SoCal quake prediction

I accidentally posted this to another blog a few days ago. Here it is re-posted
This is something I really have an emotional block to – the notion of a giant quake in Southern California. I lived there most of my adult life and went through the January 17,1994 Nothridge Quake. I was still living by my alma mater Cal-Arts at the time which was less than 10 miles from the epicenter. I felt that quake coming for 5 years before it hit and I was reminded by friends I would constantly say (about our home at the time) “it’s going to take an earthquake to get us out of here.” I had several months of food and water stored in our closet which we gave to our neighbors because we had the good sense to head north while the aftershocks were happening.

I’m originally from Chicagoland where the earth is stable under one’s feet – that’s about the only thing a person can count on in the Mid-West. A freak blizzard, tornado fine, but at least one can see those coming to some degree – an earthquake is very disturbing because it is always a surprise.

I had a serious case of PTSD after that quake. I vowed never to go through another one. Ironically I was in Australia and Malaysia months before the outbreak of seismic activity and the subsequent killer Tsunami. I literally spent every free moment placing the area in white light and praying that any quake coming would be mollified. I could feel it in the air and it felt EXTREME. I had trouble sleeping at night!

But like that example of the frog who hops into a pot and slowly the temperature goes up until he’s boiling – feeling an earthquake when you are thoroughly entrenched in life in an area is difficult. In the 1994 earthquake I was relatively new to the area. The difference was easy to feel.

About 10 years ago I felt the energy shifting in Southern California and I begged my husband to move because I felt it starting. Well, it took 9 years to move and before we did I had a very clear dream about seeing a 9.3 earthquake hitting Southern California.

An earthquake of that size would be catastrophic. My mind hasn’t allowed me to see the devastation. In the dream I was where I live now looking at my phone after hearing it ping. It was an app I had just loaded onto my phone that sends a message whenever there is a big quake in the world. In the dream I was reading and rereading the words Southern California and the number because I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I still can’t. I have too many friends and memories to believe it possible, but I also know it could be true.

This is a problem for psychics. When we are attached to something emotionally it is much harder to read. In these cases I use multiple forms of divination to confirm a dream or knowing. I often hear, see, feel and even smell things that most people don’t. Sometimes I think it’s as if psychics have extra radio stations programmed into their brains. Everything is out there for us to perceive but most people are programmed to stay focused on the physical plane only.

So back to the point, I have gotten confirmation by multiple sources that a major quake is eminent. I have heard May and I feel it is this year. I have an exact date but I don’t put much credence in it because the earth is on a different time schedule then we are, however I’ll give the date as I feel it will be within weeks on either side of it.

The date is May 14, 2014. But as I said this is by no means an absolute, things can change dates and I have no idea why this one keeps popping into my head. I was reticent to share it because it’s very likely to be off by at least a few days. I can more safely say there is a very high probability of a 5.0 or greater in May of this year 2014. If I get that the day has shifted I will post that.

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SoCal quake prediction

Hillary Clinton Question

I posted about her running in 2016 a couple years ago when she was still Secretary of State. I had a dream about her running when Bush was president. Thing was in that dream I was not living where I was at the time but where I am now. So it seems I was seeing quite far ahead. In the dream there was tremendous grass roots support for her. A lot of young women were organizing to make her president. When she ran in the primaries the first time I realized well before the primaries the time frame in the dream wasn’t the one we were in. I voted for her anyway because I felt she would be a stronger leader than Obama however the way she ran that campaign was very disheartening.

Obama saved us from a Great Depression however it’s been pretty much what I thought – a feeling of treading water not expansion. This is a very tough time to govern and unfortunately the republicans have narrowed themselves into a cubby hole. Their two halves being the corrupt politicians who will do anything to serve the corporate plutocracy and the extreme religious right-wing science denies who seek to control people’s private lives in a ploy for a supposed return to “values.” The dream I had about the elephant stuck between to buildings on an empty street seems the perfect metaphor for where they are.

I get a yes on her win if and when she runs. I feel very certain she will, this time around, and she will play to her strengths rather than try to be a beer drinking, gun toting super-hawk. Of course she has to be strong but not strong like that. She came across as too hard I’m her dealings with the hope Obama embodied even though she turned out to be right for the most part since she knew very well the games that would be played by Republicans.

It’s very unfortunate sexism is so deeply ingrained in our culture that female leaders have to do a strange uncomfortable dance of balancing power by way of projecting masculine style strength while trying not to seem like a “bitch.”

We had our answer to what was more pervasive – sexism or racism from the results of that primary election – sexism won the prize. I hope for HC’s sake the dark underbelly of prejudice has been exposed and sensitivity will be awoken.

But I’m sure we can expect republicans to continue their tantrums in an attempt to play to false nostalgia. But as the generation for whom those tactics appeal are passing over, we will hopefully have some forward movement.

Hillary Clinton Question

Lyme Disease natural help

A friend told me she was caring for a person with Lyme disease. The woman was very disabled from the disease. I had a voice tell me there was a natural cure so I meditated and heard Chicory Root. I knew nothing about the herb except for its use in coffee. After doing some research about it I felt it would be helpful to share the instructions. I was told (psychically) the root had to be cleaned and consumed every morning for several months. It is best to consume it 3xs a day. If eating it is too much all the time it could be boiled into a tea and drunk. This shouldn’t be the only way to consume it. The root should be eaten at least once a day. The combo of tea 2xs a day and the root once a day is sufficient. Even just using the tea will be highly beneficial so if one can’t stomach the root all the time continue with the tea. It will take longer but will help. I get the image if cleaning and cooking the root and adding it to food as the easiest way to work with it.

Lyme Disease natural help