Our Collective Future

In the heavens there are some gnarly aspects. I won’t get too astrological. But suffice it to say it brought on the Arab Spring, the crash of Wall Street and the world wide economic downturn on its first past. Uranus in Aries gives periods of intense violence (Sandyhook) and of course as I have said in the past would usher in a new age of revolutions across the globe. I have examined many charts for the US. No one really has an exact time so being psychic I decided to tune into what Washington had to say about the actual date when the idea-logical motion of our country was truly set on its course. According to him it was at around 8:30 PM on July the 3rd. Being old timey folk they saw sunset as the beginning of the next day and that is why we celebrate it on the 4th. I went ahead and did a chart for this time. I will also provide you all with the charts other astrologers have worked painstakingly over the years to come up with. Mine will have the transits happening toward the end of May this year. While we will feel these effects starting earlier this will be the period when the people/government and laws will actually push us to deal with the situation.

What we are facing here is a fundamental change in the way our country has functioned. It will mean the degradation of major institutions, the collapse of many institutional systems and that includes many multi-national or giant corporations. The hit will very likely also play out in the stock market – so beware. I’d pull my money out starting now. There are two ways this can be dealt with either Obama fundamentally shifts the system to go around the crisis in which case, he will alter the power or at least take liberty with what power he has been given to change the course, or if the Congress can’t do their job we will see a country we never saw before. One that may resemble in some ways the end of the Soviet Union. With Saturn in Libra in the natal chart being involved of this upcoming Grand Square I think we will also see some major changes in the justice system.

For those 1 per-centers and “corporate citizens” out there all I have to say is I blame you.  If you hadn’t been engineering a plan to take over this country this shift would have been an adjustment not a collapse. But it is also you who will suffer just as much as the rest of us – if not more.

During the 1950s when the wealthiest 1 percent paid 90% tax we were the richest most vibarant economy in the world. It may sound unfair to take home only 10 percent of what you gross. Anyone would agree with that which is how this has changed. However it’s better to get 10 percent of 10,000,000 than to get 85-90% of 100,000. When you take money out of the economy by holding it (those few wealthy one percenters) it can’t circulate and it stays in pocket. But funny thing is when you circulate that money it not only gathers like a snowball going down a giant mountain to return bigger and healthier than before, it allows the entire world to be more productive, creative and forward thinking. We could be using our energy to solve the REAL problems that face our world like GLOBAL WARMING and HUNGER instead of putting 75% of the people into a position where they are just surviving and unable to thrive.

So here is my chart with the natal transits toward the end of the month:


As you can see our country has been blessed with a grand trine (kind of two. Our strength and identity have been in intellectual innovators. This has been the primrose path that has lead us to all the goodies our country has shared with the world. And with Ceres at the top of that trine in the 8th many Wall Street types and investors have made their fortunes off of the innovation and new ideas that the American People have had to offer the world.

With Pluto in the 12th house there has always been a shadow side to our country – a ruling class that has been hidden from obvious view. Later this shadow aristocracy would grow and without our noticing it, become a devouring power. This next square will be the hammer that breaks apart any illusion we have about the realities of our “Republic/Democracy.” We will see the break down of major institutions and unfortunately this will be particularly bad for education on every level which was the fundamental place many of our dreams and imaginings were cultivated for the greater good.

This Pluto in in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries makes a GRAND SQUARE to the natal US SUN in Cancer and NATAL SATURN in libra. What does this mean? It means our paradigm is about to shift radically and we can expect the second major economic down turn – the one I thought would happen in two years. I heard two – I guess it meant second term. It means hold onto your hats. Unless our President can be strong enough in the way Roosevelt was, to push through a real plan and get rid of the idea of these “austerity measures,” it will mean some very rough road ahead for all of us. That means you, too, Donald Trump.

A part of me wonders if there isn’t a secret agenda here to destroy the broken system first so a new one can take its place? That is about as positive of a take I can put on this. This could be the real beginning of the end of our Empire. Either we shift and become part of the world at large and stop being bullies and police dogs, well, then we’ll go down with the ship.

THINGS ARE GOING TO BE FORCED TO CHANGE – RADICALLY. By the time Pluto hits Pluto post-Obama our country will have undergone a major structural change whether we like it or not. My advice to government officials is to make this as painless as possible and take your cues from the Great Depression – the lessons of history. Follow the measures of Roosevelt not Reagan. Unless you want to govern a dead empire.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it will be up to us to force this change to be for the better and not for the worse. Expect the possibility of things getting crazy enough to cause violence.

