Stock market

I hadn’t checked an ephemeris in a while. But last night I did to get a feel for upcoming trends. What I saw looked like bad news for the stock market as Uranus in Aries is exactly squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Making matters worse is Mercury on top of Uranus – couple days ago the moon lit this up but Mercury does a fine job on its own add to it a square from Jupiter in Cancer and Mars retro-grading in Libra to that 13 degree mark and things will get worse before they get better.

I gave a stock market warning in a post several weeks back that was just intuition i hadn’t run any charts. If you are thinking of buying stocks. The week of April 20-25 stand to have the most aggressive downturn in a while. Another downturn that will happen is the week of June 15 but April stands to be worse in terms of losses so whatever investors do with info there you have it.

Stock market

33 thoughts on “Stock market

  1. Marie says:

    I’ve been feeling the stock market is going to take another fall for about a year.

    Please do not invest in High Tech stocks. IE; social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. They’re trendy, and trendiness tends to be unreliable.

    My husband recently bought some stock in oil because a dear friend of his predicted that because of the Russian invasion on Ukraine, and it’s claim on the oil/gas. Putin’s claim that he needed to reach out to his people in Crimea is a complete farce.

    It’s all about the Oil and reclaiming it’s Soviet power. He is delusional.

    The hostile invasion on Ukraine, could raise the cost of Oil and could be lucrative for the investors…

    anyways, I am done with wall street, and the stock market. I just don’t trust those guys, and they’re are too many crooks hiding behind their desks manipulating the numbers also known as derivatives. bad news….

    1. zoma777 says:

      The post is about the week of April 20th a week from now. There is a bad aspect that week which has begun to form over the past few weeks.

  2. Marie says:

    Please read this very short article on the recent shaky stock market.

    I don’t necessarily agree with the guy that says it’s just a big correction.. maybe a big giant one, and ultimately it befalls on the little guy.

    good news though, Hedge funds have proven to be a disappointment as folks do stay away of high tech stock. besides, who can afford to pay $200 per share for Facebook or Twitter, and Netflix?

    Blue chip stocks maybe boring, but they’re reliable..

  3. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    A lot of people, including economists, are predicting the collapse of the US dollar within the next couple of years. (Things will almost certainly be bad in Europe too.) I hope to God that it never happens but if I were American I would start storing up the necessities of life.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. I agree Simon, just prior to the 2008 meltdown, experts on the Economy predicted the crash for about 5 years… no one took them seriously. The only difference with Economists from Psychics, is that psychics can narrow it down on when it will happen, give or take a month or two.

      Economists can predict as well; just they’re limited on to when it will occur.

      just my 2 cents worth.

      xo blessings, Marie

  4. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    With three planets in Pisces and one in Scorpio I am pretty psychic myself. I am genuinely concerned about the United States and would urge my American friends to take decisive steps to protect themselves against the economic and social storms that seem to be heading their way.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. zoma777 says:

      It is much worse here than people realize. We are #27 now in terms of our middle class meaning 26 other countries have healthier and a more thriving middle class not to mention the middle class is keeping itself afloat by working 2-3 jobs, that’s both people in a couple with no time off. In order to live in a major city most people have to work an average of about 80 hours a week and they are still barely making it. There have been several documentaries about it. One woman had 5 dollars to feed her family and get gas to go to work even though she and her husband lived with another family and each worked 7 days a week more than 2 jobs each over 80 hours and still they were on food stamps and starving. Land of opportunities no more.

  5. Hi Denise — the disappearing middle class in the U.S. is very much the same in most of Europe as well. Where I live in France, people “game” the system, cutting deals with employers to declare only half their income so they don’t lose benefits. If you are honest, you get no benefits, as in my case. I am a single mom with one child, but I qualify for zilch because the system is set up here to help people with several children, not one. I have no retirement, no savings left. When my contract is finished, I will move again, just don’t know where.
    Also, many of the 20-something French, Spanish, Italians have to go work in places like China because there are no jobs for them here. I feel like that polar bear in that famous photo where he is on a shrinking iceberg. I keep hopping from one place to the next, in what always feels like one step ahead of disaster. I think it is also why, as part of the overlooked Gen X, I watch old American films – even ones up to the early 90’s — with real sadness for an America that has vanished.

