SoCal quake prediction

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This is something I really have an emotional block to – the notion of a giant quake in Southern California. I lived there most of my adult life and went through the January 17,1994 Nothridge Quake. I was still living by my alma mater Cal-Arts at the time which was less than 10 miles from the epicenter. I felt that quake coming for 5 years before it hit and I was reminded by friends I would constantly say (about our home at the time) “it’s going to take an earthquake to get us out of here.” I had several months of food and water stored in our closet which we gave to our neighbors because we had the good sense to head north while the aftershocks were happening.

I’m originally from Chicagoland where the earth is stable under one’s feet – that’s about the only thing a person can count on in the Mid-West. A freak blizzard, tornado fine, but at least one can see those coming to some degree – an earthquake is very disturbing because it is always a surprise.

I had a serious case of PTSD after that quake. I vowed never to go through another one. Ironically I was in Australia and Malaysia months before the outbreak of seismic activity and the subsequent killer Tsunami. I literally spent every free moment placing the area in white light and praying that any quake coming would be mollified. I could feel it in the air and it felt EXTREME. I had trouble sleeping at night!

But like that example of the frog who hops into a pot and slowly the temperature goes up until he’s boiling – feeling an earthquake when you are thoroughly entrenched in life in an area is difficult. In the 1994 earthquake I was relatively new to the area. The difference was easy to feel.

About 10 years ago I felt the energy shifting in Southern California and I begged my husband to move because I felt it starting. Well, it took 9 years to move and before we did I had a very clear dream about seeing a 9.3 earthquake hitting Southern California.

An earthquake of that size would be catastrophic. My mind hasn’t allowed me to see the devastation. In the dream I was where I live now looking at my phone after hearing it ping. It was an app I had just loaded onto my phone that sends a message whenever there is a big quake in the world. In the dream I was reading and rereading the words Southern California and the number because I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I still can’t. I have too many friends and memories to believe it possible, but I also know it could be true.

This is a problem for psychics. When we are attached to something emotionally it is much harder to read. In these cases I use multiple forms of divination to confirm a dream or knowing. I often hear, see, feel and even smell things that most people don’t. Sometimes I think it’s as if psychics have extra radio stations programmed into their brains. Everything is out there for us to perceive but most people are programmed to stay focused on the physical plane only.

So back to the point, I have gotten confirmation by multiple sources that a major quake is eminent. I have heard May and I feel it is this year. I have an exact date but I don’t put much credence in it because the earth is on a different time schedule then we are, however I’ll give the date as I feel it will be within weeks on either side of it.

The date is May 14, 2014. But as I said this is by no means an absolute, things can change dates and I have no idea why this one keeps popping into my head. I was reticent to share it because it’s very likely to be off by at least a few days. I can more safely say there is a very high probability of a 5.0 or greater in May of this year 2014. If I get that the day has shifted I will post that.

Blessings to all,


SoCal quake prediction

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  1. Marie says:

    I was born in the Burbank/San Fernando area (southern California). I went through the horrid earthquake in 1971. 6am, My bed moved across the room within the span of 3 seconds. it was a small room of about 200 sq ft.and that was the scariest moment of my life. my sister, my parents and I all jumped out of our beds and ran into the hallway, and hugged each other tight and we’re all screaming. it was over in about 4 maybe 5 mins. good grief… that was 7.8 on the Richter scale.

    several major aftershocks occurred.

    I’ve moved away from southern California in 1979, and have settled in the Santa Barbara area. I’m “central coast”. however, about ten years ago, we experienced a 5.8, mid morning, and I was sitting in a lobby waiting for my dental appt on a second floor. my chair quickly moved across the lobby within seconds. I think my chair moved about 6 ft.

    pretty scary moments… and yes, I agree over 9.0 would be a catastrophe

  2. Pernille Grønbech says:

    According to numerology it makes sense, that the 14th day in 2014 in the 5th (1+4) month would have some strong energies. 1 vibrates for new beginnings, 4 is an earthbound and material energy and 5 stands for change. On the other hand that would say that the 13th April 2013, the 12th March 2012 and so on also would have strong energies and I don’t recall anything particularly happening those days.

  3. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Scary prediction! My wife believes that when your number’s up, it’s up, no matter where you are in the world or what you happen to be doing. I, however, take the view that you can improve your life expectancy by staying well away from war zones and other dangerous places. It will be interesting to see whether your prediction has any effect on property prices in southern California.

    Best wishes from Simon

  4. Marie says:

    I agree Simon, on when it’s time for your soul to travel home and sometimes it’s fate.

    I have a question for you and Denise. Why in a general sense, see some natural disasters, but not other disasters, such as Mudslides or Tsunamis?

    Have you noticed the Mudslide devastation that occurred in Washington State recently. That my friend is absolutely horrid to be sitting watching TV at 11am on a Saturday morning, no warnings, no time to flee to a safety harbor.

    same thing with Tsunami in Indochina few years ago . Mother Nature can be vicious, and so is climate change.

  5. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    It is true that some future disasters do seem to throw much bigger shadows than others. Why this should be so I have absolutely no idea. Perhaps Denise or her readers have some plausible explanation.

    Best wishes from Simon

  6. Phoebe Moody says:

    I have found that actual dates of such major events are very difficult to pin down. Don’t have any idea why that is. But take, for example, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Both major attacks were predicted with amazingly detailed accuracy ….. with the one extremely important exception: the dates. The all-important dates were, for unknown reasons I will never understand, were obviously not provided to the psychics who had plainly seen the attacks beforehand in their dreams/visions. For without the relevant dates ….. what is the point of being given the visions? If there was anything I could ask the ‘Other Side’ ….. it would be THAT question.

