Everything Is Free – At What Price?

About 1993, just out of art school, I stared into the abyss of the Internet. I had worked in a form of computer animation as a “colorist.” At the time Disney was still trying to hide its use of computer animation as was everyone else in the industry. I guess it somehow took the magic out of movie magic. A friend of mine who, unlike me, continued on into website development. She wanted to develop a computer game for her portfolio and felt that it could be a good tool to let people know about my band.

Reluctantly I agreed. My day job was being a psychic at that time. I knew the tarot very well and the principle behind them which is simple: human intent + a symbolic language that takes into account every human experience (either spiritually or on a mundane level) + random chance = a divination system.

As long as she could make a program to randomly generate a set of at least three combinations the divination system I came up with could accurately answer at least a yes/ no question and also give some insight into a problem. I wrote out my interpretations of all the tarot cards. The focus was for the average person, so I stuck to the mundane interpretations of the cards.

She programmed the “game” with all the interpretations I wrote and put the description on how to use the oracle. It was very accurate. All the art was mine, she put it together. It didn’t do anything to help me but she landed an excellent job because of it which was fine by me. I hadn’t expected anything and was happy to help.

I bring up this story because she was very keen on the Internet and the new wave of economic promise she believed it would deliver. I however would go on and feel an uncomfortable chaos lurking in that computer abyss. I saw a dark side that no one seemed to notice. It felt like a Trojan Horse or a mass delusion. Stocks for anything internet started going through the roof. My friend started a business designing websites for corporations. Everybody was becoming “millionaires” and no one was watching as factories closed and people lost their jobs to Asia.

I however sat on the sidelines asking the un-askable question: how is this going to make people money? I don’t understand why everyone is getting rich. My friend neatly explained, “this is a new platform for businesses to sell their products.”

“So, it’s basically a giant mall? Or no, catalogue?”

She nodded but I could tell she wasn’t sure what other possibilities existed. No one was.

When The MP3 format came out I asked executives in the music business why they didn’t adopt it and just charge .99 a song. They calmly explained to me that, “People want the real thing. They want to hold something in their hands, look at pictured of the artist, read lyrics.” After I heard that excuse a dozen times and artists started making their own websites with pictures and lyrics, I pointed this out to them. They shrugged. They honestly believed it was all going to go away, as if convience and free where ridiculous fads. You see they lived in a bubble where they felt safe, protected, special – untouchable. Turned out this was the thing that brought them down just as it brings down every empire. And in the 1990s they were a big empire, making more money than they ever had before.

Untouchable, in a bubble, “it could never happen here”; these are the hallmarks of a downfall.

“It could never happen here,” was a sentiment I heard a lot in high school when I debated kids about the evils of deregulation. The mess we are in now harkens back to the Reagan administration ie. the 1980s. It’s time to rectify the dismantling of the economic protections put into place during the depression.

The reason we have the “worst recovery in history” is because too much economic power is concentrated in so few corporations and too few people. One company that creates, not only gains a monopoly capable of reaming consumers, it also becomes the sole provider. So if that company, say a bank, loses your money by way of crappy investments – well, in that case the Feds have to bail them out so they don’t go under. All their clients are protected by federal insurance so if banks act irresponsibly (which they’ve done many times now – but the first site of this was the onset of the Great Depression) then you still go to the bank and get your cash out. If our ancestors hadn’t had that terrifying experience and then demanded the government do something to protect consumers there would be no FDIC. If it didn’t exist the 2008 “Great Recession” would have been another “Great Depression.”

But take too much concentrated power in a media companies? You get companies that can dictate their corporate culture to a mass audience. Do it long enough, say it enough times and people start to believe – especially young people. That’s why the Nazis reached out to the young – why every cult reaches out to young people. They are very impressionable. It may take them a lifetime or generations to untangle a lie if they ever do.

So back to my point about everything being free now. The 1990s business model appeared to be: America/Americans/Europeans poised to be innovators – developing new technologies for the internet age, and exporting culture – all things related to intellectual property – sort of like the head part of a body. The developing world would be the muscles and body – building and carrying out the production of these new products. Factories were moved to Asia – no one made a fuss, too many people were getting paper rich on bubbilicious tech stocks.