    1. Marie says:

      reading all of this, makes me so sad… I do believe it won’t last this way, it will change. we have to fight the corrupt system, and fight for the middle class.

    2. zoma777 says:

      I agree completely. It is very sad. I fear we will never see the world full of opportunity and hope again in our lifetime. We are getting used to hardship. We are accustomed to loss and unfair competition. Long ago are the days when a good education and some gumption safeguarded your place in this world.

  6. And on a random cultural note, have you heard of the HBO series, Game of Thrones? I am always several years behind in US shows, but I started watching it recently. It is ok – I find it way too violent – but the overwhelming metaphor of the show is “Winter is Coming – the Long Summer is over.” Interesting in light of our economy and high levels of sociopathy. The series is High Fantasy, quasi-medieval style, but the writer based his warring royals on the wars between French princes and dukes in the early Middle Ages, where they would hunt peasants for sport, spear people on spikes for fun, etc. (and yes, there are scenes like this on the show). It is like the most vicious aspects of humanity are on display, make of that what you will.

    1. zoma777 says:

      Yes. I haven’t watched it. But winter is at our doorstep. We have been suit heaters to melt the snow but what happened in 2008 was a lifting of the veil and then the theatrics and tricks started again. It’s only a matter of time for the whole thing to fall down. Unless we actually do something real to correct the path. But we won’t.

  7. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    In Britain too the middle class is being steadily hollowed out. There are now around two million people using food banks on a regular basis which was unheard of a decade ago. Conservative governments in particular always tend to copy America when we would all be much better off if they copied Scandinavia instead. I am very fond of most Americans and think that the US is a fascinating country but I’m relieved that I don’t have to live there.

    Best wishes from Simon

  8. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    John Paul Jackson is an American evangelist who is also extremely psychic. I have watched several of his You Tube videos recently and found them profoundly illuminating. It’s very difficult to fight back against powerful vested interests when you have no money, power or influence. Even the British Poetry Establishment is in the iron grip of a tiny cabal which owns and controls poetry in the UK and only publishes poets who are personal friends.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. zoma777 says:

      Great keep playing with fire and when the house burns down don’t expect the US taxpayers to save Wall Street next time. Cause we won’t have the will or the money. Once was dumb enough.

    2. Marie says:

      Denise is right…. just keep playing with fire. so much smoke you won’t be able to see ahead. lol, I’ve learned my lesson. Middle class has been decimated and thanks to Wall Street. no more! adios amigos.

      Those big boys won’t care about your loss; They will only be concerned to cover their own asses.

      Those wall street boys never learn, and they’re still playing with fire. problem here, is that you won’t know which day or week.

      Haven’t you seen enough to convince you,? the market is rigged.

      1. zoma777 says:

        It is completely rigged. And the thing is with Neptune in Pisces you won’t see it coming when it hits!

  9. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    I am spending a lot of time on You Tube at the moment and saw a You Tube video the other day which predicts a coming war between Russia and America which America will probably lose. (I wish that I felt more optimistic about America’s prospects.) It’s time to gird our loins and tighten our seat-belts!

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. Marie says:

      Simon, I think it’s great that psychics, intuitives, seers, and mediums are courageous to post a prediction on the future not only takes confidence, but bravery to do so. gosh, what if you’re wrong? Many are afraid to be wrong, so one would err on the side of caution, and do not say anything for fear of looking ridiculous. then you’ll stop trying.

      Having said that, I’ve said things that never panned out, and yet, some things have played out, but sometimes that can take years. The longest was 3 years.

      I predicted the crash of the 2008 economy in December 2005. I told my family, and a few people, and naturally no one believed me. no one wanted to hear it. I had no clue onto ‘when’, but then I watched the trends of buying big ticket items ie; car sales. Sales began to decline mid- 2006, and never fully recovered. Even after the 2008 crash, it’s still a struggling industry. slow sales continues to this day.

      But around the summer of 2006, There was a tidal wave of people racing to buy homes with NO down payment. meaning, your monthly payments would be twice as high. I thought at the time, what is wrong with this picture? something about all of that made my stomach curl up in knots.

      That was clearly a “marketing gimmick”, and Bankers were speculating heavily.

      that was my clue, that something was out of whack… I get physical sensation when something is wrong, or that would be a bad decision. Just My Gut.

