So sorry…

It’s been way too long since I lasted blogged. I’m in the process of trying to analyze a lot of psychic data and make sense of it all. I’m in process and have some big revelations which I will unleash here ASAP. 

On a lighter note I think I have a co-host for a podcast and will be putting that together – finally. And a link up for those who want a good psychic reader. I am very selective and it’s not just someone’s psychic ability that is important to me, it’s their attitude and their ability to be non-judgmental. I feel it’s very important as a reader to put yourself in the client’s shoes and really feel their life rather than judge it. Unfortunately finding a psychic who has this sort of compassion along with psychic ability narrows the field a lot. I’m working on that for you guys. 

I will be back much sooner with some information on what truly will be another cycle in our evolution – the Mayan calendar 12-21-2012 date which everyone took to be the end of the world and as the Mayans and psychics like me assured was not – was actually the end of one epoch and the beginning of the next which is why so many of us (psychics, initiatives and everyone else) felt this huge transformation coming. Often we dramatize this as a physical death, since this is all we know as human beings. But the macrocosm rarely works this way – yes, on occasion but it’s many thousands of years, often millions between these giant cataclysmic events. Many times the visions people have of California splitting off into the ocean is true but will not happen in one singular event – maybe over hundreds or thousands of years. But I’m getting off point. There are some very narly aspects and I feel the need to explore the new “planetoids” and their importance in this new epoch. It’s my intuitive feeling so far that energetically the world is moving from male focus to feminine – which I’ll explain later.

For now wishing everyone the best – Many blessing to all of you,


So sorry…