Warning… Bad Aspects Coming Our Way!

I’m sure you have been feeling it in the air. I know I have. A confusing ball of uneasiness. I’ve been sorting through it slowly – there are so many things coming down the pike, some of them good, some bad. However I do want to warn everyone about something big happening starting at the end of April this year and going through June the first exact pass of Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn will happen.

So fancy pants what does that mean?

Well, a lot.

The first Uranus (Pisces – sudden losses) square Pluto (Sagittarius – ideology) was right before the 2008 crash. This was an ideological failure or giant paradigm shift which precipitated the need for major change and thus brought down the global economy and shed light on the rancid ideas, thievery and ideologies that led our country (and the world’s) rethinking and shifting of ideals, and lead also to financial losses.  

This next hit is much more tactile. Believe it or not you are going to really see and feel the impact of this one in a more visceral way. I don’t want to be too far out – but it has the potential to actually spark another revolution or at least civil unrest and organized violence against those in power. The structures we have known – and this also includes ALL LARGE INSTITUTIONS and FINANCIAL STRUCTURES, BUSINESSES, EDUCATION, POLICE, the ARMED FORCES – the ENTIRE infastructure of our country and in greater and lesser degrees the infastructres of all these things across the globe. We are already seeing this interplay playing out in the Middle-East in the form of the Arab Spring. Now this paradigm shift will hit us hard.

In some places that have been in struggling to change for the better this square could actually push through major reforms that benefit the people. For our empire it’s not as positive. This square will involve the USA’s natal SUN meaning our identity as a country will be forever altered. 

For a long time I’ve been saying there has been a coup going on – a cancer growing from the inside out inside our government – slowly our voices and Democracy have been turned into a corporate plutocracy. People have thought I was being hyperbolic. The veil will now be lifted from everyone’s eyes as reality sets in. The mission of turning our empire into corporate plutocracy where the wealthy are protected and there is no longer a ladder for the middle-class and poor to move upwards will be seen in stark effect.

We will see and feel first hand the sweeping changes that have been being made in secret as corporations have bought political power, controlled our tax money and have tied the will of the majority by passing laws during the Bush administration that allow the minority party to block the will of the people. 

Unfortunately for us the corportacracy has done a fantastic job of zombifying the average American into believing lies and has played a fantastic game of bait and switch – and used slight of hand better than even the great Houdini. Our shadow government is going to come out of the shadows and take its stand against our interests and actually their own (unknowingly of course.) As I have been saying since R Reagan (and his “trickle down” theory) has been a slow march toward fascism (the merger of corporate and state power) the problem here is those people we elected to do something about this are armed with a toothpick in this battle against a 40 year old cancer that has hollowed out what was once a sacrosanct document – our constitution.

The good news is the veil will be lifted and people will be able to tell the lies from reality. We may take a big hit, but it will unify people and eventually shift us to a more compassionate view, raising our consciousness to a new level – more on that later…

Blessings to all,


Warning… Bad Aspects Coming Our Way!

9 thoughts on “Warning… Bad Aspects Coming Our Way!

  1. This web site Is Truly wonderful and amazing information maybe there is and looking so captivating.. I look and feel good to generally be here.. Keep sharing good things with buddies.. Thanks meant for sharing…

  2. Thanks Denise. I have this scheduled to post on my blog transients.info

    I don’t know if you are aware of the Global Coastal Event predicted by Clif high, who interprets the data coming out of the webbot. This event is also validated by the Farsight Institute remote viewing studies conducted by Courtney Brown as well as other independent validation studies conducted by Clif.

    I have been very focused on following all the webbot predictions since September and they are very accurate, especially the reports coming out weekly through Clifs immediacy data intellgience reports. This post you just made and your other one based around your 2012 vision/experience as a child, matches right up with the GCE.

    I have an up to date full summary of the GCE here if this resonates with you,


  3. Juno says:

    Hi Denise,

    Thanks for the warning. ANy specifics you could give us on how to prepare would be great – are bank accounts and paper currency in the U.S. and E.U. going to be worthless? Do you still see the same 7 places experiencing geological events that you did a few years back?

    Love to you and your family 🙂

  4. Also look at the end of July/beginning of Aug. Mars and Jupiter in Cancer will connect with Uranus/Pluto sq. This is still within orb of the USA Sun in Cancer, which already has a Jupiter conj natally. When the transits start to gang up, things happen. Watch for some fireworks as Mars inflames and Jupiter expands it. In cardinal signs (Aries/Cap/Cancer/Libra) you will always see an emergency or crisis, then it will be solved, but in the meantime it can be a little frightening for those who are faint of heart or are not grounded and centered. If something does happen that seems really negative, know that we are all in this together and that our best source of support is each other, not the govt. The next few years will be critical in determining which way the future lies for us, however, we a have free will and it is our thoughts and emotions today that will determine what happens tomorrow.

  5. well Denise, I get the same feeling something is in the air, but I’m not getting the queasy sick in my stomach feeling. There is another astrologer named Larry Schwimmer who regularly blogs with Huffington Post dot com. you can google his name or search him at Huffington website. he made similar predictions and the timing is around spring time. he suggested it would have more to do with the “sequester” and that it would cause many Americans to become angry, with thousands protesting against the Gov’t. I have a feeling the sequester will go through, I am hoping it will be averted though. By July, when Congress/senate/whitehouse sees how bad the effects of the sequester; than they will decide to change directions. I’m afraid the GOP party has created a dire negative image by allowing the right wing extremists to take control of the republican party. it will hurt the republican party for years to come. I really feel this time around the Hispanic population will favor the Democrats, and the states of Texas and Arizona will turn Blue again. possible Georgia. BTW~Hillary Clinton announced she will run for Presidency 2016. yay.

    Below is a link of a billionaire plans to change America and who has stealthily managed to gain control through the Republican congress and senate during the Bush administration. They managed to passed hundreds of laws that favored the wealthy, special interests groups/lobbyists and while we were focusing on the two wars. It does appear that we have returned to the Robber Baron era of around 1880, after the Civil war. Those types of personalities are similar to what we see today. ie; Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson, Jim Peterson.. The Oil Billionaires in Texas runs and controls the state of Texas like a Fascists Gov’t. Texas has the worst legislation in the nation and are controlled by a bunch of hungry greedy old white men.



  6. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    It is true that ‘forewarned is forearmed’ but I’m beginning to wonder how much more bad news this poor old world can take!

    Best wishes from Simon

  7. Juno says:

    Hi again — are these energy shifts the reason why so many people/organizations are starting to be exposed, like the Pope with the pedophile scandal, Lance Armstrong with the doping scandal, Oscar Pistorious shooting his girlfriend, etc — so are these individual examples the tip of the iceberg to large scale unveilings? If so, it can’t come soon enough for the health of the planet and all life on it. I am so, so tired of sociopaths wreaking havoc.

    1. Laron says:

      Juno and Marie,

      This is one of the areas I focus on specifically through the material I post on my blog so here are some links to answer those questions.

      This is a recent one and an excellent post by Lee Harris,

      Tolec is said to channel information from the Andromeda Council. I tell my readers to take it with a grain of salt as I am not big into channeling material, however, this information fits in with everything else out there. Here are two posts within the one, about the general shift in consciousness,

      And finally, this post here is a combination of many different articles/sources that I have put together to explain the earth changes from a spiritual perspective. From Dolores Cannon to Page Bryant and also Jose José Argüelles / Stephanie South.
      ‘She’s our Home – The Shift in Consciousness’ – http://www.transients.info/2013/02/shes-our-home-shift-in-consciousness.html

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