    So to illustrate what I am here referring to ….. Here’s a very good documented prediction regarding the terrorist attacks on the WTC:
    In the book entitled ‘Psychic: True Paranormal Experiences’ by Hans Holzer, published by Smithmark Publishers in 1999, page 82, is as follows:
    “…. a woman from Brooklyn named Lucy Rivera has over the years proven to me her remarkable psychic gift. She primarily does private readings, so it was startling that she came up unexpectedly with spontaneous prophecies. Lucy visited me on December 27, 1990, very concerned about a vision she had first had in 1989. In it, she saw four airplanes over Manhattan, which she felt were threatening, and she connected this to the then-ongoing struggle with Saddam Hussein of Iraq. But she also “saw” a bomb going off in the Wall Street area of Manhattan and smoke rising. She described the people involved as dark-skinned, wearing a kind of blue uniform like overalls, and she saw people running all over and great turmoil. She felt that the people who had caused this came from the Newark, New Jersey, area. The same basic vision occurred to her on January 15, 1991, and again she decided to see me about it so I could warn the authorities, which I did. When the events failed to materialize during the Persian Gulf crisis, I thought no more about it, until the World Trade Center bombing took place two years later. The perpetrators, now imprisoned for life, did include some that came from New Jersey, and the overalls were work clothes worn by them, as they were posing as a kind of repair crew when entering the building; they were dark-skinned Arabs.”

    As I pointed out ….. this was published in Dr. Holzer’s book in 1999 ….. a couple of years BEFORE September 11, 2001. Apparently, Ms. Rivera “saw” a curious mix of forthcoming events regarding the separate terrorist attacks on the WTC ….. including the four planes. For as we all well-remember ….. there WERE four planes involved on 9-11 — although all four were not over Manhattan. But close enough, eh? And all of it involved “dark-skinned” men as the perpetrators. Very interesting indeed …. but of what PRACTICAL use if NO DATES for these events were given to Ms. Rivera in her visions? For HIS part ….. Dr. Holzer said that he did report it to the proper authorities. But without any idea of WHEN this was to occur ….. WHAT can anyone really DO about it? The simple answer is obvious: NOTHING!

  7. Thomas says:

    Interesting premonition about Southern California.

    I was dreaming last night that I was in Southern California, and in the dream I knew the current date, and we were still safe as long as we got out of Southern California before… which I believe was sometime in May, when “the big one” strikes?

    1. Phoebe Moody says:

      There are several different names for ‘Bardo’ ….. all basically referring to the same state of existence, but relative to the different religious beliefs. And keep in mind that ALL religions are man-made. The state of ‘Spirit’ — sans organized “dogmatic” religion — is ultimately what we should all be aiming to achieve in this earthly “school” we call “life”. So that being said …. ‘Bardo’, ‘Purgatory’, ‘Hades’ ….. they’re all related and they reference an “inbetween” state of existence for the soul. And the only thing that keeps one “stuck” there ….. is one’s own state of mind. Anyone can “advance” or move forward with the assistance of higher spiritual entities [another term for that is ‘angels’] if one calls on them for help. But THAT’S the thing ….. one has to DIRECTLY REQUEST their assistance. Otherwise ….. yes, those who do not will be “stuck” in Bardo/Purgatory. And yes ….. there are a LOT of low-level embodied spirits [aka “people”] here on earth who just do NOT “get it” ….. and appear unable to do so. They have a LOT of spiritual growth to do before they can advance to that level on the ‘Other Side’ wherein they have reached the stage that they can choose to reincarnate or not. Nobody is idle on the ‘Other Side’ …. there is much “work” to do over there also ….. it’s just that there are none of the physical difficulties that we have here on the earthly plane. And by the way …. the average [basically good] person goes to the “third” level or plane of existence on the Other Side when they pass from this earth. And anyone can “visit” lower levels ….. but those on the lower levels cannot “visit” or move up to the higher levels until they’ve “earned” it or have spiritually advanced to it. So ….. ALL of that being said — yes, an abrupt end to human existence [as we know it] on earth would definitely be catastrophic for many souls: those who have not sought to learn, those who have not served their fellow human beings, those who are greedy and self-absorbed, those who have sought to hurt others [especially the innocent and defenseless — children and animals]. Yes ….. THEY are indeed in a very BAD situation. And it is a condition that they have brought upon THEMSELVES. They, and they alone, are responsible for themselves. Nobody can do the work FOR them. And that includes the LAZY hypocrites out there who conveniently choose to believe that they can get away with just about anything as long as they are “saved”. That’s a nice concept …. but it’s a fantasy. And those particular low-level people probably won’t face or accept that reality until they pass from this earth. So …. am I afraid for myself ….. that I’ll be spiritually “stuck” in Bardo? Well, although I realize that I AM an imperfect human being …. at least I do strive to study and learn and become self-aware. So if it’s true that earthly human existence as we know it will somehow meet it’s end in the near — or even distant — future ….. at least I now know enough about it to ask the Higher Spiritual Beings for help ….. and also have the DESIRE to do so if it becomes necessary. In that sense …. I personally feel that I don’t have a lot to fear.

      1. Thomas says:

        One needs to get to a state of nothingness to realized that even souls on the “other side” create dogmas and religions for their realities.

        It’s not until you let go of all belief that you can become one with the creator, or basically create anything. Belief is the only limitation when it comes to creating.

  8. Marie says:

    Dear Phoebe Moody
    You wrote:
    “The all-important dates were, for unknown reasons I will never understand, were obviously not provided to the psychics who had plainly seen the attacks beforehand in their dreams/visions. For without the relevant dates ….. what is the point of being given the visions? If there was anything I could ask the ‘Other Side’ ….. it would be THAT question.”

    yep, frustrating….

    exactly my thoughts and for many years now. I was told by my spirit guides that it’s because we’re NOT meant to know everything, and we’re not meant to prevent ALL disasters. If we knew ahead of time, we would do everything we could to prevent that from happening? yes, and depending on the size or issue at hand, it would only help the person personally.

    If we prevented every negative or bad thing to become a reality, than, you would not learn the lesson but become a control freak. We’re here to learn the lessons of life on earth. how else will one learn that certain actions can have dire consequences or produce a very bad outcome. It would teache one to learn the lessons and hopefully you’d become wiser for it.

