Dreams and Zoma Speaks

This was the first session I did a few days ago after having a lot of uneasiness about the economy and other issues. One being a series of dreams I had in the late 1980s and early 1990s about a nuclear bomb being dropped on Los Angeles. These dreams were hyper real and really scared me. As predictive dreams generally are multi-layered so were these dreams. There were things that came to pass in these dreams that were exact matches with the period of time of the riots and subsequent fires here during the early 1990s. I had hoped that was all it was and many psychics I talked to told me that my dreams were just exaggerated “mind blowing” predictions about the riots as there were a lot of cross over – even the names of streets and specific details however I was uneasy about this and talked to one of my spiritual teachers. He felt, at the time, it was probably metaphorical however a few years ago just before he died he looked at me and said, “Denise, I’ve been thinking a lot about those dreams that a nuclear weapon hit Los Angeles. I have a feeling they may not have just been metaphorical.” I nodded but put it out of my head at the time. Of course I really wanted them to be metaphorical and interestingly his words began to haunt me in the past couple of years. I mean really haunt me however I haven’t had anymore dreams but I did have a very disturbing event happen.

My father who had been coming round (in spirit – he’s been dead since I was 10) suddenly stopped. Before he did however he left me with the image of him on my sofa crying inconsolably. To say this was disturbing is an understatement. I have struggled and begged and prayed to understand why he left me only with this last message. It was as if something in the world had turned and it could no longer be undone – whatever it was, was too big for me alone to fix it.

Soon after December 21, 2012 when the new Aeon began and I could finally feel the truth of what the future was rather than all the anxiety clogging it, I started feeling that indeed a great darkness was upon us. The novel I had written back in 1999-2000 and that I finally got round to taking to a conference in 2007 (when it won an award) seemed to be as true as ever. I had set the time frame for the 2030s (a guess a psychic metaphor) after a world war and many economic and natural disasters. In chapter 3 New York is hit by a major hurricane that all but destroys the city. In it the plutocratic (false theocracy) is actively engaged in doing nothing to prevent the destruction of the masses. Yes, they are evil, but I never go so far as to say they are actively involved in murdering humanity although it seems there are current conspiracy theorists who would do so. I will actually be doing another edit of this book and make it available soon. Agents I talked to told me to mollify the book, make it less dark, etc. But I couldn’t or the whole point of the book would be missed. I was given the information and crafted into a story to effect readers in order to change the future events I saw unfolding. When I wrote it I knew it was too far in the future for people to get and now I hope it is not too late. So I will hurry and when I finish I will let everyone know where to get it.

Now, I was freaking out about my weird feelings and the very horrible aspects I saw coming for the US so I talked to Zoma about it. Here’s the transcript:


Q:  ZOMA what will become of this economy?

A: It will take a long time to recover, much longer than anyone realizes. Somewhere around twenty to thirty years and even then it will be a very different economy one rooted in different values and currency. A currency of bartering, one less abstract to the average person only the wealthy will maintain the abstract systems such as the stock market and corporate finances. For the average person these abstractions will become more and more distant and the amount of money needed to become involved in these systems will become prohibitive to what once was the middle class.

———————— End Zoma

I want to say I have been actively working on trying to change my life to fit what I see coming. I advise those of you who also have odd feelings to do the same. Follow your gut and of course if your question can help all of us please ask Zoma. My husband, after hearing me rail on about all this stuff, started doing a bunch of research. Unfortunately for both of us what he has found only seems to support the information I have gotten through second sight.

Many blessings to you and pray for yourself and all the good people and beings of this world,


Dreams and Zoma Speaks

2 thoughts on “Dreams and Zoma Speaks

  1. Thomas says:

    At least 2 psychic registries I was part of have been erased. On one of them I had a premonition to save my work onto my computer just before it was destroyed.

    I searched through hundreds of premonitions/dreams/visions compiling information on future nuclear explosions. The most named cities in these premonitions/dreams/visions are NYC, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and London.

    The timeframe I have come up with is, California is first hit with a major earthquake (possibly the Pacific Northwest), followed by a nuclear attack on Phoenix. I personally see China as the sponsor of the attack, but many people name the Middle East, or even a false flag. A few Christians that picked up on the Phoenix event have even called it a “rapture” event.

    After the Phoenix event (or something similar to it) there will be martial law, which will escalate into civil war.

    The two dates that have stood out for me are 2015 and 2017.

    I have heard from a few psychics that Obama will be our last President, and according to a Catholic Saint, there’s a possibility that Pope Francis will be the last.

    I’m finding that I have quite a few synchronicities concerning Catholicism, including a Saint’s artifact in my house that I didn’t know about before (St. John Bosco).

    Speaking of St. Bosco (saint for underprivileged children), I had an extremely lucid dream back around 1980 where I fell in love with this women with a bunch of children in her care, and she was escaping natural disasters with the children.

    P.S. My personal opinion of channeling is people are channeling to their higher selves, and the information they receive will lead them to experience things the “higher self” or “soul” desires to experience.

    Something in my higher self wanted to experience extreme pain and suffering, and even though I dreamt about it years ago, all I was warned about with my tibia plateau fracture (displaced), that required an external fixation device (pure torture), was to be extremely careful about a viral outbreak in the second hospital I would be in, so I was.

    I believe most premonitions are of a personal nature, because our higher selves are going to make us experience what we want to experience.

    Good luck!

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