Zoma Answers Readers…

I cut and pasted the questions into word and went into a trance, reading the questions and asking Zoma to answer.

Zoma has a strange quality. He/she refers to itself as a WE for some reason. It appears to be an extra-dimensional entity that is a collective. I’ll leave it at that for now, more on Zoma later. 

Here are some of your questions asked and answered:

Q: Can Zoma provide us with information on any possible upcoming earth changes in the next few months and also any information on dimensional vibration shifts during this time? (possibly new earth related?)


A:  There is a magnetic line and opening that goes through the heart of the US. From Minnesota down through Oklahoma and into part of the edge of Texas. The line extends all the way to the north pole. This magnetic line is part of the new eon. It is akin to a vortex, there will be many strange and unusual events surrounding this line, inter-dimensional beings, UFOS seen and earthquakes that have never occurred before. It is and has to do with the magnetic field of earth that is a split that is deep and wide and odd weather phenomena will also occur. The strongest part of the fissure is over parts of Oklahoma. This is where very unusual weather events will transpire. We all know about the usual things that the entity known as Denise has foretold. This is a new issue not shown to that entity.


Zoma Answers Readers…

6 thoughts on “Zoma Answers Readers…

  1. Laron says:

    Thanks Denise. I was hoping for more of a World view but that is some very good information for those living in the US.

  2. Selena says:

    Somehow I understood there are more than one question/answer posted. Well, maybe more will be posted later. It would be quite interesting to look at the answers of our Qs. Thank you Denise. Also, would it be okay for you to share your thoughts/changes you’re currently making in preparation for the upcoming difficult times.

  3. kay hawks says:

    I was wondering why you endorsed Obama and we ( alot of us) did yo but now it’s coming out he is muslim and doing for the muslim brotherhood . does zoma see him bringing our country down?


  4. Thomas says:

    Stay grounded.

    The Earth’s vibration is changing, and those that cannot change with the new vibration will be leaving the planet.

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