UFO Sightings

Sharon recently posted that there have been a bunch of UFO sightings in the Northeast. There has also been a wave down in the southeast. There was a wave in Burbank, CA right before we moved. I reported it to MUFON and got a call from them turned out I wasn’t the only person had seen something on the day I saw it over a local grocery store.

I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff almost always with one or more witnesses. There is definitely a lot more UFO activity going on in fact I saw a fleet of silver balls in broad daylight over the tree line in my backyard a month after I moved to my new home. I was on the phone to a friend in the UK when it happened. At first I thought it was a weird angle on something normal but I watched them for several minutes and I saw no wings yet they were flying in formation – weather balloons don’t do that.

All of this got me thinking. I really believe (and there is mounting evidence to support this) human beings are hybrids. I have always felt that the answer to who we really are would be found in our DNA and now scientists from the University of Chicago say the human brain had the equivalent of a “Big Bang,” there is no naturally known reason for it. In Kazakhstan scientists have found a mathematical code that could not be explained by the theory of evolution. They believe it to be a sort of bio stamp showing ETs designed us.

There really are too many weird coincidences like the sudden extinction of the dinosaurs and the inexplicable rise of mammals that led to us. Every ancient mythology has reference to people who come from the heavens or the stars – the same thing to ancient people.

It’s my feeling that ETs started the abductions long ago but increased this in the 20th century to try and warn us of our impending doom. I’m not sure they are all or any of them, are just from another planet. They very likely could be from a different dimension, time stream or universe, perhaps some combination of those possibilities.

They are deeply interconnected with us and always have been. I feel certain religions were designed by them to control us, not in an evil way, but more akin to rules parents make to protect their kids from biting electrical wires or jumping from roofs.

I get why people feel some of our visitors are evil. They are absolutely terrifying to behold and their work reconfiguring our DNA is terrifying. Yes, you heard me right. I don’t think they are abducting people for an alien fertility program. I’m psychically certain they are creating hybrids to change our collision course and to withstand the coming earth changes. I believe they have gone into genetic manipulation overdrive.

Earth has reached critical mass. There are 7 BILLION people on this planet – most of whom are starving. Technology has inadvertently poisoned our air, water, soil, food and is changing our climate. We are creatures in a perpetual state of war. Our emotions give us the ability for empathy and love but also fear and hatred. We are as ugly as we are beautiful. We are a race of children playing with nuclear weapons.

That should be scary enough but perhaps our deepest flaw and our greatest asset is our ability to individuate. It allows us to grow and enables a different experience they are not capable of. For all of our flaws and mistakes we don’t work as a collective hive mind like they do, we have emotions. We are a strange mix of emotion and intelligence unlike them. We operate in three domains: the spiritual, mental and emotional. We have three selves: the lower (id), middle (ego) and higher (super ego). We are infinitely more complicated than they could ever have imagined.

But the dark side of all that beauty is our inability to know ourself. We often act unconsciously, replaying our parents dramas, finding pieces of ourselves years later, even recovering memories too painful for our minds to release them. We have needs, feel inadequate and powerless. These feelings along with our ability to detach from the collective consciousness enables selfishness, greed, and all sorts of personality mal adjustments. ( the collective conscious is our hive mind but it is weak and connected to the subterranean parts of our personal selves.)

But back to what I believe is happening regarding UFOs. The first wave of abduction cases in the 20th century (not one off stories like the Hills) abductees were shown mental pictures of unspeakable terrors to come – nuclear bombs, climate change, overpopulation, etc. I believe that was the first attempt (since the dawn of religion) to steer us down a different path. Why? This is a question many have speculated about. I believe they have a role in our being here and are karmicaly linked to us and the our planet. Our planet is also a living being – not the kind of life we can perceive, just as we can’t see trees breathing even though they do. If we destroy the planet – they as our guardians or watchers are accountable.

These beings appear to have technology that is spiritual or at least they have technology that mimics that experience perhaps electromagnetic stimulation to the area of the brain that controls the feeling of religious experience.

Phase two I believe has been seeding the planet with hybrids that are closer to them genetically than previous generations. On the surface I doubt anyone would be able to see any physical difference,only thorough examination of the DNA would reveal the manipulation, even then it would take time and a very open mind to discover it. The visitors have been exploiting our arrogance for centuries now. Human superiority is so thoroughly ingrained in us some people (even some scientist – most until recent years) have suffered under the delusion that somehow we and our home planet are entirely anomalous in a potentially infinite universe (not even considering dimensions or the idea of the multiverse) even though mathematics has always shown that reality to be an absolute impossibility. We’ve had telescopes since the dark ages and we have known there are billions of stars, far to many to count. Bruno died, burned at the stake via the church, for this very obvious conclusion; it was possible life evolved other places. In fact this was by no means a new idea – it goes back to the foundation of western civilization (panspermia) and is an idea that pops up in every oral tradition – the notion of people coming here from the stars.

