Lyme Disease natural help

A friend told me she was caring for a person with Lyme disease. The woman was very disabled from the disease. I had a voice tell me there was a natural cure so I meditated and heard Chicory Root. I knew nothing about the herb except for its use in coffee. After doing some research about it I felt it would be helpful to share the instructions. I was told (psychically) the root had to be cleaned and consumed every morning for several months. It is best to consume it 3xs a day. If eating it is too much all the time it could be boiled into a tea and drunk. This shouldn’t be the only way to consume it. The root should be eaten at least once a day. The combo of tea 2xs a day and the root once a day is sufficient. Even just using the tea will be highly beneficial so if one can’t stomach the root all the time continue with the tea. It will take longer but will help. I get the image if cleaning and cooking the root and adding it to food as the easiest way to work with it.

Lyme Disease natural help

9 thoughts on “Lyme Disease natural help

  1. Thanks for the info Denise. my neighbor across the street claims she has Lyme disease, but I don’t see her as disabled. maybe it’s new for her and very early in it’s stages. I tell her about Chicory root though.

    I do have a question on Hillary Clinton and was wondering if you would do a reading on the 2014 election (this November) and if Hillary will run and will she win in 2016.

    Thanks Marie

  2. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    My best guess is that Hillary will run but she won’t win. If she couldn’t win in 2008 when she had almost everything going for her, I very much doubt that she will be able to win in 2016.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. you believe she won’t win the democratic primary? or are you saying she’ll lose in the general election against a Republican candidate?

  3. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    I believe that even if she wins the Democratic primary, she won’t win the overall election. I followed the 2008 presidential election extremely closely and even wrote a satirical book about it called ‘Hillimericks’. I soon discovered that an awful lot of Americans (including Democrats) loathe her and I would be surprised if that had changed.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. well, you’re right that the many of her supporters during the 2008 election abandoned her cuz they felt she made a mistake when she voted twice for the Iraq war. then there was some dispute over her remarks that was taken as being racist towards the Black community.

      The democrats knew who to line up behind… Obama, they could very well sense and see the momentum of the American voters, and why Obama won.

      I’m glad he did… the irony of his winnings was to highlight the hypocrisy of the Republican party…

      There is a book called “Game Change” and it covers all of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s campaign style, the Obamas, and by chapter 15 it begins to cover the McCain/Palin in depth detail, it will make you shudder, and thank God McCain and Palin was not elected. McCain is crazy, but not as crazy as Sarah Palin.

      An HBO movie was very good, but only tells the story on McCain and Palin.

      Obama presented a unique platform of “change” and because Obama was new and somewhat naive on working with the republicans, the people wanted something that was fresh and that would represent change in DC

      If Hillary Clinton had won in 2008, the republicans would have done nothing but obstruct her and do everything in their power to try and make her ineffective.

      The republicans are just angry, that they’re not in power, and the guy sitting in the White House is a democrat. I’m sure they’re many in the far right and or evangelicals that actually believe a Black man or woman does not deserve to be in the White House and actually believe that God says only a white man can occupy the White House.

      it’s pretty crazy and frankly they scare me to death with their rigid views and deep austerity cuts.

      I’m still glad that Obama won. Hillary Clinton was just a bit too soon, and she was right when she said, the country is just not ready for a woman yet.

      I do see a woman winning the election, but I can’t tell if it’s Hillary or Elizabeth Warren or someone who we don’t know about yet.

      but I do get the sense, that this time and after painful lessons from her first campaign, she will get it right this time….

      Blessings, Marie

  4. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    I want the Democrats to win the next election too. I’m just not convinced that putting Hillary forward again is their best strategy. Incidentally, ‘Homage to Edward Lear & Hillimericks’ and all my other books are available from

    Best wishes from Simon

  5. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    No problem. I am a born liberal anyway and have always leaned leftwards.

    Best wishes from Simon

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