I forgot to mention…

Marie asked me about Tsunamis.

I didn’t mention it in the SoCal quake prediction post, but I will say that I had a reoccurring dream when I first moved to Southern California. I had never heard of a tsunami – I was only 18.

In the dream I was on a hill that overlooked the Santa Monica Bay. It was on the boarder of Venice and Santa Monica. I watched as the ocean pitched and the water rushed out in a way I never saw until I watched the tsunami hit Indonesia.

In recent years I have thought about that dream over and over again feeling it was a premonition because I have no other explanation for it. It had all the hallmarks for it.

I hope it never happens.


I forgot to mention…

One thought on “I forgot to mention…

  1. Marie says:

    wow.. I shudder at the thought of it. Today, I heard on the news a 8.0 earthquake in the pacific ocean just near the Country of Chile. The first thing I thought of was, would a Tsunami hit Chile.

    I raised my kids in this sleepy town north of Santa Barbara. AFter they graduated colleges, they settled in Los Angeles area. My son being a Musician and married lives right in Venice. My daughter is in West Hollywood.

    I pray it never happens anywhere… Remember Fukishama, Japan.


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