But inevitably reality set in. Not everyone is made to be a creator of intellectual property even if they were born on US soil and more importantly not everyone cares to create such content. Just like everyone isn’t a tightrope walker neither is everyone an inventor, writer, software engineer. This new economy appeared to favor the intellectual property side – if not that then what else? But as the digital age exploded, it became socially acceptable and easy to steal intellectual property. Providers in many cases went along with the theft because it seemed so uncool not to – for example when Radio Head put out a record and asked fans to, “just pay what you think it’s worth.” Record companies went the opposite direction trying to sue fans for downloads. Neither addressed the bigger issues at hand. If we are going to have an economy run on the engine of intellectual property then someone was going to have set guidelines to protect both producers of content and consumers, but no hero ever emerged, no answer ever came, only the small pittance of Apple doing the very first stage idea I had, ten years after the problem was completely out of control.

Now corporations have figured out how to use this to their advantage. Most producers of content don’t or can’t make a living at it. There is no central information stream to sell products through so instead they do what Hollywood has always done – exploit the narcissism of young people. They find kids who have millions of “likes” and give them garbage to wear in their utube videos. The kids feel they are special because they are getting special compensation – of course not enough to live on in most cases – but these kids have no idea how they are being exploited for the good of the corporate culture.

My generation was leery of advertising and resisted being marketed to. The “Millenials” think they are famous because they get lots of traffic on their utube channel and calls from product lines whose sole intention is to use them for cheap advertising. What those young adults don’t realize is “fame” is fleeting and spending your young adult life retweeting about some Hollywood film or talking about ingrown hairs online, not only doesn’t get you much “fame” it also doesn’t move you anywhere except into your parents basement when you are 40, assuming your parents are lucky enough to have a job or career or both in most cases.

So where do these young adults get the idea that corporations are their friends?

The last thirty years has seen the rise in a multinational corporateracy. Big business has figured out how to control the only super-power standing – money. It helps to own media corporations to spread ones message of a benevolent and loving corporate culture. Republicans are always on message telling the public to, “let the market sort itself out.” Whining about how CEOs don’t make enough money or how shareholders need to see bigger profits. How it’s unfair to make businesses pay their workers a living wage – heck, as it turns out their finding all sorts of ways to get free or very low cost labor like exploiting the psychology of young people or forcing interstate truckers into an impossible pay structure of mileage, ensuring they will be forced to break the law and if they get fined – well, they are personally liable for the $5000.00 fine. My brother did that job for a few months until he realized he was never going to make more than a couple hundred bucks a week for the eighty or more hours he was putting in, not to mention having to be on the road for weeks at a time sleeping in the cab of a truck. The only way he could make a living wage was to speed and drive more than was allowed by law. And if he got caught – he was alone with the fine.

This is our America.

A place where upward mobility means going from rich to super rich on the backs of the workers. And for those who supply 99% of the intellectual property it means a consistent trend of downward payments and no protection for content makers.

Companies like Spotify get money from subscribers. Those subscribers get an unlimited library of music for that price. What do the musicians and songwriters get? Not much. It takes millions of plays to get a couple hundred bucks and takes the incentive away to listen to the radio or buy that artists work. Eventually musical artists will be put out of business and only those people who can afford to do it will play relegating the art form to hobbyists.

Unless you can develop a popular app or get rich people to help you with your business, moving up is nearly impossible. Even the “go to professions” becoming a doctor or lawyer are no guarantee of financial anything. Most people with law degrees can’t get jobs as lawyers and doctors in many places make barely enough to pay their student loans back.

So what’s my point?

Simple. Imagine our economy as a giant game of poker. One guy wins every hand until there’s nothing left to play the game. This is the reality of our economy. Corporatism doesn’t work, not only for the obvious reasons but for economic reasons. We have given China tremendous power by developing and exploiting them – so now they feel I powered to take on our ally the Phillipiens.

We are creating an obororus. Only that snake is us eating our own tail. The market we have is in a feedback loop. Anyone investing in it is diving into a snake pit full of lies, deception and gaming the system. The stock market may look good right now but it is being held together with hope and a glue gun. I am genuinely afraid that the stagnation we have in government, the lack of effort to create a real context for this new economy will plunge us into an entirely new form of depression and a host of other unholy things.

Peace and love,


Everything Is Free – At What Price?


So I went to look at the comments and noticed the open letter had some prose in progress which was on my desktop. I was editing it for someone. I tried to figure out how that could have happened and saw my kindergartener had messed with my computer and had tried to get on the internet but it was mom wordpress and I caught her before she got anywhere. It is very strange. I can not find a copy of what I wrote.

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist for a number of reasons.
1) people can’t keep juicy secrets especially lots of them for any real length of time before the truth breaks out eventually.
2) Bureaucracies are inefficient.
3) an entire group of people working for a complicated and unethical or illegal series of events without one or more individuals busting open the dirty deeds is unlikely – there is generally a whistle blower somewhere who exposes the attempt.