    So I begged on this question. Whats the point if we’re shown a vision, or whatever, and that why we can’t get a date so we could warn others if not for ourselves?

    A number of years back, a my former Boss was planning a trip to Mexico city for business to attend a wholesale trade show. About four days prior, she started getting a bad feeling everytime she would plan to buy her airline ticket or to do any other planning. those were her signs to NOT go.

    She canceled her trip. The day after she was supposed to be at the Trade Show, there was a 6.5 earthquake and being Mexico city, there was a lot of damage. She was very glad she canceled and listened to her own body signals that something was wrong.

    She was not meant to go. Did this prevent anyone else from going or those who live there? no, of course not. for some people were killed… and personal losses was devastating for many.

    So I’ve concluded that we’re really meant to teach ourselves to listen to our own gut instincts, and take responsibility for your future. sometimes we make mistakes by hooking up with the wrong people that seemed natural at the time? only later you find out the guy is a pervert. by paying attention to your own instincts, you can and do make better decisions and sooner rather than later.

    It’s not easy on psychic readers to be your daily consultant on everyday matters. For me, I found it easier to stay focus on my own matters and not to become overly involved in someone’s else life. Carrying other people’s burdens requires a psychic reader to be emotionally and physically strong to help the reader stay objective and less empathic.

    Just because you’re empathic, does not make you psychic, and being psychic does not make you naturally empathic. one quality has nothing to do with the other. however having said that, it does help to be empathic with their personal situation.

    if a reader becomes too attached to someone’s else emotional matters, than you become a martyr.

    Stay true to you. God bless all xo Marie

    1. Phoebe Moody says:

      I never discount the value of heeding one’s “gut instinct” or “inner voice”. I’ve personally followed mine many, many times ….. and have always come to regret it later those times when, for whatever reason, I chose not to. My comment regarding the question of what practical use is receiving authentic prophetic visions if no timeframe is also provided ….. was primarily meant to be rhetorical …. or “food for thought”. I prefaced this question with a documented authentic and compelling example of a series of detailed precognitive dreams experienced by a psychic woman whose credibility as such was respected by no less than Dr. Hans Holzer ….. who, during most of his lifetime, was a pioneering investigator and author of all things psychic and “paranormal”. Most of those who are well-familiar with Dr. Holzer tend to trust his information and valued his assessments and opinions. He first THOROUGHLY tested any/all individuals who were alleged to be highly psychic …. before he publicly endorsed them as such. He wisely viewed such matters as putting his own professional reputation on the line …. therefore he went to great lengths to be objective and never gullible. So further to this ….. I happen to find it fascinating that a woman he was personally acquainted with as being truly gifted with psychic ability came to him more than once because she had been alarmed by impending disasters that she “saw” happening within the heart of New York City ….. so much so that she prevailed upon him to contact the city’s authorities with that important information — which he did — but to what end? Again ….. this is intended as a rhetorical question. I don’t believe there IS any definitive answer. I, personally, view such authentic prophetic visions as being something akin to “psychic teasers”. Other than demonstrating to us that psychic ability is an actual reality and not always bogus ….. there is no other “practical” reason for it. It also pretty much answers the question regarding “fate” ….. what of the future can be “controlled”, and what cannot. And that’s about it. And I am not discounting the importance of that. I’m just putting it “out there”.

      So all that said ….. the strong visions or “feelings” that are being experienced regarding the next big earthquake in California — or any disaster anywhere else — most likely cannot be predicted to happen within any sort of timeframe. Individuals who reside there or who plan to travel there can only, as you suggested, follow their own inner instincts about it. IF they even receive any feelings about it, that is.

  9. Marie says:

    when I gave readings for 15 years, I would always end it with follow your own lead or gut. if something does not feel right to you by a psychic reader advising you this or that, do not do it. the power of free will is a gift from God, and unfortunately, most people are “fatalistic” and would rather a reader tell them exactly what to do and when.

    Most people do not understand this concept, and because destiny is controlled through your own free will some folks find its easier to follow the lead of a reader, and if it does not work out, then blame it on the reader.

    yes, of course, good readers will provide insights and give you a direction, but it’s not up to the reader to prevent the person from falling down and learning a thing or two.

    I understand the frustration of not getting to a time reference. I do agree that some visions are just that, a teaser to get you to see that you’re perfectly capable to see ahead.

    Have you heard of the Psychic Twins? They predicted the 9/11 several weeks prior. do not recall if they knew of the dates. probably not. The same twin psychics also predicted that Mitt Romney was going win the 2012 election.

    They were right and they were wrong.

    Thanks for sharing, I love to talk about this… Marie

    1. Phoebe Moody says:

      Yes ….. I’ve heard of the “psychic twins”. I first saw them a couple of years ago on the ‘Tyra Banks Show’. Then I did a search of them on YouTube and watched them on there. They are mostly about “jabbering”. I did not know, however, that they predicted a win for Romney. Heck ….. that’s only a simple fifty/fifty proposition. I didn’t specifically “predict” the events of 9/11 ….. however Denise accurately predicted it would go to Obama on this website ….. and I “instinctively” knew she was right. And so it was. Guess that explains why I haven’t subsequently seen or heard much about the “psychic twins” since the last election ….. because they “blew” a big one. I understand that a statistician by the name of Nate Silver is EXTREMELY accurate in his election outcome predictions. So until he loses his “muse” ….. I now pay attention to Nate Silver about that subject matter. MSNBC is frequently a reliable source for reporting about Nate Silver’s latest election predictions.