So I believe the aliens have been here from the beginning. If they wanted to take over earth we’d be gone. If they wanted to destroy us they wouldn’t have monitored us like their pet science project since our inception. However I do wonder about the coldness they exhibit and feel that if we don’t come around to rectifying our collision with extinction, they will take whatever action is necessary to do so for us even if that includes randomly eliminating us en mass via earthquakes, plagues and wars. Population control – our old human argument about hunting to keep populations of certain animals down. You know so they don’t starve.

Seems like we feel it our right to make decisions for the good of other life forms on earth because we are more intelligent perhaps we inherited this trait or attitude from them either via interaction or genetics.

It’s interesting that UFOs are often seen hovering over areas right before terrible earthquakes – maybe this is because they are studying them and have equipment sensitive enough to pick up frequencies we can’t, frequencies or signs that indicate something is going to happen or is it the more sinister notion that big earthquakes are a form of population control?

Certainly if we were in the position to have created a race of beings on an extraterrestrial world so we could study them and they were careening toward extinction, we’d very likely step in. We have already done this on earth with numerous species.

I have plenty more to say but I’ll save my blabbing for later.

Blessings to all – wishing you peace and sending everyone love on this Valentine’s eve,


UFO Sightings

17 thoughts on “UFO Sightings

  1. Thanks for this. I often see orbs around my son, and he used to have nightmares about “visitors” as he called them. He is very psychic so I always assumed they might be spirits or I don’t know….The orbs are not the large ones you see in photos of UFO sightings. Do you think they are connected?

  2. Pernille says:

    I believe that sensitive people and clarvoyants sometimes can sense the spirits around us. These highly vibrating beings can easily be explained as ETs and UFOs.
    When we are not incarnated in our human bodies, we too belong to this highly vibrating dimension.

  3. Also, I googled the info you mentioned on the Kazakhstani scientists and the info was usually placed with a picture of one of the engineers from the movie “Prometheus.” I know you may not watch many films because they trigger your migraines, but Ridley Scott has created a prequel to his Alien series positing just what you have described, an Alien race that designed us, then was ready to come back to Earth to wipe us out and “reboot” the planet, possibly because we had veered off course as a species.

  4. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    I think that certain human religions (in particular Islam and Catholicism) have played an absolutely shameful role in seriously overpopulating our small planet. I’m not sure where we go from here but whatever happens it won’t be easy and it won’t be pretty. Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’ covers this subject in some detail.

    Best wishes from Simon

  5. Juno says:

    I also agree with you that our DNA is being ‘upgraded’ by these beings — does this also explain why so many more children today are telepathic and just ‘different’ to the norm? Traditional education bores them (no wonder since it is a factory model), and they act out and are labelled ADHD as authorites try to manage them. It is frustrating to witness as both a parent and an educator…

  6. Rose says:

    Hi Denise, Just wanted to say that I found this entry so profound, so articulate. Thank you for your beautiful words and perspective-enhancing and shifting insights. I feel the brilliance and “a-ha!” from your writing like an electrical current. So grateful to you for doing the fine work you’re doing.

    1. zoma777 says:

      Rose you are very kind, thank you. It means a lot to me. My driving motivation is to understand the mysteries surrounding us as human beings. If I find clarity it helps to share it with this remarkable community of people. I am amazed by the people who share their insights here. I am honored.

  7. Hi again — also, there has been another uptick of asteroids coming close to our planet. I have not had to deal with any physical pain like you, but emotionally I feel like climbing out of my skin – major bouts of insomnia lately and more weird dreams of “The Elders” as I call them coming to talk to me about God knows what because I rarely remember. I wake up exhausted, though, on these nights. Anyone else?

  8. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Juno

    I too would be a serious insomniac if I didn’t dose myself with codydramol every night. (Free drugs here in Wales!) Insomnia generally seems to be on the increase. The other morning I fell downstairs with a full mug of cocoa in my hand after a particularly bad night. We’re still clearing up the mess!

    Best wishes from Simon

  9. Thomas says:

    Courtney Brown of the Farsight Institute is suppose to make some announcement in the middle of March that might have something to do with what you are talking about, UFOs, hybrids, etc.

    I’m not able to follow what it’s all about yet.

    I’ve got some really strange synchs going on right now that might point to possible solar flares this summer?

      1. Thomas says:

        I believe it’s on one of those social network sites, like Facebook, which I don’t use, but someone on a forum I visit is posting the announcements.

        I don’t agree with much of what has been said because it focuses so much on the physical world, but then low level thinking like that has much to do with aliens and corrupt government/corporate officials.

  10. Thomas says:

    Some years ago I was thinking about human evolution and massive die-offs, and a thought came to me about the next massive die-off and human evolution. In fact it ties in with your move out of Los Angeles.

    If you think about it, who is more likely survive and reproduce?

    The next major die-off will be global, and the people with intuitive insights are more likely to survive, even on a daily basis, not just avoiding major disasters, like Los Angeles being wiped out by earthquakes.

    I believe the last major evolution was due to people who were able to prepare for seasonal changes, forward thinking, and the ones that were not, went extinct.

    I believe surviving the next major die-off will take more than just forward thinking, it will take intuitive insights, the ability to navigate pitfalls.

    Whether or not this has anything to do with alien interventions I don’t know, but the odds are good that they are monitoring evolutionary changes.

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