Here are other charts of the US for you to look at and the ephemeris of May. It’s not going to be a fun month. Expect a lot of job losses especially during this period and major corporations falling as the economy down-slides if austerity measures are put into place – which it seems is the likely scenario right now.

There is always hope for the future if the right people take action. I pray – as should you starting now – that the needs of the people are put over the needs of the wealthiest few.




People may have to not just tighten their belt but consider lifestyle changes – downsizing and even group living situations and pooling of resources to get through this if our government continues down this road.

There is always hope. I suggest we all call our congressmen, senators and the white house as much as possible – e-mail do whatever it takes to let it be known that we have to solve this a different way. There will still be major changes and the ship will have to be righted but it can be done in a much more gentle fashion then where we are headed. And believe me – it will be much more radical and harsh than you can imagine if things continue on this course.



Our Collective Future

25 thoughts on “Our Collective Future

  1. I don’t hold out much hope for people in power to change at this point – they have their heads collectively buried in the sand. It is like witnessing a 2-year old cover his ears and scream “No, no, no” when it comes to change. For example, the next pope will likely be arch conservative, like the last two; the Republicans will continue to dig in their heels and refuse to compromise; the banks will continue to screw over the little people (i.e. the 99%), so…we will have wholesale collapse of these institutions because they are sick from within and in utter denial, and they either don’t care or are slightly aware but incapable of changing. Perhaps it will be better for the planet in the long run, but the needed changes do not have to be as painful as they are making it for the rest of us.

    I guess all we can do is pray if we live outside of the U.S. It makes me very angry, though. I know you have always felt Obama had good intentions, but I regard him as beyond useless, and I say this as someone who is very liberal. It is hard to believe that he has not been completely bought at this point.

    For those of us that have already downsized, what next?

    Thanks, as always, for your posts.

  2. I had a vision of the violence to come the other day while driving down the road. As the austerity cuts translate into real suffering for the Average Joe, Joe is going to get angry and desperate. There is nothing more dangerous or powerful than people with nothing left to lose.

    I also feel movement toward pooling resources and people living in new groupings and arrangements. I am so grateful Denise for the effort and energy you put into this work. I know it’s painful and hard. Love you girl~

  3. I hate to say this, but as of now, I am blaming Obama more for just going along and being useless. Iam pretty pissed off with their bullying tactics. Just the past few days or so, even I had an errie psychic feeling, that both sides are playing this game to help break down the system. It’s hard for me to get my head wrapped around a small right wing radical extremists are holding the entire country hostage? seriously, I’m tired of the BS, and I know Obama could do more. The entire government is dysfunctional.

    1. It is NOT a small right wing radical extremists that are holding the entire country…remember this country is split…1/2 of it have voted for republican fascists at the last election, and have for the past 3 decades since Reagan started the fascist state. The American people ARE TO BLAME. THEY keep putting these fascists in the House of Representatives. THEY put Reagan and 2 Bushes in power. THEY even REELECTED Bush and Cheney after seeing them rip the Constitution into shreds.
      No, sorry, Americans had the ability to elect the right people. But half have a fascist mentality, and it is a type of brainwashing. So, we all go down because of them.
      I am so sick and tired of politicians being blamed, because in our system the PEOPLE are the ones who put them into office. In the end, WE are to blame as a collective. But specifically, it’s the fascist right who are still bigots, still greedy, still entrenched in the old system going back to the Civil War. In some ways they are still fighting that war, let alone the Civil Rights Movement and all the policies Roosevelt put into place.
      They are STILL FIGHTING those fights!
      That’s what fascism is.
      And then result is inevitable, Historically that is a fact. And the same will happen here. Inevitably, there will be a revolution against the Fascist Corporatist Right WingNuts.

  4. The birth of the US was tumulutious then. It’s questionable on the exact time the US was born. Not necessarily July 4th 1776. It’s debate was years in the making. 7-4-1776 is an official date. it’s US constitution was ‘unanimous’ by delegation. Eleven states ratify to begin in 1789, unanimously 1790

    The Constitutional Convention began deliberations on May 25, 1787. The delegates were generally convinced that an effective central government with a wide range of enforceable powers must replace the weaker Congress established by the Articles of Confederation. The high quality of the delegates to the convention was remarkable. As Thomas Jefferson in Paris wrote to John Adams in London, “It really is an assembly of demigods.” According to one view, the Framers embraced ambiguity in the constitutional text since it allows for compromise and cooperation about broad concepts rather than specific circumstances.[14]

    Delegates used two streams of intellectual tradition, and any one delegate could be found using both or a mixture depending on the subject under discussion: foreign affairs, the economy, national government, or federal relationships among the states. The Virginia Plan recommended a consolidated national government, generally favoring the most populated states. It used the philosophy of John Locke to rely on consent of the governed, Montesquieu for divided government, and Edward Coke to emphasize civil liberties. The New Jersey Plan generally favored the less populated states, using the philosophy of English Whigs such as Edmund Burke to rely on received procedure, and William Blackstone to emphasize sovereignty of the legislature.

