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Before I post this I would like to warn people that Zoma is very matter of fact and doesn’t really pull punches. It was my belief when I started channeling this being in the early 1990s that it was of ET origin or Extra-dimensional or perhaps both. This being does not exhibit emotional behavior in the way we do and some of the information brought forth can be disturbing.

However, ultimately, we as human beings can change our path and alter the future. I truly believe that otherwise what would be the point of knowing possible outcomes? 

This next question was asked during the same session as the last. I had planned to post it along with all the others I received but decided that it was too much to absorb in one go and went with breaking up each question and answer for each post so one could really think about and examine the answer. I decided to do this because the answers to these particular set of questions, were disturbing to me.

Q: I would like to know, if Remote Viewers are correct in foretelling of a Massive Global Catastrophe on horizon involving Tsunami? Indications are it could either be a Asteroid Hitting Ocean, or a Major Earthquake. The viewers see Both Florida and California as Major Impact. Also, does Zoma see an event occurring here within the United States involving the collapse of the financial markets and a New World Order take over? 

A: The coasts are both extremely vulnerable for different reasons and various obligations. A war is in the stages of being planned – a third world war. California is the target of part of this plan, southern California, the Los Angeles area. Tsunamis have been foreseen, they will occur on the west coast but not as one might imagine. They will not be entirely from natural causes. Hurricanes and major storm systems are going to be the main threat for the entire eastern coast including Florida and even parts of the southern US. However these events will happen over periods of time, not all at once. In fact the spacing of events will be such that people will become used to them and in fact adapt to some extent, which will be their demise.

During the start of this new eon many will be murdered. The plan is bigger than one can imagine right now it has been in place as the dark decisions of mankind are now catching up with him. This is a reaping a time of reckoning and then a time of cleansing, and finally renewal, but many less people will be here on the planet for the renewal than exist on the planet now.

A hundred years from now the earth will feel almost empty of human life as those who stay conscious will be kept from the worst of it and those who get lost in the routine mechanizations of culture will be swept away.

As for the collapse of the financial market this is a major concern – however there are two roads that are still available. One that leads to total collapse and the other that will lead to a long and waning economic recovery that will take generations to get used to. Resources during the next twenty to thirty years will be at a premium and difficult to come by, wages will continue to be stagnate and people will find their standard of life falling drastically in the west, much closer to the way people live in developing nations. However those who take heed and prepare by learning real skills that can help them such as basic farming, sewing – things that the early settlers were taught, even basic medicinal use of herbs will be much better off and those who are willing to help their neighbors will find that communal groups will do better than nuclear families in this new economic system. So we suppose that either way this will be a major turn downward for many years to come. Once this period has ended and the emphasis on science and technology (Which will be happening along side of this in the shadows) is brought forth and made available to the general populous, the world will advance overnight and many breakthroughs in science and technology that will appear almost miraculous will come to pass.

OK in case you didn’t notice Zoma referred to a murdering of lots of people. I am not sure what exactly was meant by this, I will have to do a follow up. I think since the question has “The New World Order,” in it – Zoma meant that plans were being made to kill off large numbers of people so a small group of elites could live longer, more extravagant lives. This is something I would never have thought of and it is a very disturbing one to me. To think that there would be people plotting mass genocide for their own gain is horrifying – although as we know historically, it is one of the sick sides of our nature. I can only think that it is this “New World Order,” that is in control of these plans as Zoma does not mention any other group or particular country. 

I am also not sure if Zoma is stating that the reaping time and the culling, etc. are due to our own compliance in this deranged system of exploitation or if this is a much larger culling that is needd for the earth to survive due to an overabundance of human beings. I am quite sure that if we had put our heads together and went the way of those leaders in the 1960s who valued humanity, we would have found a way to live off planet and perhaps address overpopulation in a non-violent way. However it seems that our choice to not address these issues and instead involuntarily participate in the mass exploitation of resources including human beings, animals, vegetation, oil and minerals and anything else we have found useful, has led us to a false unsustainable standard of living. 

It’s a lot to think about. I will post the next Q &A in the series from that session tomorrow.

Many blessings,



I will also continue to take your questions and do more sessions.


Readers Answered by Zoma

12 thoughts on “Readers Answered by Zoma

  1. Nancy says:

    Hello Zoma, I have two questions. First, I’ve been hearing more stories about people suffering seizures. Many of them had not been previously diagnosed with epilepsy or other reasons to cause them. Is there a reason why there seems to be an increase of people having seizures? I remember your saying that you also have them.
    Second, what I can do to help with remedying our ailing world? I feel like there’s something for me to do but am unsure what it is.
    I appreciate your guidance.

