SoCal quake prediction

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This is something I really have an emotional block to – the notion of a giant quake in Southern California. I lived there most of my adult life and went through the January 17,1994 Nothridge Quake. I was still living by my alma mater Cal-Arts at the time which was less than 10 miles from the epicenter. I felt that quake coming for 5 years before it hit and I was reminded by friends I would constantly say (about our home at the time) “it’s going to take an earthquake to get us out of here.” I had several months of food and water stored in our closet which we gave to our neighbors because we had the good sense to head north while the aftershocks were happening.

I’m originally from Chicagoland where the earth is stable under one’s feet – that’s about the only thing a person can count on in the Mid-West. A freak blizzard, tornado fine, but at least one can see those coming to some degree – an earthquake is very disturbing because it is always a surprise.

I had a serious case of PTSD after that quake. I vowed never to go through another one. Ironically I was in Australia and Malaysia months before the outbreak of seismic activity and the subsequent killer Tsunami. I literally spent every free moment placing the area in white light and praying that any quake coming would be mollified. I could feel it in the air and it felt EXTREME. I had trouble sleeping at night!

But like that example of the frog who hops into a pot and slowly the temperature goes up until he’s boiling – feeling an earthquake when you are thoroughly entrenched in life in an area is difficult. In the 1994 earthquake I was relatively new to the area. The difference was easy to feel.

About 10 years ago I felt the energy shifting in Southern California and I begged my husband to move because I felt it starting. Well, it took 9 years to move and before we did I had a very clear dream about seeing a 9.3 earthquake hitting Southern California.

An earthquake of that size would be catastrophic. My mind hasn’t allowed me to see the devastation. In the dream I was where I live now looking at my phone after hearing it ping. It was an app I had just loaded onto my phone that sends a message whenever there is a big quake in the world. In the dream I was reading and rereading the words Southern California and the number because I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I still can’t. I have too many friends and memories to believe it possible, but I also know it could be true.

This is a problem for psychics. When we are attached to something emotionally it is much harder to read. In these cases I use multiple forms of divination to confirm a dream or knowing. I often hear, see, feel and even smell things that most people don’t. Sometimes I think it’s as if psychics have extra radio stations programmed into their brains. Everything is out there for us to perceive but most people are programmed to stay focused on the physical plane only.

So back to the point, I have gotten confirmation by multiple sources that a major quake is eminent. I have heard May and I feel it is this year. I have an exact date but I don’t put much credence in it because the earth is on a different time schedule then we are, however I’ll give the date as I feel it will be within weeks on either side of it.

The date is May 14, 2014. But as I said this is by no means an absolute, things can change dates and I have no idea why this one keeps popping into my head. I was reticent to share it because it’s very likely to be off by at least a few days. I can more safely say there is a very high probability of a 5.0 or greater in May of this year 2014. If I get that the day has shifted I will post that.

Blessings to all,


SoCal quake prediction

Hillary Clinton Question

I posted about her running in 2016 a couple years ago when she was still Secretary of State. I had a dream about her running when Bush was president. Thing was in that dream I was not living where I was at the time but where I am now. So it seems I was seeing quite far ahead. In the dream there was tremendous grass roots support for her. A lot of young women were organizing to make her president. When she ran in the primaries the first time I realized well before the primaries the time frame in the dream wasn’t the one we were in. I voted for her anyway because I felt she would be a stronger leader than Obama however the way she ran that campaign was very disheartening.

Obama saved us from a Great Depression however it’s been pretty much what I thought – a feeling of treading water not expansion. This is a very tough time to govern and unfortunately the republicans have narrowed themselves into a cubby hole. Their two halves being the corrupt politicians who will do anything to serve the corporate plutocracy and the extreme religious right-wing science denies who seek to control people’s private lives in a ploy for a supposed return to “values.” The dream I had about the elephant stuck between to buildings on an empty street seems the perfect metaphor for where they are.

I get a yes on her win if and when she runs. I feel very certain she will, this time around, and she will play to her strengths rather than try to be a beer drinking, gun toting super-hawk. Of course she has to be strong but not strong like that. She came across as too hard I’m her dealings with the hope Obama embodied even though she turned out to be right for the most part since she knew very well the games that would be played by Republicans.

It’s very unfortunate sexism is so deeply ingrained in our culture that female leaders have to do a strange uncomfortable dance of balancing power by way of projecting masculine style strength while trying not to seem like a “bitch.”

We had our answer to what was more pervasive – sexism or racism from the results of that primary election – sexism won the prize. I hope for HC’s sake the dark underbelly of prejudice has been exposed and sensitivity will be awoken.