      And btw ….. when I was in high school, I had a very vivid dream which I have never forgotten to this day — about forty years later. In it, I was in my home when I suddenly heard a lot of very loud commotion outside. In the dream, I was compelled to go outside to our front lawn to see what was going on. What I “saw” were men and women — none of whom I personally knew or recognized — all running in one direction down the middle of our residential street — looking and sounding absolutely terrified. Another thing I specifically noticed about them was their clothing, which was what one would call “business attire”. I couldn’t see exactly WHAT it was they were running away from ….. so I reached out and grabbed the arm of a man running by near me and asked him what was going on. I’ll never forget the terrified look on his face when he yelled, “Just go turn on your TV and you’ll SEE!” So I did that. And all I “saw” was a newscaster sitting there in shock saying over and over, “What has happened is absolutely TERRIBLE!” And he basically just kept repeating how AWFUL it was …. this TERRIBLE event that has happened. And then the dream “faded” to black. I never forgot it because the “possibilities” of what those people could have been so very terrified by were not even anything I could guess at. I eliminated the “reason” as being a nuclear attack ….. because nobody can run from THAT. So WHAT was it? Then ….. some four decades later on the morning of September 11, 2001 ….. I TOTALLY “RECOGNIZED” THE SCENE of those SAME terrified-looking people wearing business attire all running together in one direction down the middle of the street ….. away from the first falling WTC tower. It wasn’t even a feeling of “deja vu” ….. I was able to immediately recognize the scene from my long-ago dream ….. with the exception, ofcourse, that it wasn’t my hometown street they were on. However ….. it was definitely the SAME people. So there again ….. that’s the type of “psychic” prophetic dreams that I am susceptible to having. The WTC was seen nowhere in my dream ….. but it is an interesting aspect of it that it was being built or was very newly constructed at the time of the dream. We’re all “psychic” to some extent. Some of us pay attention to it ….. some don’t. I’ve come to believe that the basic purpose such visions serves is to make us aware that such as that really does happen — it’s not just a figment of our imagination — and that it must come from something of the Spirit. Something — or someone — omnipotent and “bigger” than we are. And that we’re not meant to absolutely understand everything. The concept of which leaves me “amused” whenever I hear an evangelical piously drone on about the Bible and EVERYTHING there is to know about God. Yeah ….. most of us mere mortals are aware of the “basics” ….. but EVERYTHING? Hardly!

      1. Marie says:

        that is pretty amazing you carried that dream with you all of those years. we must be about the same age? I graduated from High School 1970.. yea, I am a hippy, and in my heart I still am.

        Take care, and God bless.. Marie

        1. Phoebe Moody says:

          I graduated from high school in June of 1971. I did retain a vivid memory of that dream …. primarily because it was not only vivid/lucid ….. but because I would occasionally try to figure out what in the heck would create that type of scenario whereby it was all adults dressed in business/office attire — running together in one direction down the middle of the street looking absolutely terrified. It was evident to me in the dream that they were running FROM something ….. but I couldn’t discern what that was ….. nor was it revealed by “anyone” in the dream. Then the very moment that I saw “them” on the live television broadcast when the first of the twin towers collapsed …. I recognized it immediately. My question was finally answered. I don’t have a frequent recall of my dreams ….. if I can even still remember them the next day. But THAT one will never fade away. And yes ….. after I finally had confirmation of exactly what it was about, I then thought about the limitations of such dreams. I already had that book by Hans Holzer in my possession at the time of the attack on 9-11 ….. however it’s a thick book and I had never read it in it’s entirety. As a matter of fact ….. I still haven’t. It just so happened that one day a few years after that event ….. I happened to pick it up again from my bookshelf and started randomly leafing through it, pausing to read whatever caught my eye. And there it WAS ….. the story about the woman’s visions in her dreams as told to (and by) Hans Holzer. Which was published at least a couple of years BEFORE 2001. What REALLY grabbed my attention was the part of it that detailed the “four planes over Manhattan” which were to be used for a malicious purpose by “dark-skinned men from the New Jersey area”. The dreams occurred around 1989, if I remember correctly. So then it occurred to me yet again ….. “For WHAT purpose ARE such prophetic visions if NO dates are also provided?” I’d already seen very similar stories featured on TV shows like ‘Unsolved Mysteries” ….. where, for example, a man had experienced the same detailed dream of a plane crash for several nights in a row. He even “saw” the airport where this would happen upon the plane’s departure/take-off. It bothered him so much that he first told his wife about it ….. and then he went ahead and contacted some airline officials to forewarn them — ultimately to no avail. Sometime thereafter …. a plane DID crash shortly after take-off at the same airport and under the same unusual circumstances that he had seen in his dreams. But apparently ….. it could not be averted. Which DOES at least answer, in part, some questions we have about how much of what happens in life can be attributed to “fate” ….. and how much can we, ourselves, control. Evidently ….. “fate” plays a very big part of such events.

  10. Marie says:

    BTW~ I know who Nate Silver is, but he is predicting the Republicans will pick up extra Senate seats. I’m betting he is wrong this time. why? it’s too early, and as of late The democrats running for senate are neck to neck with their GOP opponent,and some of the democrats are way ahead by double digits.

    my feeling it will be a big surprise and that mostly the Tea party incumbents and new TP/GOP candidates will lose big. People remember the crazy gov’t shutdown last October and the endless repeal of Obamacare. They do not have much else to run on.

    There will be more women candidates that will win, and you will most likely see more ‘independents’. voters are pissed off and so piss they’ll vote out a good majority.

    Paul Ryan will lose, and so will Mitch McConnell. I’m praying Darrell Issa will lose too.

    Recent Polls conducted by ABC news network and CNN network is just bogus. they only sampled 1000 and from a conservative area(s).

    so we shall see…

    have you read on Larry Schwimmer’s astro prediction for this election?

    I provided a link somewhere on this blog, and I posted it just in the last 24 hours.

    I would be interested in hearing Denise’s prediction on the upcoming election.

    There are only 3 astrologers/psychics, and mediums I follow currently.

    I think Denise is an amazing psychic and astrologer.

    I am very glad I found this site and just before the 2012 election. I knew Denise was right about Obama, but than again, I was a nervous wreck just thinking that Mitt Romney could win. the psychic twins were not the only ones that predicted Romney’s win.


