Stock market

A client of mine a year ago told me he had taken my predictions and made a graph. I have no idea how. He found that the timing was 10 days off. I couldn’t figure out why except that perhaps the time and date given for the start of the stock market had been off. But I now think it is more nefarious than that. I believe it is being manipulated to stay high. The truth is this year China will overtake us in the number and wealth of the middle class. We will no longer be an economic super power and basically that’s all we have to throw around. I believe this is why the markets are being tightly controlled meaning our government knows the facts don’t, and aren’t, lining up with reality, but since it makes our economy appear strong they are more than happy to play along. Eventually this “bubble” will burst. Of course it won’t be a bubble so much as a discovery of the lies and corruption.

Here’s the interesting thing about the negative corporate aspects I mentioned in the last post – we have Neptune at the height of its power (of delusion, secrecy, deception, criminal activity) in Pisces interacting in a protective way to this square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. It is making a sextile to Pluto. So just because you can’t see it right now doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Think back on the Iraq war when the Bush administration claimed there was no torture going on and then came the photos of torture going on. Well, that torture was happening during the denials we just didn’t see it until later.

Here we have a big and deadly pile up happening in our economy and you can continue to wear blinders and see the short term or you can use some logic. Logic alone will lead you to the conclusions I have made that we are in for another down turn. Unless of course you are one of the one percent. You probably won’t go completely broke playing the market as long as you have money in a lot of places – but even then you may not stay in the one percent when reality hits. You may find yourself middle class. And we all know how loathsome that is to people who literally feel they deserve to make more money in an hour than a working family of two holding down three jobs each, make in a year. Yeah, because that hour sitting at a desk and looking at porn on the internet is so much more essential than the the thousands of workers who actually work for a living.

Detect a sour note for the classist economy destroyers or what FOX likes to pretend are the “job creators” – get used to it. Because once the s hits the fan there are going to be a lot of very angry people. The kind of angry we see happening in other countries where the wealth distribution is corrupted.

Stock market