That’s not to say there aren’t conspiratorial dictates and even conspiracies but they usually leave residue behind that we can find.

This event was strange. I have no idea how it could or did happen. It makes me wonder just how safe our computers are and if their is something odd going on. Or maybe I just did this while sleeping?

Doubtful but possible.

I was thinking about the UFO sightings and their patterns. Interesting how they are always seen before earthquakes. Or very often this is the case. There was a wave in Georgia a few weeks ago and then a 4 point something in SC that was felt in the Atlanta area. This along with waves of sightings and history of sightings off the Solomon Islands made me wonder if perhaps something about their technology might actually trigger them. They have mastery over gravity and electromagnetic energetic propulsion. Scientists say earth is experiencing an electromagnetic problem. The shield that has always protected us is breaking down for some reason – maybe they’re visits are triggering earthquakes. If we can do it with fracking technology, why couldn’t they do it accidentally in spots were the field was experiencing problems?

Something to chew on anyway.

Blessing to all,


And thanks to everyone for their support and wonderful posts. I’ve had issues with the gmail account. I haven’t been able to access it in months. I’m going to try again soon. If I can’t get on I’ll post an alternate contact soon.


UFO Sightings

Sharon recently posted that there have been a bunch of UFO sightings in the Northeast. There has also been a wave down in the southeast. There was a wave in Burbank, CA right before we moved. I reported it to MUFON and got a call from them turned out I wasn’t the only person had seen something on the day I saw it over a local grocery store.

I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff almost always with one or more witnesses. There is definitely a lot more UFO activity going on in fact I saw a fleet of silver balls in broad daylight over the tree line in my backyard a month after I moved to my new home. I was on the phone to a friend in the UK when it happened. At first I thought it was a weird angle on something normal but I watched them for several minutes and I saw no wings yet they were flying in formation – weather balloons don’t do that.

All of this got me thinking. I really believe (and there is mounting evidence to support this) human beings are hybrids. I have always felt that the answer to who we really are would be found in our DNA and now scientists from the University of Chicago say the human brain had the equivalent of a “Big Bang,” there is no naturally known reason for it. In Kazakhstan scientists have found a mathematical code that could not be explained by the theory of evolution. They believe it to be a sort of bio stamp showing ETs designed us.

There really are too many weird coincidences like the sudden extinction of the dinosaurs and the inexplicable rise of mammals that led to us. Every ancient mythology has reference to people who come from the heavens or the stars – the same thing to ancient people.

It’s my feeling that ETs started the abductions long ago but increased this in the 20th century to try and warn us of our impending doom. I’m not sure they are all or any of them, are just from another planet. They very likely could be from a different dimension, time stream or universe, perhaps some combination of those possibilities.

They are deeply interconnected with us and always have been. I feel certain religions were designed by them to control us, not in an evil way, but more akin to rules parents make to protect their kids from biting electrical wires or jumping from roofs.

I get why people feel some of our visitors are evil. They are absolutely terrifying to behold and their work reconfiguring our DNA is terrifying. Yes, you heard me right. I don’t think they are abducting people for an alien fertility program. I’m psychically certain they are creating hybrids to change our collision course and to withstand the coming earth changes. I believe they have gone into genetic manipulation overdrive.

Earth has reached critical mass. There are 7 BILLION people on this planet – most of whom are starving. Technology has inadvertently poisoned our air, water, soil, food and is changing our climate. We are creatures in a perpetual state of war. Our emotions give us the ability for empathy and love but also fear and hatred. We are as ugly as we are beautiful. We are a race of children playing with nuclear weapons.

That should be scary enough but perhaps our deepest flaw and our greatest asset is our ability to individuate. It allows us to grow and enables a different experience they are not capable of. For all of our flaws and mistakes we don’t work as a collective hive mind like they do, we have emotions. We are a strange mix of emotion and intelligence unlike them. We operate in three domains: the spiritual, mental and emotional. We have three selves: the lower (id), middle (ego) and higher (super ego). We are infinitely more complicated than they could ever have imagined.

But the dark side of all that beauty is our inability to know ourself. We often act unconsciously, replaying our parents dramas, finding pieces of ourselves years later, even recovering memories too painful for our minds to release them. We have needs, feel inadequate and powerless. These feelings along with our ability to detach from the collective consciousness enables selfishness, greed, and all sorts of personality mal adjustments. ( the collective conscious is our hive mind but it is weak and connected to the subterranean parts of our personal selves.)