  11. Phoebe Moody says:

    I’ll completely reserve any personal thoughts or predictions on the upcoming mid-term elections. It will be interesting to see whether or not Nate Silver still has his “muse” working for him. The amazing thing about HIS predictions is ….. he regularly gets it right about both WHO will win — AND by WHAT margin. Now THAT is quite a FEAT ….. to be able to predict by how MUCH they will win. Have NEVER heard of anyone else who can accurately do THAT! So despite whatever I want the outcome to be — if I was “forced” to bet the farm on it — then I would put my bet on whatever Nate Silver predicts. He does say, however, that he reserves the “right” to amend his prediction(s) during a specific time period leading up to election day. Who KNOWS how a “muse” operates? Certainly NOT ME! But after watching the Presidential debates on TV ….. I knew right then and there that Romney was “toast”. I never really worried about that one. He made a total fool of himself on too many occasions leading up to election day. I can predict THIS, however: If Jeb Bush runs against Hilary Clinton ….. it will be a tight race ….. but unfortunately, Bush will win. Barring any “gaffes” on his part — and he is ONE Bush who seemingly never makes them — he will win over Hillary in 2016 because: 1) He will totally have the Hispanic votes, 2) African-American voters won’t turn out the vote for Hillary in the same numbers they did for Obama ….. they will tend to sit out in 2016, and 3) This country is too misogynistic to vote for a woman to be President. Even women tend to be unsupportive of other women ….. therefore they will tend to sit out in 2016, also. That’s a LOT of votes that Hillary needs to be able to win it but for the reasons I stated …. won’t get. So that puts Jeb Bush out in front of her. Just sayin’. We’ll see. I would LOVE to be WRONG on THIS one. But …. WHO ELSE does the GOP have who can possibly beat her? Currently ….. HE is that Party’s only viable candidate. And those “insiders” who have recently appeared on MSNBC regarding this subject ….. say that he HAS already made up his mind to run. He probably got Adelson to agree to commit to backing his campaign when Bush met with him behind closed doors in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. That was probably his “defining” moment when he privately decided to go for it. And let’s face it ….. he DOES present himself as more intelligent and likeable than his dufus brother. Voters generally won’t desire to “punish” Jeb by withholding their votes just because he has a screwy brother!

    1. Marie says:

      interesting you see Jeb Bush winning 2016. I keep seeing a woman with blond hair, and naturally I think of Hillary. however, it could be Elizabeth Warren. I keep seeing a female being President in the next General election of 2016.

      Interesting how we can be so psychic, and yet see the outcome differently.

      2016 is still a long way from now, and it’s important to retain the Senate and retake the house this year 2014.

      Hillary could screw it up…she does have a defensiveness about her, and she would have to play it very cool and warm up a bit and get closer to the average folks. Remember it was Bill that unleashed wall street and that is where the problems began. sucks

      When you vote for the person to be President, you’re really voting for the party’s policies.

      so, having said that, I believe the country is tired of austerity cuts,trickle down economics that does not work and has proven to work already.

      GOP party is a fractured party and have no longer presented themselves as moderate or even reasonable. I suppose Bush could win, but my psychic gut says Hillary or another blond haired female. I keep seeing a female.

      I absolutely love Elizabeth Warren… she got the magic, and the balls.

      1. Phoebe Moody says:

        Marie and Simon ….. The three of us are apparently on the same page in our political views. Simon ….. You and I are on the same page in our gut instincts regarding why Hillary cannot beat Jeb Bush. Marie …… Hispanics LOVE the Bushes — regardless of which Party the Bushes belong to. Of the Hispanics that bother to vote — as few as they are [meaning the number of Hispanics who actively register to vote and then DO actively VOTE] — the vast majority of their votes WILL go to Jeb Bush. Marie ….. apparently you prefer to believe that people vote with their intellect. They don’t. They vote with their emotions. And reality, objectivity and reasonable opinions all fly right out the window when a person’s “emotions” come into play. You’ve perhaps heard of the term ‘Emotional Quotient’ ….. or ‘EQ’. There are TWO basic types of intelligence. The one that we are traditionally familiar with is the measure of one’s ‘Intelligence Quotient’ ….. or ‘IQ’. But a person can have a very high ‘IQ’ ….. and at the same time, have a very low ‘EQ’. There’s a very informative book on this interesting subject matter. But the upshot of it is …… a person’s ‘EQ’ usually prevails over that person’s ‘IQ’. It’s the nature of the beast. Ergo ….. if a person has a low ‘EQ’ ….. then that will detract from, or even completely negate, their high ‘IQ’. And it so happens that the numbers of ‘high IQ/low EQ’ and ‘low IQ/low EQ’ and ‘low IQ/high EQ’ ….. FAR OUTNUMBERS the group that is ‘high IQ/high EQ’. And it’s that latter group who HAS intelligence and KNOWS how best to use it and DOES so. You apparently give more people the benefit of the doubt that they actually DON’T DESERVE. The REALITY of the situation is that MOST of the population falls somewhere in the first group ….. NOT the latter group of ‘high IQ/high EQ’. Therefore ….. we have an ongoing mess that will be very difficult — if not impossible — to clean up and straighten out. Good luck to US with THAT. All those low ‘EQ’ people out there who vote AGAINST their own best interests …… well, DON’T even get me STARTED! Yes ….. many of them will stand there and SAY that they are frustrated and are angry and are tired of “this” and tired of “that” ….. but THEN will go right out there and vote FOR the Republican candidates. SERIOUSLY ….. they really DO. The low ‘EQ’ crowd. So as a result ….. I pay less attention to what people SAY ….. and more attention to what they DO. It’s very frequently completely contradictory. And I cannot allow myself to dwell on that fact too much ….. or else my blood pressure gets dangerously high. And since there’s absolutely nothing I can do about them anyway ….. then to what end?

