The Bombing in Boston

When I was on Coast to Coast I talked about a dream I had had – it was one of those HD dreams, I’m quoting the best description I’ve heard of this – one invented by a brilliant readers of this blog  – anyway, it was extremely real – lucid and I knew it was one of those premonitions. I had this dream in the summer of 2012. In it I was someone else. I was running in a crowd with my child in a group of panicked people from something I didn’t know what. As I have seen riots here in LA, I assumed it was one. I escaped whatever was going on by running into a boutique local store where the woman was sort of calming everyone down. I thought it was Philadelphia. I have been there only once for a matter of hours, and I’m not sure why I thought it was that town. I knew for sure it was a small city on the east coast but I jumped to that perhaps because of the election coming up. 

Here’s the thing. I wonder what other people’s intuition and I’d like to open a debate here as to what all of you feel about the horrible event that happened in Boston. It doesn’t feel like a one time thing to me, in fact it feels like there is a network of people involved in this and that the group is domestic in origin. The dream I had may mean that another attack is planned also in in Phili or that I just got it wrong in the dream as I’ve not spent much time other than a matter of a day in Boston and one in Philadelphia. 

My first impression was that it was a youngish male late 20s to early 30s with short dark hair, white, college educated, very bright and part of a much bigger movement who was keen on starting a revolution against our government. I have more information but I feel it is best to keep this private for some reason so I must honor this feeling.

Why this group would choose this tactic is beyond me. It seems if anything it would stack people against you to hurt innocent people. The rational is the one thing I can’t completely get my head around. I feel like the person who put the back packs in the areas was not high up on the command chain – meaning they knew only part of the plan. Perhaps this is why I can’t pick up on the reason why. I believe it will be very hard for the government to find the real culprit. My feeling is that they are very educated, computer savvy, many come from middle-class backgrounds or higher and do not work or are not part of the system. They maybe connected to the same group that bombed Oklahoma City – not necessarily the same exact people or exact group but with a mission to create chaos and cause an uprising. Those are my first instincts about it. 

I would love you all to focus on your feelings. Perhaps by putting out our intuition we can stop them from attacking. I also wonder if perhaps they changed plans and had originally planned on attacking Philadelphia but decided to change it to Boston as the starting place for some reason. But as I said in early postings May is the month in which our sense of who we are will shift and there are some unfortunate things coming down the pike. I hope I am wrong and sometimes I feel that by exorcising these feelings publicly it helps to stop them from coming into being. 

My warning to all is to TRUST your INTUITION at ALL TIMES – ALWAYS. It is vitally important to use your intuition and any information you get via dreams, meditations, etc. to be given real attention. There’s no need to be paranoid just aware. By using the gift of your natural intuition you will keep yourself safe and help others by letting them know in advance.

Sometimes I feel like all of you who read this blog are fellow light workers who have been brought here to find your own power and learn to trust yourselves.

I’m sorry I was absent again but I suffer from very severe migraines and this happens whenever the barometric pressure shifts and unfortunately as climate change has been messing with the planet SoCal has been an unfortunate place for a person like me to live due to the intense pollen, dryness and now the crazy barometric pressure changes that are sort of trapped and made more intense by the mountains. I won’t get into all of it but I am not able to go on line or even be in any sort of light when I have one of these episodes. I just got over one that lasted for several days so again I’m sorry for being inactive. 

I’m glad however that all of you are making connections and finding souls of like mind here.

Many blessings to all of you,


The Bombing in Boston

Reality Check

I’m not sure if I posted my assessment of the US chart and the transits that would hit it in May. Well, they were not good. In fact as I may have stated early that these aspects will change the way we ourselves. 

I really wish people would stop underestimating the new leader of North Korea. I don’t believe he is bluffing. I don’t want to say much about this but read the comments Zoma made a month or more ago.

And BTW Ashley Judd go and run against Mitch McConnell. You WILL WIN by a LANDSLIDE! GO for it ASHLEY! Really don’t give up because of all this. Steal yourself – be strong. The world could use someone who understands what it means to be a real human being with real feelings. We need more people who have compassion and understanding.

I’m going to look at comments and get to the next session ASAP. I just am in the process of a lot of things and unfortunately my kid got sick for a while.

Best wishes to all and many blessings,


Reality Check