But I’m sure we can expect republicans to continue their tantrums in an attempt to play to false nostalgia. But as the generation for whom those tactics appeal are passing over, we will hopefully have some forward movement.

Hillary Clinton Question

Lyme Disease natural help

A friend told me she was caring for a person with Lyme disease. The woman was very disabled from the disease. I had a voice tell me there was a natural cure so I meditated and heard Chicory Root. I knew nothing about the herb except for its use in coffee. After doing some research about it I felt it would be helpful to share the instructions. I was told (psychically) the root had to be cleaned and consumed every morning for several months. It is best to consume it 3xs a day. If eating it is too much all the time it could be boiled into a tea and drunk. This shouldn’t be the only way to consume it. The root should be eaten at least once a day. The combo of tea 2xs a day and the root once a day is sufficient. Even just using the tea will be highly beneficial so if one can’t stomach the root all the time continue with the tea. It will take longer but will help. I get the image if cleaning and cooking the root and adding it to food as the easiest way to work with it.

Lyme Disease natural help

Ukraine Russia and US

Ok, everybody keeps asking me about it. I didn’t want to answer because my gut was bad. Not in a way I detangle until now.

We keep accusing Russia of “20th century thinking” however I think we are actually guilty of this right now. We are in a very bad conundrum partially of our own making and partly because of the sneakiness of the Putin administration. It’s hard to trust a guy who denies sending in troops when it’s clear the troops are Russian. The soldiers have admitted as much to reporters. Put that together with attacking journalists and one can’t help but figure motivations to be dark.

Here’s the problem as I see it: we have no moral authority after what we did in our “preemptive war” with Iraq. We broke international treaties and did not hold our leaders to account for their war crimes. Although we went to NATO before hand – very few nations supported our invasion of a sovereign nation and now we are stuck telling the Russians they cannot take back a piece of their historical land because a minority population is against it – hard argument to win when we have all that baggage. Especially since 60% of Crimea is actually Russian and don’t want to be part of the Ukraine due to its negotiations regarding European Union status.

The argument we have made about sticking to constitutional rules and the problems with changing boarders etc. is a difficult if not impossible one to win considering the context. Eastern Europe has had constantly fluctuating boarders for countless generations. For example my father’s family came from what is now Lithuania but was Russia when my grandfather came over and had been Belarus at different points.

The “off ramp” Obama should have set up was for us. We should stand behind democracy no matter what. 60% is a clear majority (unlike our 2000 election) and just because one doesn’t like the majority opinion doesn’t mean one can abandon the democratic process.

Yes this is a coup of sorts but it is a civil issue for them – none of our business. We had a civil war here and civil wars are happening all over the world – most are bloody and lots of people die. So far there has been restraint. If this continues and the people of Crimea genuinely want to join the Russian federation then we have to honor that wish even if we don’t like it. But we’ve been backed into a corner here by our own rhetoric. Obama will look weak – according to Republicans he already does. He’s now bound by his first response which was understandably worried and disturbed by Russia’s move. Now however it seems that neighboring Western European countries are taking a hands off approach further boxing us to a course that was set too early.

If we go forward with our plan to cut off the US supply of natural gas to Russia it will piss off the Europeans as they are dependent on Russia and Russia will be forced to save their resources for themselves.

The most important goal here should be maintaining peace and supporting a Democratic process. We are again standing alone when we should allow the Europeans to set policy with their neighbor. All we are going to do is engender ill will and nothing will come of these lame sanctions – they will DO nothing but piss everyone off. We are playing the roll of Big Daddy Cop – a very 20th century roll. Until Russia does something everyone can agree is worthy of a real response we are ineffective. This does not mean the aggression used by Russia is OK. But at least they didn’t kill hundreds of thousands of civilians in order to free them. They aren’t guilty of torture from what we know and until we can clean our palate of the terrible taste of our own government corruption we have no business playing cop especially when the majority of the citizens of that country have spoken.

I realize that things are more complicated then all this but we have to find a way off this road. We can’t effect change this way.

Intuitively I get a very bad feeling about all of this and have since day one. I feel this is a piece of something much larger that could lead to a much bigger war however this tactic is only going to exacerbate the problem.

