your predictions and your help.
    Thank you in advance,
    Laura O

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