Strange but somehow a piece from my computer that was not supposed to be posted was switched with the letter. How this happened I have no idea I will find the letter and repost it later. Kind of freaks me out.



  1. I don’t know if you intended to merge your story excerpt with your open letter, but you are such a good writer. I have sent you a message privately — there have to be some lateral ways to get the pain meds you need. What the Feds are doing is beyond f-d up. Take care.

  2. This might seem out of left field, but there is a a guy in the U.S. with small company called Orgonia that makes Orgone “pucks” as he calls them — and several people I trust have used them to clear the energy fields in their homes, but they have knock-on effects for health as well. Wilhelm Reich did a lot with Orgone energy before the FDA seized his work and put him in prison.
    Here are the links:
    And on Reich and the book burnings:

  3. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    I am so sorry to hear about your ongoing health problems. 38 Degrees and are both very good at lobbying governments. I have signed loads of their petitions. It might be worth checking them out. (By the way, I found your novel absolutely engrossing. If you can’t find a commercial publisher, why not publish it with ? You won’t have to pay a penny until you and your friends begin buying copies.) I hope and pray that you will be able to find a satisfactory solution to your health issues. My own health isn’t great but at least I can function.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. zoma777 says:

      Hi Simon thank you for all the kind words. I think the book deserves a publisher. It won some awards but it was a timing thing. I am working in it now and I thank you for prompting me because I almost gave up on it. As I have been retreading it or rather editing it, I really feel thankful to you for reminding me. It’s better then I remember. I am very hard on myself. So waiting as long as I have – letting it sit in the proverbial drawer – I can see it as something outside myself – new and fresh again. If I can’t get a traditional publisher to put it out I will find another way. I need to just let it go after this round.

  4. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Elly

    I don’t think that America and Europe have the stomach for a sustained fight with Russia so I suspect that Putin will get his own way on this. To be fair, the Ukrainians have not made a great success of independence so far. In the words of one diplomat, since independence, the Ukraine has become ‘a poor house and a basket case.’

    Best wishes from Simon

  5. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    All sorts of conspiracy theories are now emerging about the disappearance of flight MH 370. At first I completely dismissed them but now I’m not so sure. The country that seems most heavily implicated in its sudden and unexplained disappearance is the good old US of A. By the way, I wasn’t just flattering you about your book. I genuinely think that it’s very good indeed and I hope that you will be able to find a publisher for it.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. zoma777 says:

      Thank you about the book. I am currently looking around for a publisher. I do agree about the US. I hate to say it but the disappearance just felt like a power play – perhaps a bit of an accident with a new toy.

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