Aliens What’s The Deal?

The subject obsessed me in youth and throughout most of my early adult life. Mostly due to some experiences which I will lay out over time. However I want to focus right now on the overwhelming wave of sightings going on all over the world. While I was living in Burbank there was a huge wave of sightings about a year before I moved. California in general had a huge influx of sightings and it seems not to be the only place.

But why?

This is the burning question we’ve all wondered at least those of us who have had the fortune or misfortune of having experienced a UFO up close and personal like.

During the 1990s while I was working as a psychic channeling was a very popular mode of psychic work. I was asked to do this for a fellow psychic. I found it very easy and in fact ended up teaching a bunch of other psychics how to do it as well. Long story short this is where Zoma came in. It was the entity I channeled. It was a “We.” What that meant I was never really sure. The one thing I was sure of was this entity or group mind was not terrestrial. It had knowledge of things that were so far out of my range of possible experience it actually freaked me out. It actually answered questions about Atlantis (something I thought was kind of stupid at the time) with such amazingly weird accuracy – exact names of leaders and a pin pointing of where it was – all things I had no interest and/or knowledge of whatsoever. I never really thought much of that session at all until the psychic I had done the work for went to the library and dug up the exact information that was channeled and showed me the transcript of the session. I mean these were  names so foreign I couldn’t believe they were actually the same. It wasn’t like the time Zoma had come up with a street name and a place that was at least in English which also had turned out to be accurate.

When channeling I had only a vague memory of the subject matter and it would fade quickly like water through mesh eventually only the basic wetness would remain until all the water evaporated and I no longer usually remembered the session at all. Unfortunately I spent a year or more channeling for a group of psychics. It was supposed to be a class but it always ended up that I would be asked to do it. I guess Zoma was my guide or whatever you want to call it….

Check the blog: tomorrow for more info on this and for the rest of this. I’m going to (at least for now) separate the alien stuff on this site for those of you who are interested.


3 thoughts on “Aliens What’s The Deal?

  1. Laura Milligan says:

    Denise!!!! I love and miss you and would love to talk to you!! Please email me at and let me know how I can get a hold of you. I have been, of course, thinking about you a lot over the last month. Much love to you and your family! Laura

  2. Wendie says:

    Thanks for sharing your dream but I believe the Bardo state was symbolic of what is going on in your own psyche. It is not indicative of a future that awaits souls because they cannot reincarnate quickly. I believe in a loving God for all and heavenly realms that await us when we make the transition from this earth at the appointed time. Those that must eventually reincarnate will do so and they won’t be stuck in some sort of Bardo state waiting for it to happen. Until then learning and growing will continue to occur on the other side.

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