Questions taken…

Since I am not doing readings right now for a variety of reasons. I want to make available another option. I have channeled an entity that called itself Zoma since I first encountered it (while working more than full time as a psychic) back in the early 1990s.

I had stopped channeling this entity due to other things but have since made contact again. This entity does not appear to be of terrestrial origin and refers to itself as we or at least used to. When the internet became what it was I googled the name about five years ago or so and found that Zoma was the name of a very important ancient Jewish philosopher. I was however not under the impression that the entitiy I talked to was a regular human spirit – the entiity knew far too much for a regular spirit to gain access to.

I am going to do sessions again by myself. If anyone has questions – not personal but something that could benefit others as well – such as, What will the real estate market be like in America, Canada, etc? or What will the economy be like in Chicago? What is the alien agenda?

Please submit questions through the comment section and also cut and paste them into an e-mail just to make sure I see them. Keep on me if I don’t get to them. The e-mail is:

If a question is deemed too personal it will not be dealt with for example: Is my boyfriend cheating on me? Or will I find a job soon? etc. I will deal with bigger questions – anything from philosophical, global, world issues, economic, political and any sort of bizarre mystery that has wide ranging effects on people such as UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle, etc.

Depending on how this goes I may decide later to open up to questions of a personal nature. But we’ill see how it goes. I am always lacking in time and have a thousand things in the air at once.

However I do encourage you to look for a question that can be asked about your field or something that is personal but has bigger implications.

Much love and many blessings to all,


Questions taken…

20 thoughts on “Questions taken…

  1. Marie says:

    Will the Republican party split in two? Tea Party and Republican party. Or rather will the Tea party remain as a threat to our economy? or will they wane anytime soon?

  2. Jane Sorensen says:

    Thanks for the offer! Here are my questions.

    Is disclosure really going to happen? When? What ET group will be the first? How will humans react?

    When will free energy be shared with humans? How will it be shared?

    How long will it take for earth to be settled in light and all government and corporate corruption stopped and the players in charge replaced? 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years?

    Many thanks for considering these questions. Blessings to you!

  3. Cat says:

    What is the Company Lockheed Martin up to? I had a dream in which someone (I suspect an entity of non terrestrial origin) told me to investigate into them?

  4. Laron says:


    Can Zoma provide us with information on any possible upcoming earth changes in the next few months and also any information on dimensional vibration shifts during this time. (possibly new earth related?)


  5. Jane says:

    Can you describe a way (exercises/techniques) that each of us could develop our own individual psychic abilities? It would be so nice so not have to bother you or others with questions….I never know if I’m imagining incoming information, or if it’s valid. How do you determine whose voice you’re hearing? Thanks for your help, Denise.

  6. A few more — why are so many sinkholes appearing all over the planet? Is this all connected to the Earth changes you have alluded to? Also, do you still see the west coast of the U.S. getting hit with an Earthquake or similar large-scale disaster? Thanks again.

  7. 1Pixel says:

    When will there be cures for the many types of cancers plaguing our people? Are there already cures, but because of the corrupted profit making business corporations including cancer organizations that make tons of money, will this be available to the public and those that need these cures? Thanks & blessings to all! 🙂

  8. Jeannette Lee says:

    I am wondering if holistic healing will be taken to the next step..and if so soon…Will M.D.s on an average scale begin to incorperate Reiki,herbs,spiritual attitude
    ,etc. on a visit basis…observing the whole person?

  9. Jeannette Casey says:

    I am wondering if holistic healing will be taken to the next step..and if so soon…Will M.D.s on an average scale begin to incorperate Reiki,herbs,spiritual attitude ,etc. on a visit basis…observing the whole person?…………….Thank-you,Jeannette Lee

  10. Buddhadreamer says:

    Hi, Can you ask Z if there is any indication that Scotland will Vote Yes for independence next year.(They are holding a referendum). Five million people have their future at stake. Thanks

  11. Tina says:

    Hi, Denise–

    Thank you again for your public service. Do you see single-payer healthcare being implemented in either California or the country in the next five years?

  12. I agree that it would be better for many of us to pool resources and share living situations. How does one go about finding a communal living situation without inviting dark energy? Place an ad? Should we be preparing “go” bags and stocking up on rice, etc? Thanks.

  13. Laura O'Donnell says:

    Hi Denise and thanks for your offer,
    I live in WI, but am considering moving. My question is would Chicago, IL, Minneapolis MN or nearby, or Madison WI be a better place to live for quality of life, job, schools, etc… Thank you.

  14. Ester says:

    Questions for Zoma:

    I have a very uneasy feeling….

    1. what about Europe, Italy , Slovenia, Switzerland?
    2. shall we stockpile food & keep some money in the house?
    3. is it wise to withdraw all the assets from the bank?
    4. shall one keep gold/silver…seeds instead of Euro?
    5. how long is Euro going to last?
    6. would you suggest moving away from the coast line? Higher grounds?

    … but I also strongly feel that we are protected…..

  15. Jim says:

    Will the Bluestone Dam near Hinton WV fail anytime in the next 5 years? Also, since it seems we will have a period of financial and social unrest in the US will all areas be affected equally or will the social unrest be contained to certain areas? Will Obama declare martial law and, if so, will he re-write the Constitution?

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