        NOW ….. you quoted from Sylvia Browne. Can I tell you some important information about SYLVIA BROWNE? There are GENUINE psychic mediums ……… and THEN there was SYLVIA BROWNE! 😉

        1. Marie says:

          thank you for sharing the thoughts on EQ. I agree people get caught up with the wrong candidates and vote against their own best interests. It’s a ginantic mess.

          As for the Bushes, I do believe that Hispanics and Latinos used to be very loyal to the Republican party. and vote against their own best interest if they want immigration reform. This year, I was actually focusing more on this election and not in 2016. a lot can change and happen in two short years, so I am very sure, we’re going to see many psychics post on -line who they think will win.

          I’ve seen psychics said it would be Newt Gingrich. lol I said no way. there were many who predicted Mitt Romney, and quite a few are well known celebrity psychics like Blair Robertson said Mitt Romney would win. One was a medium who posted on facebook a drawing he claimed to have channeled a spirit that helped him draw an image that looked exactly like Mitt Romney would be the Next President in 2012.

          as for poking fun at Sylvia Browne is interesting because I never really liked her that much, but was listening to her on the Montel Williams show when she talked about the Clintons returning to the White House. My sense there she was right, but at the time, it never occurred to me it would be Hillary to get them back in there. She never elaborated on how it would happen, just that they would.

          Sylvia Browne has made mistakes. one such biggie, was that of those three girls that were kidnapped and held captive for more than ten years, and finally last year they broke free.

          She predicted that one of the girl(s) were dead, so she was very wrong about that, BUT she got the perpetrator name dead on (castro). She said his name and spelled it out, she was right or dead on, but dead wrong on the girl being dead.

          What I am trying to convey here, and I think the point is and has been missed, so I will phrase it in another way.

          NO psychic on this earth is ever right 100% of the time. The best of the bests (psychic(s) are usually 75-80 percent accurate and that is a very good number.

          sometimes, you can be 100 percent correct with one person, and the next person you read, you maybe only 45 percent correct. it all depends on the connection between the reader and the client.

          Blessings, Marie

          1. Phoebe Moody says:

            Regarding Sylvia Browne ….. Well, let’s just put it THIS way, Marie: “I can see that you have FOUR spirit guides … and their names are LUCY, RICKY, FRED and ETHEL.” Please! And don’t even get me STARTED on just how MANY times she has gotten her so-called predictions absolutely WRONG — BIG TIME! She had strongly (and quite ARROGANTLY) publicly claimed for many years that Osama Bin Laden was “already DEAD”. Then she would follow up that [as it turned out] extremely ERRONEOUS proclamation with various diatribes on how our government was wasting $$ by even looking for him …. since he was “already DEAD”. She even went on further to say that the cause of his “death” had been kidney failure. So THAT was taking the “margin of error” to an entirely NEW LEVEL OF LOW ….. or, perhaps I should say “LOW-LIFE”. She was an out-and-out FRAUD ….. and so is her son. It’s NO wonder that during the final few years of her life that she had lost so MUCH CREDIBILITY as a “psychic medium” ….. that she (and her cheerleader, Montel Williams) were reduced to making their living primarily from appearances on late-night infomercials hawking kitchen blenders! I did an extensive internet search and YouTube searches on her a few years ago ….. and found a LOT of derogatory facts about her thru that. The internet search engines can be such a conveniently useful tool ….. whenever those of us who did not grow up using computers can just remember to use it. If something cannot be found on Google ….. then it probably doesn’t exist. Seriously!!

  12. Marie says:

    I think the hispanic party based on what I’ve read and researche won’t be supporting the GOP. They want the safety net programs, and affordable health care. Hispanics are middle class and if they’ve been paying close attention, they will leave the Republican party in droves.

    They’re tired of the Republican party lying their hats off when it comes to Immigration.

    Remember, as President, George W Bush tried to get immigration to pass, and failed twice during his 2 terms. For the first 6 years, He had a super majority in the house and senate, and even he could not get immigration to pass. All because his conservative asshats (lawmakers) did not want it, and voted it down twice.

    Blessings, Marie

    1. Phoebe Moody says:

      Until the election outcome proves otherwise … I’ll basically stand by my assessments of 2016. Jeb Bush is actually married to a [former] Mexican national. His children totally look Hispanic. The Hispanics very much like and accept the Bushes. Of those who bother to vote, that is. In Texas …. they rarely do. But whether any President can successfully get an immigration bill through or not ….. it doesn’t detract from the fact that they will largely turn out for Jeb. And in combination with the other factors I mentioned …. ultimately means a win for him in 2016 — which, in combination with a majority Republican Senate will not bode well for the rest of us. Not well at all. As for the Teapukes ….. they are large in number also ….. and if/when African-American voters decline to turn out to vote ….. then that puts the GOP candidates out front. Whether it’s by a small margin or a large one ….. doesn’t much matter. At the end of the day … a win is a win. African-Americans did not strongly turn out to vote when George W. Bush was deemed the winner. Then it was demonstrated just how very essential and effective their large turn out can be when Obama was the candidate. So these particulars are proven facts at this point ….. not merely speculation. And like I said much earlier ….. I would LOVE to be WRONG about this — and I’ll be the first to say I hope I am. I, personally, have nothing to “gain” by having both a Republican President in tandem with a majority Republican Senate. We “average” American citizens stand only to suffer big-time if THAT happens. However … nobody can make the Teapuke voters understand or accept that. They are BEYOND ignorant. Many of them are actually senile or mentally-“challenged”. They really ARE. And they VOTE.

  13. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Phoebe

    I think that you, Marie and I are all around the same age. I was born in 1957. The other day I heard an interesting documentary on BBC Radio 4 about the Republican party. It described them as having been reduced to a rump of angry white men. However, I agree with you that if Jeb Bush runs against Hillary, he will probably win. The Democrats would do far better with Elizabeth Warren as their candidate but Hillary has such a grip on the Democrat party that she will almost certainly win the nomination. I watched a You Tube video recently on Obama the Antichrist. It had had about ten million views!

