Our World’s End



It won’t come by a calendar date

Or by some metaphysical invitation

It won’t come in a day

Or one single night

It will be on the back of a tortoise

Over a long arc of time

So many small decisions that lead us to destruction

So many unpaid debts that karma comes to collect

All piled upon our children, grandchildren and great-great grandchildren


It’s the short term thinking of the unenlightened man

That leads to the death of all in his purview

Whether or not those around him agree or disagree

It’s those who hold the power of change

That steer the ship of all our fates

We can only lay down our smallness and decide to be bigger

We can all choose to see and be the truth

To deal with what is and will be rather than what is convenient


Then and only then will we be as one mind

Ready and deserving of our deliverance

For no single man or God can take us there

Only becoming the Gods and Goddesses we were born to become


Let Heaven awaken within our souls

And hell be the stupidity of our ancestors


Blessed Be

– Denise

Our World’s End

3 thoughts on “Our World’s End

  1. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Powerful and well-written poem. I sometimes wonder whether mankind isn’t regressing but hopefully it’s a case of two steps forward and one step back.

    Best wishes from Simon

  2. Phoebe Moody says:

    I agree completely. It was Nikita Kruschev that originally said [of the U.S.] way back around 1960 that [we] were digging our own grave with a spoon — just one spoonful at a time — and even though he intended it as a reference to the U.S. government only ….. it has a basis in fact for our entire global existence — in every conceivable way.

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