  5. well, after reading a few versions of Justice Scalia’s desire to strip section 5 of the Voting Rights Acts, I started to get a sick feeling they will vote to strike it down. that could and would start a ‘civil unrest’ or ‘civil war’. There maybe more than one type of revolution.. whatever it is, it will be all over by June or July. And I doubt if the GOP party will rebound from this. it will destroy them for years to come..


  6. John Bowen says:

    Hopefully this will help to bring down the power -elite who are really in control of our gov.They are the multi-national corporations who have controlled the system and turned our economy into boom or bust so they profit either way .No more monoploy capitalism, a better life for everyone .

  7. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    I predicted that, due to the Republicans refusal to compromise, America would eventually fall over the fiscal cliff and I take no pleasure whatsoever in having been proved right. Since losing our triple ‘A’ credit rating, being British isn’t exactly a barrel of laughs these days but I suspect that being American is even worse.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. The fiscal cliff and the sequester are two separate items for the budget control act. Obama DID get what he asked for in January when he got the taxes raised for those who make over $450k per year. He basically won that round, but lost on the sequester battle. I’m going to be very blunt here, and I make no apologies when it comes to DC politics. it’s lawmakers are corrupt, and going to be very difficult to eradicate the corruption. President Obama promised, and he failed. He needs to quit placing blame and take action to work this out, but he just says, “I’m not a dictator, but only the President.” For the first time in my life, I feel helpless, and feel there is no real leader. The President is supposed to lead, not constantly campaign to get us riled up and to fight his battles. I’m done, I’m tired, they are being frat brats playing out their egos in a sophomoric manner for all the world to see, and frankly it’s embarrassing. Buck them!

      1. Kori says:

        When did President Obama promise to eradicate corruption (and, quite frankly, how could he even singlehandedly do it)? I don’t remember that.

        And what different action do you expect him to take? How do you think he should lead? By breaking the law or acting as a dictator? Because dictatorial/illegal scenarios are the only thing I can think of when people say these things.

        I’m still in wait-and-see mode. I don’t think the sequester fight is over yet. Nor do I accept that the scenario outlined here as set in stone. Things can change…or perhaps, something secret IS going on behind the scenes.

  8. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    I stand corrected! I agree with you about Obama. He does seem strangely passive at times. Bill Clinton also had his battles but he tended to win them.

    Best wishes from Simon

  9. right Simon, I was thinking how President Bill Clinton managed to get things done, and heck they impeached the guy. Obama IS being passive. I’m also hearing the civil war in Syria is getting worse, and just wondering when he will step up with this as well. Please Mr. President, the waiting game is over, and grow a pair or two.

  10. Dragard V says:

    Hi there everyone, I have been following this blog in the shadows for a long time now and this informative article has brought me the desire to respond. A lot of people commenting seem to believe that Obama has divine powers that could sway the most entrenched conservatives to some how avert what was inevitable. It amazes me….that so many people have recycled amnesia. Does anyone remember how we got here? Remember the massive 800 trillion dollar LIBOR scandal that has essentially proved that our entire system is rigged…. No? lets just blame Obama because its easier. lol

    Quite frankly…if the USA collapses, then so be it. We have been the laughing stock of the entire world. Morally bankrupt on issues of civil liberties as well economically. The system is corrupt on epic proportions. I wonder why everyone was collectively brain-dead (liberals and conservatives) when the previous presidents (Reagan-Clinton-Bush2) have become the founders of the New (dystopian?) America because of their policies.

    When when/if the collapse happens then lets make the corrective actions of repairing the country. Why are you all so afraid?

    Ultimately, I suspect the reckoning will be at hand for the GOP as prime enablers to the secret elite groups that dwell in America.

    Thank you again for a wonderful blog.

