I want to thank everyone. It’s been one of those years from hell and I’m looking forward to 2014 – no more year of the snake. I guess snake years and I are not a happy combination.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words, good advice and just generally being amazingly wonderful people. I feel privileged to have so many brilliant and spiritual soul friends out there. You all give me hope when things look bad. Mostly because you all care about this world and care to dream it into it’s next and hopefully better possibility. Without you all being here on this planet the light would be a million times dimmer.

Much love to all of you.



12 thoughts on “You

  1. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve had a hell of a year. I confidently predict that the coming year of the Horse will be much better for you and for a lot of other people too.

    Love from Simon

  2. Thomas says:

    Yeah, I went through unimaginable pain myself, and spent about 5 months in a wheel chair.

    What’s odd was I was warned in a dream about 2 years prior, but I wasn’t warned about my accident, only that I should be careful about picking up this virus that was in the second hospital I would be in.

    The titanium in my body has changed my ability to connect to the core of the Earth, and the extreme levels of pain changed my sensitivities, and my compassion levels for other’s pain.

    All that time in bed also had me processing emotions about death.

    I’ve been recording my dreams over the last year, and they’re pointing to another relationship coming up, which I know comes with Earth changes, at least here in Oregon. I dreamt about the relationship about 30 years ago.

    The year of the green wooden (fire) horse (I was dreaming about a horse last night), should be interesting, because of the apocalyptic overtones with the Great Red Dragon with 7 heads (China has 7 heads of state).

    China also considers comets omens, and Lovejoy just passed Earth along with ISON. The unusual synch here is I had a date with a Manhattan woman on 9/11, with the last name of Lovejoy, and was warned in dreams to cancel our date. Comet Lovejoy passes the Sun on December 22. Another celestial synch is I have a solar eclipse every 19 years on my birthday. 🙂

    Speaking of the four horsemen, it seems we have all the conditions now for the pale (green) rider, white horse; conquest, red horse; wars, black horse; inequality, and pale (green) horse; death.

    1. zoma777 says:

      I have had a lot of death starting from early childhood. My father died when I was ten. I spent most of my childhood going to funerals as he was the 9th of 10 kids. Besides all that I had TB, and several surgeries as a kid one for a congenital defect that would have turned life threatening as I aged another for a herniated disc and fractured back at 12 and another for a tumor in my neck that grew for 5 years and nearly killed me before it was dealt with by mother. I had my first grand mal seizure due to the intense pain of that surgery. I had to be put in a drug induced coma to get the seizing to stop. All of these events I had been warned about. I had had nightmares of being in a coma starting around 8. I was given the information of my father’s death when I was just 4. I was even told the town name we would be living in when he died and my age and brothers age when he was to pass over. Because I was a child I felt all of these things were my fault. I even blamed myself for the knowledge of my father’s death. I could go on about the physical and emotional turmoil of my childhood but the one thing I can say for it is it deepened my natural psychic abilities and gave me visceral first hand experiences with forces beyond our normal senses. I never had any doubt about life continuing after death in fact at 9 I told my mother about a theory I had that this planet was a sort of school and that we came back over and over until we figured things out – astonished she informed me this theory already existed and was called reincarnation.

      I always thought the trials of my childhood gave me wisdom that was beyond my physical age and in fact had memories as early as I can think back, to recalling the beautiful place of light we all come from and go home to. Since I was such a sickly child I always thought it odd that adults felt so sorry for me. I was at peace with passing before I grew up and felt in many ways for me it would have been easier since I had no attachments to this world and still felt myself halfway in the other one. I realize now as an adult I was much more of a freak than I gave myself credit for. I learned meditation at 11 to try and control my psychic abilities because I found they scared people. I knew I was trespassing on people’s minds and worlds without their consent and would tell them things I wasn’t supposed to know. I felt badly about this but had no way to stop it. Over the years these abilities became increasingly overwhelming and I sought training to keep them in check for I feared I would end up a schizophrenic. This mental illness does run in my family and I am convinced that a fine line mostly made of will and hard work divides a gifted psychic from a broken radio receiver ( a schizophrenic).

      I feel that the good that came from all the trauma was an intense relationship with the other side, my spiritual and psychic development and many of the other talents I have been given as recompense for all the suffering. In childhood it felt like a small price to pay for all the understanding and empathy gained from those experiences but as I get older I realize the sacrifice was much higher than I imagined for this knowledge and now understand why nurses, doctors and older people had such pity for me. All those struggles stay with a person. My back is a mess and I can barely walk sometimes for months. I’ve had to have the tumor taken out again – the first surgery took 18 hours. Not to mention a life struggling with debilitating hemiplegic migraines. I guess my point is that we have to earn all our lessons and sometimes that can come with periods of deep and physically painful isolation, yet oddly I am accustomed to it and after these periods I feel my spirit renewed and my connection to the universe strengthened. So if pain is the price of empathy and cosmic oneness I have learned to pay it without resentment. The only resentment I feel about it is the loss of time to fully participate in the world around me some times especially now that I have a child.