    Best wishes from Simon

  14. Marie says:

    If Elizabeth Warren were to run and win in the primaries, she would certainly lose in the general election to a republican. why? because she is too far left and even though she used to be a republican, she’s now a liberal/socialist.

    Hillary is, more or less a center moderate Democrat. She does have the backing of Black Americans, and the Hispanic voters no longer support the republican party.

    Jeb Bush maybe smarter than his brother, but he is still a Bush, and he is a republican and like his Father and Brother, he would bring back the same asshats to manage the administration.

    voters are not interested in anymore Bushes. just like Barbara Bush stated. listen to your mother Jebby we don’t want you. lol

    everyone prefers a President to be center of right and left. Moderate positions is key to winning and holding the white house.

    we can look at the same subject and come up with a different outcome really does baffle me, but I’m not at all surprise. I’ve seen this many times, and I don’t have an answer as to why that is. just is…. in other words, only one of us is right.

    I do hope you’re wrong about Jeb Bush that would be horrible and would do this country a great dis service.

    We need politicians that believe in equal rights, climate change, and to put the bad boys on wall street in jail.

    Please remember, this republican party is no longer a viable moderate party, and is a fractured party with the help of the extremists. do not feel sorry for the GOP for they welcomed them with open arms, and now that it has backfired, they are scrambling to rebrand themselves have much work to do to reclaim the black and Hispanic voters.

    They’re not doing a very good job of re-branding, but instead have doubled down on their negative policies to which it serves only for the very rich and Koch Brothers.

    That is a major turn off for voters and especially middle class folks do not like to be misled, and no we do not give a rat’s ass on how the rich feels and not our job to help the very rich make more money, while the middle class declines.

    The GOP party caters to the very rich, and to see them flock to Las Vegas to meet with asshat Sheldon Adelson demonstrates that nothing has changed.

    I stand with Denise on Hillary, but I am not clear if its Hillary, but I do see a female with blond hair winning in 2016.

    Sylvia Browne predicted that the Clintons would be back in the White House. she made that prediction in the late 97-98. I could not figure out how that would happen, and Browne stated she had no idea how they would win another election, but she was very clear… They will retake the White House.

    now of course it makes sense… it’s Hillary 2016.

    Blessings, Marie

  15. Thomas says:

    I was watching a city council meeting of Albaquerqe last night that broke down into anarchy.

    I’ve heard from several psychics that Obama is our last President. I’m wondering if the next elections will be like during the Civil War, states that have broken away having their own elections and own Presidents.

    The timeline I’ve seen is a major disaster on the West Coast followed by the nuking of a city in the Southwest, martial law, civil war, and then WWIII. The years that stand out for me are 2015 and 2017.

    1. Marie says:

      Thomas I ‘ve followed up on the city council meeting, and it was a peaceful protest, and the will of the people won. yes, they stormed into a disrupted a meeting, and they were shocked.

      The purpose of the protest was about corruption within the police dept, and their safety was a concern for the constituents. They want the Mayor and the Police chief to resign.

      Looks like they have won on that issue. a new meeting has been set up for Thursday evening on to vote the Mayor or Police chief out of office.

      We the people are winning…. it really had nothing to do with a possible civil war, secessions, martial law or WW 3

      blessings, Marie

  16. Marie says:

    I’ve heard that same prediction on Obama being the last President. I saw that just before the 2012 general election. I know who it was that made that statement, and she lives in Texas. She and a few others have made bizarre off the wall predictions and many of them never played out.

    Lots of city council meetings break out into literal fist fights… no one is civil anymore, and the people are pissed.

    I believe she copied that prediction or she stole that prediction from someone or somewhere else. I really have a hard time seeing that southern states will secede. Those southern red states would never survive without the help of the Federal gov’t subsidies. I would love to see the state of Texas secede.

    Poor states takes away from the healthy blue states that prosper. the federal gov’t makes sure the poor states gets money to help pay for what the state gov’t can’t provide. money to pay for whatever they need it for, and it’s usually medicaid or something of sorts.

    really hard to fathom that Obama will be the last President.

  17. Phoebe Moody says:

    Many poor “red” states [Florida and Texas are two prime examples] actively PREVENT their own state’s citizens from being eligible for federal assistance. No thanks to the Republican legislators on every level around the country ….. The system is set up now whereby individual “states’ rights” trumps “federal rights” …… in many various ways. Therefore ….. many, many people out there are STILL DYING simply because they live in states like Texas or Florida. For instance ….. Did you hear about that young woman [a young poor white mother] in Florida who had a congenital heart problem ….. and she literally dropped dead in someone’s home BECAUSE she lived in FLORIDA whose REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR has refused his state’s residents to be able to acquire medical assistance. The story about that young woman was very big in the national news and on the internet last month. Her best friend recently testified in front of a congressional panel in Washington D.C. about what happened to her friend ….. and how unnecessary her death was and how it COULD have been PREVENTED if the current Governor of Florida had NOT set it up whereby Floridians are less able to get financial assistance than do residents in the “blue” states.

  18. Phoebe Moody says:

    *CORRECTION* — Texas is a “red” state …… NOT a “poor red” state. However ….. our Texas Governor, Rick Perry, is bound and DETERMINED that Texans will NOT be eligible to receive needed financial assistance for medical care. And sadly ….. THAT’S a FACT.

  19. Phoebe Moody says:

    Oh ….. I also forgot to add earlier that Elizabeth Warren has recently and definitely stated that she will NEVER be a candidate for the Presidency. So as MUCH as WE would LIKE it if she WOULD run for the Presidency some day ….. she sounds very determined in her own conviction that she will not.