    1. marie says:

      explain to me how we can fix a broken system? I don’t think the system is broken, it’s politicians are corrupt and corrupting the system as we have forever known it. what bothers me is how some people do not understand how the system works. first off, each Senator, and each congress person has to answer to their constituents and is a small minority to the rest of us. Half this country is not conservative. only a small Tea party movement take up as much as one fourth they represent. Half this country are not conservative. the rest are moderate republicans and progressives/liberals. Demographics are changing to progressives, and especially in the states of Texas and Arizona. There is no way this country will move to the far right as the far crazy rights are trying to do. they believe what they will, and their beliefs are just wrong and only fits a small right wing minority.

      Secondly, as for why people vote for bad politicians? what other choice is there? if you live in the state of Texas where most of the wing nut trolls live and represent that state, they’ll elect a politician that fits their view. It’s the progressive minorities living in a heavily Republican district, they are the ones losing out. And again, demographics have changed, and is changing to democratic, and has been for the last several years.

      The Tea right wing nuts are out to destroy America because they’re listening to the Koch Brothers and crazy Rush Limbaugh are on steroids dominating the system. never the the crazy moderate republicans can’t find their way around these tea trolls, and have no ability to right their ship. The house of republicans are divided, and eventually will become a small minority. just wait until 2014, and 2016

      Politicians need to get rid of corporate donors and the people need to take back their government.

      following is a link on senator Ted Cruz, and another wing nut on how they are doing everything they can to bring down Pres Obama, and the Liberal way of life. Defund Obamacare is next on their agenda. I will tell you, that politicians like these make me sick. how in the world can I vote him out??


  11. I thought you all might find this link interesting — it is from Paul Craig Roberts, economist and former editor of the WSJ — not liberal by any means, and he is criticizing how corporations only care about their stock shares and how the gov has caved in to them; we now have a bubble bubble of inflated stocks created in large part by all the cheap overseas labor and all the Americans that have been “downsized,” i.e. fired. His prediction? Same as Denise’s:
    “This situation is untenable. Sooner or later something will pop these bubbles, and the consequences will be horrendous.”


    1. yes, this writer/author is very conservative, and I can tell you already a lot of what he claims is false . for example, it is a fact that the housing market has rebounded, and car sales have soared. however, there are still NOT enough jobs, and well paying jobs have diminished. Retail sales is sluggish and yes, I can see the recovery is still sputtering .. so it’s a mixed blessing and a curse at the same time. I do agree the high stock market numbers is merely an illusion. the reason it’s doing so well, is that the corporations are sitting on more money than ever before, and that amounts to millions of cash reserve. by cutting operational expenses; trimming salaries, and going lean and mean increases the value of each share. all for the shareholders.. profit for corporations. it’s not about being a job creator, but getting richer is their goal. As for the GOP/Teaparty, and as divided as they are today, their shared number one goal is to dismantle abortions altogether

  12. I received a very clear message(s) this morning. actually from two sources. one from my spirit guide and second was more of a confirmation from another psychic. First, the stock market will not crash, nor will there be a financial ruination. what you will see is how everyone will have to make sacrifices in the way of living… more family unity, less individualism. The 99 percenters will speak out loud and clear. not sure what type of chaos were all looking out for, but I’m still not getting a ‘sick in my stomach feeling’ which is a good thing. I can always tell when something bad is coming, as I did with the (predicted in 2005) 2008 stock market crash, the 2011 fiscal crisis. as I said in one of my earlier posts, was that while I felt the “sequester” would go through, I did not pick up on ‘calmity’ It will be rough, and yes, the GOP will get the brunt of the voters outrage from both democrats and republicans. During the month of May, I believe it will have more to do with the decisions the Supreme Justices will decide their vote in the month of “May”. That was the second message, the voter rights act will bring about a civil debate.

  13. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    To be honest, I can’t see America making much progress until hard-line Republicans like John Boehner are voted out of office. Due to our slightly different political system, prime minister Cameron is never quite as stymied as president Obama seems to be.

    Best wishes from Simon

  14. Marie says:

    For Kori, you misunderstood my comment on corruption. lol, I never implied to mean that Obama promised to eradicate “corruption.” what I said was, he promised to avoid the “sequester” and failed to deliver. sorry to have confused you.

  15. Mabel says:

    Don’t forget all these scam artists have everyday people working for them. Hairdressers, waitresses, maintenance people,health care workers. That is our strength!!!
    I have observed some of these people in action over the years and they are actually miserable. They are in a constant set of stress, and have to work extra hard to get anywhere. They get ripped off ALOT. Listen to what they say, notice the visceral reaction you get to their nastiness.
    I find that when are compassionate and honest, things will naturally go your way.

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