  2. nancy brekke says:

    Hello Denise, I posted this on your blog but don’t know if I posted it in the right place. Hello Zoma, I have two questions. First, I’ve been hearing more stories about people suffering seizures. Many of them had not been previously diagnosed with epilepsy or other reasons to cause them. Is there a reason why there seems to be an increase of people having seizures? I remember your saying that you also have them. Second, what I can do to help with remedying our ailing world? I feel like there’s something for me to do but am unsure what it is. I appreciate your guidance. ^Nancy

  3. Hi Denise,

    Thanks for the recent posts. When you say that you have actively been trying to change your life to prepare, does that mean we should all be heading for the hills in the next few weeks if we live in cities? I know many people who live on the west coast of the U.S., where I am from originally, so should we be warning them to clear out? Zoma makes it sound like these events will be spaced out, but slowly escalate, so people are like lobsters being slowly boiled alive? Not aware of the danger?

    1. Laron says:

      Juno, I don’t know if Denise has responded to you by some other means but through my blog I have the responsibility of advising people on exactly that sort of question, as people ask me this from time to time.

      Right now, the only source that I lean towards most (with some trust) would be the information coming out from Clif High’s webbot. He is running weekly reports now (‘IDIRs’) and they are very accurate with predictions.

      Other sources would be channeled information, psychic predictions, etc. I don’t find these other sources reliable, but when adding a combination of predictions together, they say a similar thing to what the webbot is showing.

      The webbot shows the ‘Global Coastal Event’ is coming up at the end of April, into May. For a window of time, that would be from around .. say the 20th of April to the 20th of May. (very rough date) That is the time window which is currently showing as to when the ‘trigger’ event would occur. If I was to personally choose a date, I would take a guess at the 10th of May at this stage. I believe the eclipses during this time period (there are 3) have some say in the timing.

      1. Thomas says:

        WOW, thanks Laron. I just listened to Clif High’s 3/11/13 webcast.


        I have many synchronicities with what he talks about, including a dream back around 1980 about separation from a someone I fall deeply in love with, I broke my leg a few months ago from a fall, and tons of dreams about natural disasters (tsunamis, fallen trees, astroids, etc).

        I now live in the mountains, and I have done many preparations.

        P.S. I had a premonition some time ago, that I posted somewhere on this blog, about the Oregon boarder being closed to Californians trying to escape the South.

        I heard that Oregon is the number one State for moving to right now, I believe because of the tax situation in California.

  4. Mary Bradshaw says:

    I refuse to believe that we are doomed. There is the god light in all of us. The great majority of us are people with only good intentions. We can turn all of this completely around if we start believing in ourselves and the human spirit. Really, what is the worst that could happen? That we would lose our lives. Then we get to move through that doorway into the next phase of life. Life is eternal so this is just a bump in the road of eternity. Let’s live it with grace.

  5. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    There is no doubt whatsoever that we live on an overcrowded planet but I would have thought that birth control was a far better solution than mass murder! Also, as Juno asks, where can we go to be safe? I have banked on Wales. It rains all the time here so we should be alright for water!

    Best wish from Simon

  6. Thomas says:

    I’ve read some premonitions about nuclear bombs being used in the oceans to create tsunamis. With all the media attention given to asteroids lately, nukes could be set off in the oceans with the cover story of astroid strikes.

    I was just reading a premonition dream with dates (posted on 12/10/2012). Given were the dates of March 13, 2013, and March 25, 2013. The person said his religious source said something of global significance would happen on the 13th, and a major earthquake on the 25th. Of course we got Pope Francis on the 13th, and now I’m reading that an astroid is suppose to strike the Atlantic Ocean on the 25th.

    I was just reading another dream called “Los Angeles Nuked,” by Richard Riding, June 16, 1985. In his dream he saw “thousands” of fighter jets in the sky.

    1. Thomas says:

      I wanted to also add that my head is spinning so bad today that I can’t get out of bed. I’ve had this a couple of times before, and I’m not sure what causes it.

    2. Rita Montague says:

      From what others are saying, especially in the UFO world, many nukes have been stopped, baffling the military. They believe the ETs did it and will not allow another nuclear incident. I hope this is right.

  7. Thomas says:

    Speaking of the NWO, I just watched this video today. What caught my eye was the synchronicities with JCD’s birthday (Oct. 23). JCD is the other woman the had the dream about the number “389.”

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