Global market watch and war

Someone posted for clarification on the stock market prediction. I wasn’t sure at first which is why I just put out a warning. There is a gnarly aspect going on between Uranus in Aries (which I call an era of revolution aspect) squaring Pluto in Capricorn.

Astrology is actually very easy to understand if you keep it simple and actually it tends to be most accurate in when elegantly applied.

So here’s the deal. Uranus rules upset, revolution, upheaval, the individualistic quest within a larger cultural context. It rules the sign Aquarius. It tends to be unconventional (it literally spins eccentrically on its axis) and it rules humanity in the elevated state we often pretend we live in. Uranus was the primordial father God who was usurped by his power hungry son Saturn – the rule maker.

Let me get more practical here. Aries is about the individual. It is the first sign in the zodiac and represents the human stage of evolution – infancy. It is also ruled by the infamous God of war Mars. So put all that together and you get an erratic, revolutionary spirit fueled by a need for self-expression often to extremes that include violence. Hence since Uranus has entered Aries we have seen an unprecedented wave of uprisings around the globe ironically fueled by social media (which is ruled by Uranus.)

On the other side of this nut we are seeing a difficult aspect heretofore unseen by any living being (other than an odd sea tortuous or tree). Up until recently the outer planets (Uranus, Pluto, Neptune – anything from Jupiter on) have been making compliant aspects to one another – especially the heavy weights. Jupiter, Saturn I will not count these as they are bridge planets in my opinion between the collective and individual human consciousness. They also move quite rapidly making various aspects all the time as they move around connecting individuals to the greater human super consciousness. But the heavy weights Neptune, Uranus and Pluto were all happily sextiling or (sometimes) uncomfortably conjuncting – aka the 60s. We haven’t seen a square between Uranus an Pluto in a VERY long time. I’d have to go back and research when it happened last – my ephemeris only has the past 200 years so…

The first pass of the square happened conjunct one of the US charts, right on the ascendant. The market went into a tailspin. Now we have a later degree making a square to transiting Jupiter in Cancer. This next round of economic restructuring will very likely have to do with our national security rubbing up against military uprisings disrupting multinational corporate structures. With Neptune in its natural hiding spot of Pisces and Jupiter exalted we may not see the effects in the open but they will be in play under the surface. I expect them to have no choice but to come to light in January 2017 when mars hits Pisces and sheds light on the real losses that are going on now and will continue to do so. Messing with the stock market for now is like a three year old betting against the house in a game of black jack when he has a 2 of hearts and a 3 of clubs. Until that period when the reveal starts to unravel you are playing blind. The problems have not been fixed they have only been swept in a corner behind a grandfather clock.

BEWARE – unless you are one of those people who is on the side of the house, you are playing with fire… Fire that looks very cozy and warm but ready to jump and become wild.

Global market watch and war