Hey Everyone!

It’s been so long since I have posted. I’ve checked in a few times but for some reason my ipad app always quits when I try to post. So I cracked open my computer this time. No matter, I hope everyone is having fun talking to each other and doing well. I’ve been spending all of my time getting my writing together. I am preparing to publish the novel I posted here a while back. It has been re-edited and renamed, Trees for the Forest.

I’ve been feeling we are in the process of a new paradigm, one that is still forming. It feels like we are in resonance with the last turn of the century. The industrial revolution brought innovation, long working hours, robber barons and monopolies – seems pretty similar. Of course all this applies to the developing world which is currently undergoing their industrial revolution – for us its a technological revolution. Where everything lands feels like its mid-fall rather than just tossed up – if that makes sense. We are getting closer to organizing the chaos – I just hope that the way the new world gets structured benefits the many rather than the few – this remains to be seen. There are powerful forces on both sides. 

I haven’t been poking my head into the future lately and when I’ve been goaded to do so I haven’t felt very sure about the answers. Forcing it doesn’t yield very good results so I will not do that anymore. I will only post precognitive things when I have a very strong knowing. That being said I will stay in contact and I encourage everyone to share their intuition and thoughts with each other. It’s a community after all and a great one at that.

Many blessings,


Hey Everyone!

8 thoughts on “Hey Everyone!

  1. Phoebe Moody says:

    Yes ….. as I have extensively posted on this forum previously ….. the spirit guides apparently rarely — if ever — provide even the most gifted of psychic individuals with the actual dates (or even within a timeframe) of upcoming events. For some reason fully understood only by “them” ….. they just don’t. And knowing this …. I wouldn’t trust any perception of dates or timeframes for catastrophies, etc.. Apparently, for whatever reason, we on this “side” aren’t meant to know. And I’ll be frank about it ….. if it were people who was providing provocative, but incomplete, information ….. I would strongly demand to know from them what their purpose is in doing that. I question everything. Everyone …. and everything.

  2. Marie says:

    Hi Denise, so glad to hear from you. always looking forward to hear from you. honestly, I don’t care if you have nothing to share, at times, I think it’s best to keep a low profile when it comes to psychic predictions. it comes to me when I least expect it, and so it is….

    I do have an article I would like to share… it’s about the Stock market bubble. I still think you’re right, but can’t pin it down to a specific date. In my opinion, who care what anyone else thinks.


    It takes a lot of courage to start a blog like this and to stick with it among all of the naysayers who like to call the kettle black really should just shut the hell up.

    wishing you a peaceful holiday….

    1. zoma777 says:

      Hey thanks Marie. Just found your post. I will read the link you sent. Funny I just wrote a post about the downturn today before seeing this. It’s been on my mind a lot these past few months and it just started coming together in my head. Thanks for the kind words. Best to you. Denise

  3. Hi Denise,

    Good to hear from you again. Hope you are feeling better. I agree that the stock market double dip, as you described it, is just a matter of time. On the earthquake front, you said you have not had any strong knowings in that area for a while, but if you do get any for the American west coast, please let us know. Thanks 🙂

  4. Locomotive Breath says:

    Chris Martenson explains it really well, as far as the upcoming crash, and the massive transfer of wealth. From what I remember, he says they still have a few tricks up their sleeves, but it all works to make the crash that much bigger, most likely in 2015, if not sooner.

    Anyway about it, turn your paper into real goods and get out of debt, and keep some cash on hand for the “bank holiday,” like Cyprus endured.

    There’s a reason all the cities are getting military vehicles, and all the government agencies are stocking up on arms and ammunition. It’s for the upcoming chaos that’s unstoppable, like a runaway train.

    Good luck everybody!

  5. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Juno

    Great to hear from you. We shall be here until December so you still have a couple of months!

    Best wishes from Simon

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