But back to what I believe is happening regarding UFOs. The first wave of abduction cases in the 20th century (not one off stories like the Hills) abductees were shown mental pictures of unspeakable terrors to come – nuclear bombs, climate change, overpopulation, etc. I believe that was the first attempt (since the dawn of religion) to steer us down a different path. Why? This is a question many have speculated about. I believe they have a role in our being here and are karmicaly linked to us and the our planet. Our planet is also a living being – not the kind of life we can perceive, just as we can’t see trees breathing even though they do. If we destroy the planet – they as our guardians or watchers are accountable.

These beings appear to have technology that is spiritual or at least they have technology that mimics that experience perhaps electromagnetic stimulation to the area of the brain that controls the feeling of religious experience.

Phase two I believe has been seeding the planet with hybrids that are closer to them genetically than previous generations. On the surface I doubt anyone would be able to see any physical difference,only thorough examination of the DNA would reveal the manipulation, even then it would take time and a very open mind to discover it. The visitors have been exploiting our arrogance for centuries now. Human superiority is so thoroughly ingrained in us some people (even some scientist – most until recent years) have suffered under the delusion that somehow we and our home planet are entirely anomalous in a potentially infinite universe (not even considering dimensions or the idea of the multiverse) even though mathematics has always shown that reality to be an absolute impossibility. We’ve had telescopes since the dark ages and we have known there are billions of stars, far to many to count. Bruno died, burned at the stake via the church, for this very obvious conclusion; it was possible life evolved other places. In fact this was by no means a new idea – it goes back to the foundation of western civilization (panspermia) and is an idea that pops up in every oral tradition – the notion of people coming here from the stars.

So I believe the aliens have been here from the beginning. If they wanted to take over earth we’d be gone. If they wanted to destroy us they wouldn’t have monitored us like their pet science project since our inception. However I do wonder about the coldness they exhibit and feel that if we don’t come around to rectifying our collision with extinction, they will take whatever action is necessary to do so for us even if that includes randomly eliminating us en mass via earthquakes, plagues and wars. Population control – our old human argument about hunting to keep populations of certain animals down. You know so they don’t starve.

Seems like we feel it our right to make decisions for the good of other life forms on earth because we are more intelligent perhaps we inherited this trait or attitude from them either via interaction or genetics.

It’s interesting that UFOs are often seen hovering over areas right before terrible earthquakes – maybe this is because they are studying them and have equipment sensitive enough to pick up frequencies we can’t, frequencies or signs that indicate something is going to happen or is it the more sinister notion that big earthquakes are a form of population control?

Certainly if we were in the position to have created a race of beings on an extraterrestrial world so we could study them and they were careening toward extinction, we’d very likely step in. We have already done this on earth with numerous species.

I have plenty more to say but I’ll save my blabbing for later.

Blessings to all – wishing you peace and sending everyone love on this Valentine’s eve,


UFO Sightings

Just for clarification

I have tried everything from energy work (which worked when I had a simple slipped disc back in 20s) to “Reiki Masters,” to acupuncture. I have had numerous periods where I went through physical therapy. I tried yoga. I lost a bunch of weight. Really everything except a chiropractor because every doctor told me that doing so was extremely dangerous and could easily lead to permanent paralyzation. 

If you or anyone you love has ever had chronic pain you will get what I’m talking about. For those of you who haven’t, you have no way of even comprehending what its like.

I know the media has turned anyone who has to use pain medicine no matter how intermitted into drug addicts, but this is not the case. Of all the people I have known who have had issues with chronic pain only 2 of them became addicted to pain killers – both of whom were already addicts, one had been a severe alcoholic and pill popper, the other was already addicted to opiates before he had an injury. 

There are dozens of studies that prove people who are not given proper pain relief have longer recovery time after surgery. Other studies have shown that when your body is overloaded with pain, pain killers do not become addictive as the body uses it in a way that the natural pain killers your brain makes, aka Endorphins. So when the pain goes away and you stop taking the medicine your body has no reaction.

I have personally been in so much pain doctors had to put me into a drug induced coma to get me to stop seizing. I was 17 and just out of surgery from a tumor that was growing into my brain.

So I have a long history with this fight.

Sure opiates are highly addictive drugs but so is tobacco and so far that is still legal. According to studies its harder to quit tobacco than heroin. Tobacco kills more people than any other drug besides alcohol. They are both legal. Tell me is there any sense to this nonsense?

Best to you all,

Denise Siegel 


Just for clarification


Strange but somehow a piece from my computer that was not supposed to be posted was switched with the letter. How this happened I have no idea I will find the letter and repost it later. Kind of freaks me out.