So I went to look at the comments and noticed the open letter had some prose in progress which was on my desktop. I was editing it for someone. I tried to figure out how that could have happened and saw my kindergartener had messed with my computer and had tried to get on the internet but it was mom wordpress and I caught her before she got anywhere. It is very strange. I can not find a copy of what I wrote.

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist for a number of reasons.
1) people can’t keep juicy secrets especially lots of them for any real length of time before the truth breaks out eventually.
2) Bureaucracies are inefficient.
3) an entire group of people working for a complicated and unethical or illegal series of events without one or more individuals busting open the dirty deeds is unlikely – there is generally a whistle blower somewhere who exposes the attempt.

That’s not to say there aren’t conspiratorial dictates and even conspiracies but they usually leave residue behind that we can find.

This event was strange. I have no idea how it could or did happen. It makes me wonder just how safe our computers are and if their is something odd going on. Or maybe I just did this while sleeping?

Doubtful but possible.

I was thinking about the UFO sightings and their patterns. Interesting how they are always seen before earthquakes. Or very often this is the case. There was a wave in Georgia a few weeks ago and then a 4 point something in SC that was felt in the Atlanta area. This along with waves of sightings and history of sightings off the Solomon Islands made me wonder if perhaps something about their technology might actually trigger them. They have mastery over gravity and electromagnetic energetic propulsion. Scientists say earth is experiencing an electromagnetic problem. The shield that has always protected us is breaking down for some reason – maybe they’re visits are triggering earthquakes. If we can do it with fracking technology, why couldn’t they do it accidentally in spots were the field was experiencing problems?

Something to chew on anyway.

Blessing to all,


And thanks to everyone for their support and wonderful posts. I’ve had issues with the gmail account. I haven’t been able to access it in months. I’m going to try again soon. If I can’t get on I’ll post an alternate contact soon.