Just want to answer a few posts back..

I went through some posts. There are a lot of questions. One I feel I have to address which was the question of why I supported Obama. I did so because he was the lesser of two evils. I actually voted for Hillary Clinton in the first primary. I was worried about him being to weak a personality for the job. But I know if Obama hadn’t won we would be in a HORRIBLE DEPRESSION unlike anything people have seen since Germany’s depression that led up to the rise of the Nazi party.

I had hoped he would be more powerful in his leadership, but privately I did warn those who voted for him I wasn’t sure he could hold up to all the pressure. I think he is a good person and wants to do what’s right – this is partially his problem and also his greatest asset – the thing that makes people love him. I also think he is very rational which unfortunately is a problem right now. He doesn’t seem to know how to fight the irrational fringe right groups that are holding this nation hostage and he doesn’t seem to have the gumption to stand up to the many corporate interests and plutocrats that a ball cracker like Hillary would have.

I feel that he is a truly good man and because of this is blind to the darker nature of his enemies. Where as Hillary is a realist – she knows how down and dirty it can get and she’ll rip the head off any snake that tries to unseat her. This makes her look mean and menacing and a bit intimidating, even unappealing. And this is the reason she lost to Obama. He appealed to the left because he represented everything we wanted to be true – no matter how ridiculous it may have been in terms of implementation – the idea that all people should be treated with dignity and have health care like every other industrialized nation, etc. Those are the things people on the left really love because their religion is humanism.

Ironically the left exhibit the traits that Christ taught much more than those on the right who right pooh-pooh these Christian ideals as being too unrealistic or not their personal problem. But the truth is when one of us suffers we all suffer. The more poverty there is – the more crime there is and so on. Supporting others with our tax dollars is a better use of it than invading countries for their oil. And I think that is the main difference between the left and right. The right wants an empire in which the US is untouchable – at the expense of its own citizens. Where every man is out for himself and no one gets ahead unless they are lucky enough to be born into power and privilege.

The left wants to stay out of everyone’s business and take care of people who are needy and if we can take care of people in other countries – great lets help when we can. Obama spoke to that fundamental hope in us humanitarians, but alas, as all modern presidents have done so far he has been a disappointment mostly because I believe the system itself has been shown for what it is – a corroded, corrupted mess that needs to be cleaned up. That job requires someone with tremendous personal strength and no fear. Those people are not easy to come by.

The other issue I wanted to address was the notion that I think all is doomed. I personally do not feel this way. I do feel there is always hope. Zoma the entity I channel is not usually so negative, but there is something I can feel coming down the pike that is big, bad and ugly and I believe Zoma is trying to warn us about it.

However with every death there is a rebirth and our empire has gotten to a place of being stretched too thin and is in peril. That does not mean that it is the end of all life on earth – it does mean major changes we will have to adapt to. I think many of us are in the process of figuring out how to adapt to these things right now. The one thing that is out of our hands is the state of our world and that state is not healthy. There are scientists working on radical things right now (this line of thinking was started about a decade ago – I am currently reading a book about it called Hacking the Planet) in which we proactively change the earth basically through terra forming experiments to see if we can keep the polar ice caps from melting anymore and stop the ozone from thinning.

I have enormous faith in the ingenuity and brilliance of human beings as individuals working together. My fear right now is we are being isolated. We are talking virtually, many people are so involved in this virtual world that I’ve seen them almost get hit by cars because they are too busy texting to notice where they actually are walking. While we are now more connected than ever we are also less so.

We have truly entered the Aquarian age. These new issues are very Aquarian in nature. Aquarius rules friendships, hopes and wishes. The web provides (many of us) with a safe haven to project whatever we want onto people we don’t really know. I think this can be good for some and create other social issues which we are now beginning to see. For example I heard one mother complain that her daughter had a sleepover party and all the girls brought their cell phones so none of the kids talked to each other. The girl was very distraught and upset that her party wasn’t going well. The mother asked someone for advice and they said you have to make a rule that the cell phones are put into a basket when they come into the party and if they need to call their parents they can do so from a land line. Now, that’s kind of the negative side effect of the feeling of connection because it’s a perfect example of how people are all around us who we don’t talk to – real neighbors, real potential friends at local stores but instead we have “facebook” friends who we may never meet – who can’t really be there for us if  we get sick or need someone to help us move, etc.

