Air collisions with UFOs

Mid-air collisions documented and investigated by MUFON. I highly suggest people interested in the missing Malaysian flight should watch this Friday’s Hangar 1 on H2. The last part of it has two documented crashes of airplanes with UFO’s. One chinese flight that managed to land but had a dent photographed by passengers. The other flight crashed with a triangular UFO (probably an experimental military craft) where over a hundred people died.

I really feel, and have always felt, something very unusual happened to this aircraft and it would never be found. I’m not saying that it was aliens. I believe that the Malaysian flight collided or was intercepted by some government black op craft. I’ll give my whole feeling now that the families are aware of the darkest possible outcome. When I said nefarious – I didn’t mean either pilot of the airplane. I meant my feeling was a show of power for some reason or the airplane happened to be in the direct line of a show of power. I believe it was unusual and very new technology that intercepted this craft. It may have been an accident but something was being tested and this craft paid the price. The light I saw streaming into the jet was not natural.

I urge anyone who believes this idea is too bizarre to research the number of credible sightings. The odds are something would happen eventually with all the commercial flights we have now. This particular episode of Hangar 1 clearly was produced long before the Malaysian event however it is interesting to note that one crash was over China and another over the middle-east. It is certainly possible that it’s happened here but there’s no way it would be made public in a timely way in the US. The sightings of a UFO hovering over O’Hare, although seen by more than a dozen aircraft personnel and witnessed by dozens more if not hundreds was just left untouched after the Chicago Tribune did a story on the event. Having grown up in Chicago, I can assure you that this is an extremely credible newspaper and would not have been covered if this event were not witnessed by multiple credible people.

Air collisions with UFOs

4 thoughts on “Air collisions with UFOs

  1. Marie says:

    They found the missing Malaysian Jet. now we can find out exactly how and why they disappeared.

    I believe it was mechanical failure of the aircraft, possibly smoke which caused the passengers to passed out, which is why the plane flew erratically and before it crashed in the Indian Ocean. most likely they were all already dead before it crashed.

  2. zoma777 says:

    Hey Marie I just checked CNN’s website updated 23 minutes ago and according to it the airplane hasn’t been found. Where did you read that it had?

    1. Marie says:

      on CNN newsfeed via twitter. but that was very early this morning around 6am. when I tuned in to the TV channel, they did say they have located within radius of 15 miles due to hearing pings via the Black box and it fades out after 30 days but it fades in and out, similar to a weakened battery pwer. so luckily, they’ve pinpoint the area, however, it may take a couple of days or a couple of years, like Air France airline. so, they may have backtracked some, or a staff hastily posted on the newsfeed via twitter.

      But they did pinpoint the ping, and they sounded very confident it was from that aircraft.

      Denise did say the Indian Ocean is a significant area.

      My husband is a pilot, and he gives me a lot of possible scenarios of how that aircraft could have disappeared. He even said, its sure a “Mystery” , but only for us, because it’s unknown on how or why.

      We discussed a possible Meteor rock/shower, and that would cause a beam of light thru the aircraft.

      anything IS possible….

      I even thought at first, it was a hijacked terrorists plot , but later retracted thinking it may have started out that way, and their plan backfired.

      I dunno….

      either way… my feeling is that the aircraft will be found

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