4 thoughts on “Chem trails

  1. Dang! That is extreme. This may sound out of left field, but more people are building their own “cloudbusters” to disperse these, using Wilhelm Reich’s ideas (that the Feds then stole from him). There must be some people in your area that are willing to organize to disperse the worst effects of this by building these. I will look up some links on the orgone generators and send them your way.

  2. OK, here is one I found after a few minutes:


    There are loads of links out there, but you have to sort through the paranoid rantings of many. Some have theorized that the Deadly Orgone Energy that Reich warned about was actually what the Ark of the Covenant contained. Anyway, fascinating stuff.

  3. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Apparently the Illuminati want to reduce the world’s population to less than a billion. The most covert way to do this is to poison the air (chem trails), water (fluoride and other chemicals) and food (genetically modified rubbish) so that people develop cancer and other diseases and die prematurely. I strongly suspect that this is exactly what is happening.

    Best wishes from Simon

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