Hello Long Lost Friends…

My father-in-law just passed from cancer. We loved him very much and miss him. I wish I could have been well enough to be of service to all of you. Sometime I will go through all of what happened but not now. I started working on a book related to this blog. I will post pieces of it as it comes along.

Much love and blessings – Happy Holidays! I will post soon with some of the work I’ve been doing.


Astrology and Psychic Predictions

This year was one of the nuttiest in a long time. I moved across country, had several major physical problems to deal with – which are still being resolved. And the list goes on. Most importantly I really couldn’t focus on anything but the pile of crap that was dumped on me and my families lap.

Now that things are settling a bit I would like to share what has become my current (or more accurately reoccurring) obsession. I’ll let the information come out as it feels comfortable. The people that know me well, know that I’m not really just psychic, paranormal events and strange things revolve around me. This being said. Right before my going off line I saw the (ghost) of my father crying on my sofa. He wouldn’t tell me why he was upset. I soon found out. A lot of poop was about to come my…

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Hello Long Lost Friends…

6 thoughts on “Hello Long Lost Friends…

  1. zoma777 says:

    Thanks to everyone. We all love him very much. I only wish my daughter could have known him longer. He was a very kind hearted man who grew as a human being so much in his life. He was very smart, funny and loved to debate me on political issues. I miss him so much already. He was not just a father-in-law he was more of a father and close friend. We were both Aquarians and understood each other exceptionally well. He had been slow to get to know at first. He was very quiet but I got him to really talk and for that he always said I was like a daughter to him. He would do anything for the people he loved, but his most admirable quality was his ability to look inward and acknowledge the things he had done (unintentionally when he was young mostly) wrong and try to amend for those places he later realized he had not been his best self. We are all imperfect, but it takes a truly great person to acknowledge and repair relationships that are damaged by unexamined familial patterns. He was a great man. I love him very dearly. I always will.

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