    And yes ….. Hillary is often predisposed to running her mouth “unchecked”, and by so doing ….. she can lessen her chances for winning — but at the end of the day, “lessening” her chances won’t make any distinctive difference — if Jeb Bush is her opponent. I am sitting here watching MSNBC as I write this …… and the black correspondents who regularly appear on that network …. just NOW stated EVERYTHING that I have already pointed out on this blog’s thread. In their analysis, they pointed out documented facts and figures in order to support their point — THAT being that if black voters don’t bother to turn out to vote this year and, again, in 2016 ….. then having voted for Obama in 2008 and in 2012 will have accomplished very LITTLE for them. But there AGAIN ….. the matter of “low EQ” comes into play: The general idea of their having succeeded in electing the first black man into the high office of President. HeeeeeeellooooOOOO??! They should NOT drop the ball THERE. There is the CONTINUING fight and work to DO. They CANNOT AFFORD to rest on their laurels of having elected a black man to the Presidency. They NOW need to ENSURE his LEGACY as being an EFFECTIVE President by CONTINUING TO VOTE. Now ….. the big question is: WILL THEY? Let’s HOPE they DO! But that, ofcourse, is ultimately up to THEM.

    1. Marie says:

      i agree that Hillary can worsen her chance of winning with her defensiveness. so she needs to watch her step and her mouth. She is a Scorpio, and Scorpios are damn tough and she could handle the nasty boys.

      I did hear and followed for a while on the young woman from Florida that died because she had no medical coverage. both Florida and Texas are crazy whacky states.

      Texas is a poor state. That the reason for begging Federal dollars to help with their budget. The oil billionaires and it’s lawmakers control their agenda and have for years. It’s tough to be a woman in Texas.

      They rank number 5 as the highest uninsured (without) insurance and they rank number 5 with the most poor people. Mississippi is a number One poor state.. God help those people.

      Texas is rich on one hand but on another hand it’s really a poor red state. why else would Rick Perry say they will NOT secede . because he would not get any money from the Federal Gov’t. lol

      Texas state will be turning blue over the next ten years. Georgia will turn blue, and Arizona, New Mexico, and you might want to add Florida, and NCarolina. They really are democratic states, but were taken over by the billionaire boys club.. The Koch Brothers have legislation to work on their behalf and have succeeded in twenty states, and now it’s become a state issue rather than federal issue.

      it’s a frickin mess. Its time to stop voting against your own best interest, and get to know the candidates and their policies first.

      Most times it does not matter who the President is. It’s the policy of each party that matters. in other words, you don’t vote for just the man, but the party in it’s entirety. so it’s important to elect the right senators and congress.

      Best of luck, Marie

      1. Phoebe Moody says:

        A LOT of the problems in Texas [and in the Southern red states in general] are the HUGE numbers of evangelical residents in this state. They operate from their EMOTIONS and from their wacky religious dogma. For example ….. even though Michelle Bachman isn’t from Texas — I say without a doubt that if she ever chose to live here ….. she would immediately fit in very comfortably. VERY comfortably! She makes such STUPID-ASS public remarks such as “God caused the attacks on 9-11 to happen because he is very angry with America.” A LOT of people here in Texas — especially the white evangelicals — ALSO believe such ridiculous nonsense. So THAT’S what those SANE and REASONABLE of Texas residents have to deal with here in the Lone Star State!

          1. Phoebe Moody says:

            It isn’t such a “stretch” to believe that Hillary Clinton won’t win under certain circumstances. All those liberal/progressive individuals who have been crowing about how much they dislike the idea of someone like Chris Christie being the GOP’s 2016 candidate aren’t taking into consideration the fact that it would be very unlikely that HE could beat Hillary. Same thing regarding all the others, with one exception: Jeb Bush. For all the reasons I’ve already stated. In assessing that scenario ….. I’m completely setting aside emotions and my own personal hopes or desires about it. I’m looking at the overall big picture from a dispassionate perspective. Even without the “Bridgegate” scandal tainting his reputation ….. Christie would stand a very poor chance of beating Hillary …… because he is generally viewed by the rest of the country [outside of New Jersey] as a fat “schoolyard bully”. Jeb Bush is an entirely different person in so many ways. So add to that the fact that this country is entirely too misogynistic to favor having a female President ….. and what we’ve got is another ‘President Bush’ when Obama leaves office. And when he says “You’ll miss me when I’m gone” ….. Yes, we WILL.

  20. Phoebe Moody says:

    Regarding the Hispanic votes ….. they generally don’t. Especially Hispanic females, for some curious reason. But AGAIN ….. If the GOP’s 2016 candidate is Jeb Bush ….. then they WILL turn out the vote — FOR him. They LOVE the Bushes ….. and ESPECIALLY Jeb. So ….. we’ll see. It will either happen that way ….. or it won’t ….. and I predict that it will. And FURTHER to that ….. if Jeb Bush chooses an attractive-looking and sounding Hispanic like Marco Rubio as his running-mate ….. then his election in 2016 is a DONE DEAL. Do I want THIS? NO! Definitely NOT!! But I’m just looking at it from my own realistic — rather than idealistic — perspective. That’s just the way I “roll”.

  21. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    I will bet you a dollar that Hillary doesn’t win the presidency in 2016. Alex Jones (the conspiracy theorist) believes that Obama will change the constitution so that he can run again.

    Best wishes from Simon

    P.S. My book ‘Homage to Edward Lear & Hillimericks’ ( covers the 2008 presidential election in some detail.

    P.P.S. Our prayers for Ukraine seem to be helping!

  22. Marie says:

    yes, I agree Simon, prayers for Ukraine seems to be working. lets continue with it. 🙂

    You can pray for positive results on anything..

    betting only a dollar? lol you’re also betting against Denise too.

    Blessings, Marie

  23. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    Over the years I have lost an absolute fortune betting on racehorses so these days I keep my stakes very small!

    Best wishes from Simon

  24. Thomas says:

    I’ve been dreaming about my High School friend John lately. He now lives in the Los Angeles area.

    I found an old dream I had about him back in 2012, about flooding and some “alignment event,” like a planetary alignment.

    I’ve been talking to a lot of people about what’s coming, and possibly something might happen in California before, or around Christmas?

    I’ve been looking at alignment events, and Venus will be aligned with Earth behind the Sun for a couple of months.

    Any insights from astrologers would be helpful.

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