      1. Thomas says:

        I was a bit luckier with my childhood traumas, an accidental poisoning that put me in the hospital for a couple of weeks, where I had an NDE, a rattle snake bite, etc., but I was never laid up for long periods of time.

        I though I was going to die around the age of 40, but through mediation, research, and setting my intent, I found a soul partner to help diagnose the problem (Celiac Disease).

        I’ve always had arthritis pain, even as a child, but with chronic pain it becomes normal everyday life, so I don’t concern myself with pain, until it gets to the point where I’m sweating (like with gallstone attacks, or IBS).

        I’ve had two skin cancers surgically removed, although with the last one I was told in a dream that it would be the last time I would go through such a surgery.

        I also came up with the thoughts that this is a type of school.

        I went through years of self isolation, and mediation, where I reached a state of nothingness, to be able to look back at creation, and the act of creating.

        In Varanasi, birthplace of three religions, I meditated on why it is that very few people remember their other incarnations, and I came up with “immersion,” or to fully experience a creation a soul must immerse themselves fully in a creation, without distraction.

        Even with immersion, other incarnations still come bleeding through, such as I have issues with trying to protect young mothers and children, because of my resent past lives. Even thought I know this on an intellectual level, I still have a hard time separating my emotions from my past life issues.

        The soul is a very interesting thing, and it’s something I’ve been trying to understand on some level. The Maya had some very interesting thoughts on this.

        Because I remember so many past lives on this planet, I often wonder how much I did in past incarnations to effect current events, such as the things I wrote in the past, that people still read today.

  3. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    I was very interested to hear Thomas say:

    ‘The titanium in my body has changed my ability to connect to the core of the Earth, and the extreme levels of pain changed my sensitivities, and my compassion levels for other’s pain’.

    Ten years ago my wife Rusty underwent a twelve-hour operation for cancer. Since then she has had a large titanium plate in her forehead and I have noticed that she is now far more psychic than she ever used to be.

    Best wishes from Simon

  4. Thomas says:

    What is it we are to learn here?

    Considering the makeup of this reality I would say, “partnerships.”

    A soul that can partner with just about any other soul can move onto a much greater reality. And when I say any other soul, I’m not just talking about souls that incarnate people.

    It’s how you interact with the total reality that matters.

    Denise brought up an interesting question about “bardo.” If you don’t learn your lesson, and the school burns down, will you ever learn your lesson?

    Partnerships create pathways (connections). I suppose if the only connections you have as a soul are limited to souls dead set on learning their lessons in the “Earth” reality, then I would say yes, you could get stuck in this reality as a “soul without a school.”

    My advice, if you are worried about such things, would be to create partnerships (connections) to souls you know to be well traveled within multiple realities.

    I also have to add, how you behave when the SHTF will set you on the path to your next reality.

  5. Marie says:

    Hi everyone, I hope you all had a peaceful New Year and hopefully going well for all of you.

    For me, it’s been rough going… I think I have some odd health issues, and planning on seeing my doctor next week for a complete physical… can’t put my finger on it, but something is amiss with my overall health. Depression is definitely on my list, and just plain fatigue is making it hard for me to jump start an art project, or to hire an electrician to replace old light fixtures. geez…

    I do want to bring up the upcoming winter Olympics in Russia.. you’d think The Americans should back out, and I think it should be canceled all together.

    I don’t have a good feeling about it, and with the recent warnings and bombings, you’d think the whole event should be canceled.

    I don’t know… anyone else have feelings on it? please share


    1. Thomas says:

      I hope you feel better soon.

      I haven’t given any thought to the Olympics, but I did pick up on the bombings over there. I don’t think Putin is too happy being he was warned there would be terrorists attacks if he didn’t give a green light to the war on Syria. Russians don’t forget things like that, and they are very good at waiting for revenge (best served up cold).

      What’s funny is most Americans believe the cold war ended.

  6. Marie says:

    Ahh Thomas, I did not make the connection with the war in Syria and the Olympics/Russia/Putin. I think you got that right on the whole revenge thingy… now about that ‘cold war’ and Edward Snowden.. strange things are happenign around the world.

    I keep seeing world peace.. maybe I’m delusional or wishful thinking. But I definitely see it..

    I think if we all pray for world peace and harmony among our neighbors, we could achieve that reality.. sigh…

    as for my fatigue, I just need to eat more protein and 8 hours of sleep. I’ve been watching Dr. Oz, and he is amazing.. I;ve learned so much from him. wow

    1. Thomas says:

      I believe you can be at peace with who you are, but this reality is about conflict between souls, whether you’re killing a germ, a carrot, a cow, or a person. A person of course would be a soul with potentially equal creative abilities. A soul with lessor abilities might try to gain greater abilities via vengeance. A soul with greater abilities might let go of the conflict, and reserve their creative energy for other realities.

      Diet is one of the greatest conflict in our lives.

      Don’t forget that your stomach has brain cells, or a mind of it’s own (look up “Second Brain”). The second brain is internal conflict, what the stomach wants, and what the brain wants.

      Peace is happiness with the moment, whatever it is.

  7. Peace, love, and health to you, Denise. Thank you for the goodwill and insights. I feel the same about the last 2 years. May the light be with us, the World in 2014.

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