Technology is ultimately what we make of it. I’m sure we are in phase that is a lot like the industrial revolution of the last turn of the century. That was a big mess for a long time until it was regulated. The web has opened up so much and given us a lot, but it has also taken away just as much (killed many sacred cows – the record industry, the publishing industry, film and TV are starting to see the effects and the list goes on.) People are figuring out ways to monetize this new system of commerce. Or greatest hope for a new economy rests with young people. I believe it is actually part of their spiritual gift – many of these kids were born during the 1980s and 1990s when Uranus was conjunct Neptune in Capricorn and sextiling Pluto. They understand big structures, and how to revise old failing systems. They are already changing things for the better.

I do however see two roads here – as I always have – one that is an evolution of our race and a new dawn of remarkable scientific achievement. The other is all the turmoil it will take to get us to the other side. But you are right in that hope is always the thing we must have – if you lose that you lose everything and there is always hope and goodness just as we are all part of God and a plan much bigger than our individual lives.

Many blessings,


Just want to answer a few posts back..

Zoma Answers and Breaking News…

I have been struggling with how to give people readings without charging that much money. I know many people are in need of direction right now, but being a sensitive I feel badly about charging too much for my time – however my time is extremely limited which creates (of course) the conundrum I’ve been in for a while.

At first I thought – podcast. After looking into that I realized it wasn’t going to work. It would require too much time and I would need to figure out a way to talk to people – take calls live which is not very feasible.

Since I was a musician and I know a lot of musicians (a neptunian occupation just as being a psychic is) I heard of this thing called Stage It. Basically you put tickets on line and people can buy them for whatever they want and if they feel generous add money to your tip jar. So I signed up for this. I will be putting a “concert” or rather a session on line. Since my situation is a little different I will have a friend read the questions you guys type in to me while I am in the trance like state. And I suppose I’ll have to figure out a way to record it because I will not remember much of the experience when I’m done. This will give you each anonymity ask any question to Zoma about your life. I don’t need to look at your chart  or have any information about you for Zoma to answer. I have no idea what Zoma is but I know Zoma to be extremely accurate down to the names of streets and to come up with obscure (and unknown to me) greek names that I couldn’t even pronounce if I saw it on a page. Right now I feel the world needs this service. If you want to participate go to the Stage It website. I will be setting up a session time. The first session will be whatever you want to pay and tips.

Let me know via e-mail or on the blog what ideal periods of time are good for everyone. I will try to see if there is a general period that works for most people and do it then.

Now more answers from Zoma from that same session a week ago or more now:

Q: What does the future hold for educational technology, instructional design, and how people learn?

A: As institutions of learning become more inaccessible to the average person apprentiships will become more important again – also the courses through computer correspondence and certifications through cheaper but reliable online sites will become more accepted as business will need skill sets and those looking for jobs will have limited access to higher education.

In terms of how people will learn they will learn through a variety of resources, from hands on apprenticeship type of experiences to computer website based classes, and ordinary educational systems that are in place now. As time progresses more and more people will become educated through coursework online and through apprenticeships with those they are connected to.

That was redundant but I didn’t edit it because for some reason that’s what Zoma said. I think it was because Zoma was in essence answering the same question in different ways. If you look at it the answer to all questions is in the original paragraph but I asked Zoma again about how the system would change and got basically the same answer.

OK let me know what you all think of this new idea and hopefully it will solve the problem of private readings at big price tags. I may add that back in but I don’t want that to be people’s only option it seems wrong.

OK so here’s the link to Stage It to sign up for the session which I will post in the next week. I’ll let you know on the blog so don’t stress it. http://www.stageit.com/

Many blessings to all,


Oh and on Stage It you will look under my handle here which is Zoma777.

Zoma Answers and Breaking News…