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A client of mine a year ago told me he had taken my predictions and made a graph. I have no idea how. He found that the timing was 10 days off. I couldn’t figure out why except that perhaps the time and date given for the start of the stock market had been off. But I now think it is more nefarious than that. I believe it is being manipulated to stay high. The truth is this year China will overtake us in the number and wealth of the middle class. We will no longer be an economic super power and basically that’s all we have to throw around. I believe this is why the markets are being tightly controlled meaning our government knows the facts don’t, and aren’t, lining up with reality, but since it makes our economy appear strong they are more than happy to play along. Eventually this “bubble” will burst. Of course it won’t be a bubble so much as a discovery of the lies and corruption.

Here’s the interesting thing about the negative corporate aspects I mentioned in the last post – we have Neptune at the height of its power (of delusion, secrecy, deception, criminal activity) in Pisces interacting in a protective way to this square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. It is making a sextile to Pluto. So just because you can’t see it right now doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Think back on the Iraq war when the Bush administration claimed there was no torture going on and then came the photos of torture going on. Well, that torture was happening during the denials we just didn’t see it until later.

Here we have a big and deadly pile up happening in our economy and you can continue to wear blinders and see the short term or you can use some logic. Logic alone will lead you to the conclusions I have made that we are in for another down turn. Unless of course you are one of the one percent. You probably won’t go completely broke playing the market as long as you have money in a lot of places – but even then you may not stay in the one percent when reality hits. You may find yourself middle class. And we all know how loathsome that is to people who literally feel they deserve to make more money in an hour than a working family of two holding down three jobs each, make in a year. Yeah, because that hour sitting at a desk and looking at porn on the internet is so much more essential than the the thousands of workers who actually work for a living.

Detect a sour note for the classist economy destroyers or what FOX likes to pretend are the “job creators” – get used to it. Because once the s hits the fan there are going to be a lot of very angry people. The kind of angry we see happening in other countries where the wealth distribution is corrupted.

Stock market

23 thoughts on “Stock market

  1. the rapid pace of technological change in communications is the force behind this. the 1% can take advantage of this but they didn’t start it
    Not much anyone can do except break out a box of band aids .the cure may be worse than the disease.

  2. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    I think that a lot of people in America and Britain feel that something big is going to happen fairly soon. It could be war, earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorism or economic collapse. God knows what it is but it will not be pleasant for anybody caught up in it.

    Best wishes from Simon

  3. Marie says:

    Denise is not the only astrologer to predict the crash of stock market.

    read on;
    By Larry Schwimmer
    #2. Stock Market Crash – Based on political gridlock, bad economic data, mounting debt, and talk of an end to quantitative easing, expect a 20% – 30% decline in the USA Stock Market by April 2014 (with April the most likely month). The correction may begin as early as January 2014 and continue on into September-October until the mid-term elections occur.

    you can read the rest of his 2014 predictions below.

    Good news is that he feels the Democrats will retake the house and keep the senate. whoopie….

  4. Wendie says:

    Many astrologers and psychics have repeatedly predicted a second downturn since 2009. Yet the market continued up like a hockey stick. And none of those people admitted, “I was wrong”. If a psychic takes credit for a hit, then taking responsibility for a miss, demonstrates integrity.

    I am not a professional psychic but believe that the market will strongly correct when there is a definite indication of interest rates going up.

    Until then, excluding any unexpected political, terrorist, etc surprise, it is best to be in the market.

    When interest rates are low stocks go up, and vice versa. It doesn’t take a psychic to know this result. I believe the right place to be is in the market, well diversified, until interest rates go up.

    While your April market prediction was a miss, I’ll keep an open mind about your June prediction.

    1. Marie says:

      Wendie wrote:
      “Many astrologers and psychics have repeatedly predicted a second downturn since 2009. Yet the market continued up like a hockey stick. And none of those people admitted, “I was wrong”. If a psychic takes credit for a hit, then taking responsibility for a miss, demonstrates integrity. ”

      I agree that they don’t like to admit it, but unfortunately, no psychic is 100 percent and many are not as good as Denise. I can’t say Denise is 100 percent accurate but she sure comes in very very close.

      The prediction could be off by a few months even. either way, do whatever you feel is right for YOU. not everyone will benefit from withdrawing from the Stock market. Only the rich people will benefit enormously.

      It’s true Psychics/astrologers general do not like to admit they’re wrong and will sweep it under the carpet hoping no one will notice. Novices and the inexperienced ones usually shout from the mountain tops when they get a hit. but run for the hills when they’re wrong.