Problem is we’ve already taken this course and the US can never turn tail. We have to play the strong empire. I have a terrible feeling we are looking at another layer of seeding discontent with more people of the world. We have enough enemies. Time will come when hubris will no longer be something we can afford to have. Obama should know better. I don’t think we should be playing the WWII role of Cop anymore. We need to take our guns off the table and settle down. We are one world intertwined – would we want Russia to tell is we couldn’t make Puerto Rico a state if 60% of their population wanted that? I know it’s a clumsy metaphor but we just don’t have anything to stand on here except a bad feeling. Putin is very beloved in Russia. No one else wants to intervene – so what is the point of this?

If things escalate with Putin (and my initial feeling was they would) that will be the time to take action. We can stand with the rest of the world but we’re almost impotent here. All we stand to gain is displeasure.

Ukraine Russia and US

Hey everyone some news

I haven’t been on much in the past week but I see there has been a lot of activity, so much input on so many posts that I thought I’d address everything here.

I’ve started reading this excellent book called The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe. I highly recommend it. It is about how our philosophies of time have shaped our beliefs and vice versa – more importantly it looks at the cycles of time over generations as human history has a natural cycle. They are historians but their theories eerily overlap with what happens to be a Uranus cycle in astrology. They agree with me that generation X starts in 1961 – I’d put the cusp at 1958 because Pluto shifted to Virgo then but it’s pretty close. In 1961 both Uranus and Pluto had moved into Virgo and then held close as they moved into Libra before diverging. They put the generation line up to 1981 this is a bit later then I would place it but it makes sense for a cusp.

I have begun editing the novel I posted here eons ago. Rereading it I realized that I had invented the iPad in the book in 1999 eleven years before it came out – that was weird I called it an e-notebook – had to change that to tablet. So many things in that book are freakishly prescient. It finally seems like the time is right to have birth it so I’m on it.

The alien thing is really a major obsession right now. And I too have noticed tremendous synchronicities. Sounds like I’m not the only one. So many it’s getting very strange especially regarding the book and alien/UFO related stuff. The first thing I thought when the Malaysian airliner disappeared was The Bermuda Triangle x 10. How unbelievably eerie that a jet with 239 people – most if not all having cell phones (basically tracking devices on them) a black box that sends out a signal for more than 30 days, not to mention radar and hundreds of satellites – how could it just disappear? I wondered if it collided with a UFO. UFO’s are known to disrupt electronics and if it hit an object going as fast as something like that it would probably just vaporize the airplane. It’s so crazy. I don’t get the feeling any answers will be forthcoming. I feel for all of those families and of course the people on board.

My intuition that things are still tenuous on a number of fronts was confirmed by the book I’m reading. It was written in 1997 and the authors predicted the fourth turning – a time of reaping or historical winter was to fall shortly after the turn of the century until around 2020-2025. After that a new cycle is supposed to occur.

On that note their was a meeting in congress about climate change – the democrats brought it up. They are trying to bring some heat to the issue but the republicans are trying to squash their efforts.

I had a dream the other night that I was looking down this empty abandoned road and there was a goofy elephant – oversized even for an elephant. It was wearing clothing, a hat as well I think, and it was stuck between two buildings. No one but me noticed. It was far away and I remember thinking it was a symbolic representation of the Republican Party. They are stuck.

I wish we had two viable parties but we have only the lesser of two parties – one in the pocket of the greediest capitalists and the other in the pocket of more benign capitalists – both relatively powerless as our government has had a seething infestation of secret interests and back room deals going on since the onset of the industrial revolution. It’s the disease that I fear is bringing us to our knees and will eventually have to be cured through restructuring, collapse or revolution – neither of the two later answers do I want to see. Restructuring seems the most palatable but also seems the least likely because it would require our government to have insight, self-regulation and the ability to stand up to the almighty dollar which it doesn’t appear capable of.

I will read more of your comments over the next few days.

And some good news my migraines are much better right now. I really don’t know why. In general moving away from Los Angeles helped. I think pollution and lots of allergens were heavy contributors. I am slowly taking myself off all the medicines I was put on by neurologists. I sometimes wonder if my neurological stuff is related to being psychically overwhelmed and perhaps some other weirder stuff I won’t go into. It could be partially related to my blocking some memories which have been surfacing the past 6 months and they have to do with UFOs and strange phenomena I have experienced. Thanks to all of you who have shown concern about this issue. I had some heavy transits that really should have killed me so it’s not surprising that I got very ill. I feel like that is lifting now. My health is the most vulnerable thing about me. I have always had problems in that area since I was a very small child. While I wouldn’t wish that crap on another soul I feel it is part of my journey. We all have to contend with the darkness and for each of us it manifests differently.

Many blessings,

Many blessings to all

Hey everyone some news