      The Federal Gov’t knew, Wall street knew, Hedge fund investors knew what was coming, but never said a fricking word but continued to lie, and cover up.

      Getting back to the topic of You Tubes videos. I personally do not like and never have appreciated “Rapturous” predictions, such as World 3 is coming or the end of the world.

      It does bother me, because of certain types of people that are crazy and would take matters into their own hands, so I do regret those predictions that are highly suggestive.

      Readers Ie; Slyvia Brown; Lisa Williams, etc., have said it would be with the middle east or Iran. others have said it would be with North Korea, etc.

      Putin has surprised many with his bold agenda and aggressive tactics. Since the fall of old Russia, They never gained a democratic gov’t, and most Russians like the idea of going back to ‘communism’ way of life.

      Putin will back down. He wants Ukraine because of it’s oil/gas and so much handling going on behind the scenes, we don’t know everything, and yes, it’s scary. They have dreams of going back to old Russia.

      This will run it’s course, and Putin holds the cards in this situation. World War 3 is not what he is aiming for. It’s going to be another “Cold War”.

      Just six months ago, and my family/friends were visiting me, I was given a T-shirt, that had the words “Cold War”. I said out loud, ‘we’re coming into another ‘cold war’ and that was it.

      BTW~ Chancellor Merkel of Germany maybe the key to convince Putin to back off.

  10. Marie says:

    Simon a small correction on what I wrote eariler:
    “Getting back to the topic of You Tubes videos. I personally do not like and never have appreciated “Rapturous” predictions, such as World 3 is coming or the end of the world.”

    I want to clarify that I did not in any way meant “you”. I was referring to the psychic(s) on youtubes videos.

    I do agree thou on the American “power” has declined… We need to change that perception. I believe if we all push forward with Love, prayers, and hold a peaceful thought(s) we can fight back and win. I know that sounds very Pollyanna, and on the contrary, I am not. But I do believe in the power of positive change even though it’s a slow and a painful metamorphism.

    Similar to the transformative beauty of the Butterfly.. it’s growth IS painful.

    xo Marie

  11. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    I hope that you’re right. I personally think that Putin’s a complete nutcase who is capable of almost anything. According to one of his teachers, he was bullied at school because he was small but fought back with everything he had – spitting, biting, scratching etc like a feral cat. He doesn’t seem to have a reverse gear. Luckily for us there are half a million Russians living in London, so I hope that he’ll think twice before bombing us! I agree with you about You Tube. At least half of it is abject rubbish but the other half is worth watching.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. Marie says:

      you’re right Simon… Putin is a bully and a ego maniac. so he will have much trouble admitting that he is boxing himself in as we speak. Ego Maniacs never admit they’re wrong, but will sweep it under the carpet and pretend he had nothing to do with it. oh wait, that sounds like the conservative movement. lol

      Apparently, History has a way of repeating itself, and Putin is not the brilliant strategist as one might think. Bullies rarely think things through as they’re emotionally stunted. They tend to jump impulsively.

      however, there has been some planning on taking back Ukraine for many years now.

      Here’s a breakdown reported from the ‘Moscow Times’. below the link I copied/paste the last two paragraphs. Interesting..

      “Putin has suffered serious policy failures in Ukraine on two previous occasions based on a misreading of attitudes in Ukraine. The first was when he backed Viktor Yanukovych’s fraudulent victory in the 2004 presidential election, only to see the Orange Revolution install a government friendly to the West. The second failure came in February with the spectacular collapse of Yanukovych’s rule after he had strong-armed the Ukrainian president into rejecting the Association Agreement with the EU.”

      “Western policymakers have yet to decide if they are prepared to stand up for Ukraine and, if so, how far their support will extend. As they weigh their options, they should consider the vulnerabilities that Putin has created for himself and recognize that strong Western support for deep reforms to modernize Ukraine is the most powerful tool available for resisting Russia’s efforts to destroy the country.”

  12. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    I think that civil war in Ukraine is now almost inevitable. I just hope and pray that Nato in general and America and Britain in particular don’t get involved. The world is terribly unstable at the moment and it really wouldn’t take very much to ignite a third world war.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. Marie says:

      I agree Simon, the world is unstable and would not take much to start a WW3.

      So lets band together and pray for the Ukrainian people. A civil war has started, and I pray it won’t escalate.

      It’s scary…

      Blessings, Marie

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