      I think most people fit into this category. Meaning people in general want to brag when they’re right, but hate it when they’re wrong.

      That’s a real problem right there. It would be great if all humans would evolve into a Mother Theresa. HA

    2. Yes. Psychics who take credit for the successful prediction should also admit when they were dead wrong. To me, it is clear that we will have a major increase in the gasoline tax coming to fight “global warming” and keep the unions on the side of one of the political parties (you cannot do any construction projects with federal money without hiring union labor).

      But the QE funny money being printed by the fed will likely backfire spectacularly on the economy through either higher inflation (without the corresponding rise in income of the middle class) or it inflates the value of assets held by the upper classes so far above real value that a giant bubble created will burst in an economic collapse. I suspect both dynamics are well underway.

  5. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Marie

    I agree with you. Psychics should fess up to their failures as well as their successes but because nobody likes being wrong, many don’t. My own psychic ability comes through my dreams. Roughly half of my dreams subsequently happen. The problem is that I never never know which half! I recently dreamt that Wales would thrash France at rugby which later happened but unfortunately the only person I really shared my dream with was my wife Rusty.

    Best wishes from Simon

  6. Thomas says:

    Today is the anniversary of Our Lady of Fátima, and speaking of France, the French foreign minister gave a 500 day warning today about climate chaos.

    I’ve known for quite some time the stock market is manipulated. Just before 9/11 I had a vision of some wealthy white man with a roundish head that I knew was going to manipulate the stock market, and rob all kinds of wealth from the American people. I warned my parents to get out of the stock market.

    At some point the paper is all going to become worthless, and I’m always amazed I can still trade paper for real things, like garden tools, etc.

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  8. RAGNAR says:


  9. Also, have any of you followed the news on the massive fish and bee die-offs around the globe? Very worrying. As for Denise’s earlier date of May 14th for the L.A. EQ, several independent links are saying June 14th may be a date of significance due to possible axis shift patterns;

    1. Marie says:

      Have you been following climate change too? I know I have, and I think about Climate change on a daily basis. If you have Showtime channel I suggest you watch the series on

      it’s all about climate change, and the political environment. The worst of climate change is here now and we’re living through it.

      you can watch the series on your computer by clicking on the link above.

      it’s all very interesting, and they have choreographed the documentary very well.

      watch it now….. you can help by participating


  10. PM says:

    how do you see winning the 2014 nba finals and nhl stanley cup? i’m not asking for the sake of betting, but i would like to know if my desired teams are successful in their quests.

  11. That is correct the market is being manipulated by the FED as they weaken the dollar. I am not psychic but rest assure the second crash will happen.
    You can expect a cyclical dip in July with Gold and Silver bouncing back for a few months. The metals are also manipulated as China and Russia are buying at discounted prices.
    If you have money to spare then join the party as the market continues to rise but keep in mind it as risky as the casinos. 50/50 chance.


  12. Thomas says:

    Speaking of planets, I was reading a few dreams the other day which led me to this NASA article about Solar Flares, and the alignment of Earth, Venus, and Jupiter.

    I’ve had a lot of dreams about fires, and have a lot of synchs with the movie Knowing (about solar flares and fires).

    There’s a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus coming up on August 18, 2014, which if there are solar flares, would be a dangerous time for fires.

    The NASA paper is called:

    Apparent Relations Between Solar Activity and Solar Tides Caused by the Planets
    Ching-Cheh Hung
    Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio

    The dreams that led me there were about “night time rainbows,” and “the Z Effect” (electrostatic discharges). It’s always interesting when people receive messages in their dreams, and they have no idea what they mean.

    With the drought in the West, and the potential for solar flares, it might be an interesting summer.

  13. @ Thomas — speaking of solar flares, there was a DOUBLE X-Flare last night, and more x-flares are expected over the summer, as you mentioned. It will be an interesting summer, I think. I will have to check out that movie Knowing – had not heard of it.

    1. Thomas says:

      I also have synchs with another Nicolas Cage movie called “Next.”

      One strange synch with “Knowing” are these little black obsidian rocks I pick up on my road trips down to Texas. I just picked up a bunch in April and May. I’ve handed out a few to my friends. Obsidian is great for protection.

      I was born in 1959, which is the year of the “time capsule” in Knowing, and I study numerology, and get meanings from number synchs, such as “389.”

  14. Thomas says:

    Possibly September for financial meltdown?

    “September” has been showing up in my dreams.

    Last night I was dreaming I was telling Obama this alternative news guy never shuts up, lol.

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